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Farm Wars

Monsanto is by far one of the greatest disaster capitalists around. Not only does this paraiah of a company manufacture and sell genetically engineered crops (GMOs) that actually increase drought conditions, but it is now poised to capitalize on the very same conditions that it helps to cause.

In “Why in the World Are They Spraying?,” we talk about how Monsanto has a patent on genetically engineering plants able to withstand abiotic stresses such as drought and how it stands to profit from the effects of “climate change.” Therefore, with drought conditions worsening, like any good disaster capitalist, Monsanto is about to cash in. I expected it, others expected it, and here it is… just what we’ve been expecting…

Monsainto to the rescue with programs for farmers hit by the drought. Oh, by the way, there is that very tiny matter of signing the 44 page indentured servant agreement, but don’t worry about that little detail, we’re here to help you… really we are…

Supporting Farmers’ Ability to Invest in 2013 Planting

While crop insurance will help farmers recover from a portion of their losses as a result of the drought, the timing of their claim payments may make it more difficult for them to re-invest in their businesses and prepare for the 2013 planting season.   Monsanto is helping their farmer customers in affected regions by offering additional prepay options and financing assistance for the purchase of their seed. Farmers in impacted areas can call 1-855-379-1212 to discuss their individual situation and explore options with a Monsanto representative. 

Monsanto’s Long-Term Research to Help Farmers Mitigate Risk

Beyond this year’s devastating drought, Monsanto is committed to helping farmers mitigate their risk over the long term.  The company’s work in plant breeding and biotechnology is focused on developing innovative products that can help farmers manage challenging agronomic conditions and stressors to their cropping systems.  These products can help mitigate crop losses and the broader impact those losses have on rural communities.

GMOs are invasive. They take over other crops, horizontally transfer genes to other species, and land in our guts where they mutate, cause disease, and quite literally change our DNA. This is genetic cleansing for humans, animals, plants, and anything that breathes. And who gets to pick and choose just which genes are “okay?” Not you and me, that’s for sure. At least not until our choices are so narrowed down that the only things available have a “Made by Monsanto” stamp on them.

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13 Responses to “Monsanto Capitalizes on Drought and Enslaves Farmers”

  1. Jerry Alexander says:

    Is “Monsanto” a person,or,does “Monsanto” have people (Americans) that work for them? The best way to put an end to “Monsanto” is to degrade their American employees.Shame them in front of their families,and neighbors.Make sure everyone knows that this,or,that person works for “Monsanto”..Take off the Mask.Expose them to all.Post their pictures all over the neighborhoods,and towns…Everywhere!! Point them out in Church,and ask them why they are there in the first place.Ask them about “Tho Shalt not Kill” while they sit in the phew,and sing God`s songs.POINT THEM OUT! Ask them to their faces why they are helping to Kill their fellow man only for a paycheck.

  2. Timmy Mills says:

    You can forget about writing letters to politicians. Can you imagine a dirtball politician opening 100,000 letters or the staff doing it and then can you see them actually reading them and then can you see them actually giving a damn? I mean the politicians with all the experts already know this stuff. The government has the trillions and all the experts.

    What we need to do we can’t say. We can’t say it, because they would arrest you. If we can’t say it like the Bilderbergers and all the other organizations that can sit around and freely without concern decide to eliminate billions of people. Since we can’t even say it, then we can’t plan. So you hope in the end the people that don’t care have done better, because they don’t spend hours on the computer and in chat rooms.

    The same thing that happened during the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution is occurring right now. The poor are going to die by the millions. These politicians we elect are supposed to stop the citizens from being used by the bankers. Look at the problems it causes. Countries going bankrupt, because the government prints money and then the Jewish bankers loan it back to us for interest. You almost have to scratch your head and think there is no way that is what the deficit is.

    If you were to explain that to the average person on the street there should be no deficit. If you explained to them there is no way they would believe you. These scum politiicians allow the citizens to be raped by these bankers and then it always come to disaster. The government could tell the bankers to stick their debt where the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. Jerry Willing says:

    The best thing we all could do is just tell people not to eat the junk in the grocery store and to grow gardens. To get guns. To test their water for fluoride and not to drink sodas. Tell them to not sit around to watch tv and when the knock comes at the door, then give them all the bullets. The government is not looking out for us. We are going to have to look out for each other. Ambush plans would be nice. Make it very expensive for them to come take our guns. When the head honcho says I lost 14 men today. This shite of taking their guns is costing us big time.

