By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead — your next stop, Monsanto Zone…


The Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement


The Monsanto Technology Use Guide




“GROWER AGREES: To accept and continue the obligations of this Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement on any new land purchased or leased by