  4. CINDY says:

    By the way for the people who DON’T BELIEVE ME–TEST IT!
    Start sending e-mail’s to the white house about ANY OF THERE CRIMES
    and see how fast THEY COME AFTER YOU!! I haven’t seen the sun in over TWO YEARS, BUT it doesn’t faze me CUZ I KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!!

  5. CINDY says:

    THIS WAS SO PREDICTABLE!! I have been warning people for years-
    CONTROLLING THE WEATHER IS VERY POWERFUL. They did the same thing last year with the floods– came back and bought the land PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!! Here in Alaska they are making it COLD AND WET-
    NOTHING IS GROWING. People better wake up to what going on. They are taking the food supply OUT!! And on top of that they are KILLING PEOPLE with weather control and GETTING AWAY WITH IT!
    And now they want a carbon tax because of the hoax called CLIMATE CHANGE! But we the people are to BLAME FOR BEING SO NIEVE!

  6. Bill Morris says:

    The people who buy the land in Africa for a song and dance will take control. The Chinese are wise to buy Africa. In the USA they might have to pay thousands an acre for land. In Africa they might pay a thousand for 100 acres. Nobody owns the Savannah. Not only that but in Africa if they irrigate you could grow crops year round. Africa is the key. Plus Africa probably has tons of natural resources that are untapped. The Chinese will buy Africa and create work for the blacks, but the blacks will be bumped out, because the Chinese would like to move 200 million there. Africa could grow enough food to feed the world you just need to hit water
    Africans are getting ready to get the shaft, because they will not run the Chinese out like they did the Whites. The Chinese will have all the oil and precious metals.

  7. Howard Bradshaw says:

    All we are limited to is speculation. But these chemtrails there is something about them. I think they spray them to give them cover and could be setting us up for after your lungs is coated with the crap and then they can spray something where your lungs creates a gummy mess in your lungs and they quit working.

    Nobody tells us, so we can’t begin what we know we got to do then. If they are doing things right now to kill billions, then they give us no choice. We must hit back. Because for those of you who haven’t read. They have cities built under all our mountain ranges. So whatever they do to us will not affect them.
    They might go into their mountain resorts and then just send in the U.N. troops and just start rounding us up and who you going to cry to? The same useless bastards that screwed us to begin with and the ones living in the mountains? They got enough food, clothing and fuel. The sun could quit shining and the temperatures could drop to 200 below zero and they could live for 100 years.
    I think they could set off nukes on fault lines and cause a dozen volcanoes to spew their junk and then no food would be grown in the Northern and Southerm hemisphere. If the Sun was blocked out for a year the Winters would be horrendous. Then it wouldn’t make any difference if you lived on the equator the whole earth would freeze over. Where would you get fuel to heat your home? That would kill six billion people in one year.

    We are going to have more shootings over the next few months. They will come for your guns. When they took the Eastern European’s guns they murdered 70 million. Murdered like a slaughter house. But what makes it worse on us is they have more and better weapons to use on us. Imagine what a sixty ton tank will do to your house.
    They believe they have created this hot weather. They flood some areas and drought in others and it will raise fuel prices, but we can beat them if we grow gardens and do not buy any meats at the grocery store. Buy only essentials and don’t buy Wal-Mart junk. You don’t need a tv or new blender or lawn mower or to go bowling and forget eating out. If we quit spending money, then businesses dry up. That’s all we can do. Get heirloom seeds and find a place to grow food. We can bring industries to their knees.

  8. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    We haven’t seen Anything YET when MO SATAN and U.S.A.I.D. / “Aid for International Developmet” finish their special Aerial Spraing Eathr Sterilization [and a few Natives too-Collateral Damage Oh well?] The Result NOT by design productive Lands especially in the HORN OF AFRICA areas Become Barren; The STARVATION Planned for will Necessitate MO Satan’s G.M.O. Special DEsigner CORN They Starving Masses will Pay Anything for some SEEDS or MAGIC BEANS that will Grow in the Tri methyl Aluminum and other SECRET Ingrediants “Contrails” or CHEM Trails? The Loss of Life will be Horrendous! They Global CRIES to AID POOR AFRICA won’t be as great as POOR IsRA EL but The Gobal Contributions will Flood IN to satisfy the lusts of the Demoiac Politics and MO Satan just ans Psychically Predicted by: Raviv Shah Admin. Director for USAID? Some would guess that if: WEATHER WARS can be pre Dicted and pro se executed with specivivity The Global Climate EX Change SCAM for Their Money for YOURS and GET RICHER Quick and STEAL ALL the Rich AfriCan Land for mere mill on the Yuan Dinar or DOL AR$? What a Country may the CREATOR prevail over the Dark Forces seeking to EnSLAVE the WORLD? Pray

  9. CHOH says:

    I checked “65 Health Risks of GM Foods”. If this is to be taken seriously why are there no links to the documentation that confirms the statements? The 1st page states all is well documented and researched, but how does one have a look at it to verify the claims? Without these, any scientist that I might want to approach will respond with: “urban legend”. Please, take it into account.

    I started taking photos of chemtrails locally (Poland). I noticed a pattern of 4-5 days after the spraying and then we get heavy downpour with blizzard and lightning, sometimes large hail. It then seems to be sprayed again on top of the previous ones. The “rainy season” seems to last about a month, with occasional sunshine, but milky sky and some heavy cumulus clouds here and there all the while. So rather than droughts, we have floodings.

    Thank you for your work! Greetings!

  10. Wally Taylor says:

    From what I’ve read about this stuff and what they want to do to us. Folks, they want to kill billions of us. This is starting to get serious. If they want to kill us they can. They have the trillions. They have the technology and they have a place.

    If we know this do you not think the politiicans know as much as we know? So are any of these polticians trying to expose this? Here’s how good a job they are doing. We are going to be eating GM food. So they didn’t stop it. If these politicians know this and they aren’t going to eat the food. Then they are guilty of premeditated murder. If they are going to feed us stuff that will kill us isn’t this premeditated murder and when people start falling out isn’t that murder?

    Does your credit card bill, mortgage, car payments and your big plasma tv mean anytning when the government os trying to kill you? Because this is a lie that they are making this GM food so insects. Does it make sense if the insects eat it and it kills them it might kill us?

    All these years they got us to destroy countries for drugs and their natural resources and Americans walk around they are so powerful, but these are evil people and now they are turning on us.

    Not one politicians is saying anything about 9/11 or fighting on our behalf. Everything just goes along as normal. Cops give us tickets, and for some people things are just fine, when the government is planning on removing them from the planet.

  11. Geprge Matthews says:

    GMO food is killing animals and killing people and making people sick and we are allowing the ones who created it to kill us and the ones who are going to sell it and we are going to allow them to suck air on this planet? Wa;-mart is going to be selling GM corn. There no doubt this GM stuff is going into all foods right now. Where is the polticians who are supposed to do what we want them to do. Everytime we want them to do something we got to get a billion signatures and protest.

    I wish all the dissidents who are telling us all this stuff would get together with one goal in mind to elect ordinary citizens as lawmakers and they are replaced every year and do away with these career politicians, because there career politicians are destroying us.

    It’s simple to figure out. Do we want the truth about these GM foods? Do we wamt wars? Do we wamt to police the world? Do we want to allow Israel to to bully all these countries because they don’t have nukes and then destroy them? Do we want Mexicans to be allow into this country? Do we want the government to continue to waste our money? Do we want big pharma to lie to us about vaccines and diseases so they can make money? Do we want them to prosecute George Bush and Larry Silverstein for committing 9/11?

    As you can see if you look at politicians they don’t do anything we want. Do we want politicians like Findley, McCarthy and Traficant attacked when they try to expose corruption? Now we end up with a president who looks like he’s not even qualified to be president, but the FBI does nothing. I would not care if they elected Snoop Dog as president and Flava Flame as vice-president. I mean it would make no difference.

    I would hope in 50 years the history books read. The elite tried to poison us we created a revoluton and hanged them all.

  12. I think so too, Michael. I probably would not have understood the dangers posed if I had not developed a severe reaction to GMO foods. This stuff is definitely NOT safe.

  13. A body could work full time trying to defeat this evil entity. I would hate to make it such a large part of my life – but what choice do we have left. Thanks for bringing such awareness to the table. It’s time for them to disappear into the black hole where they belong.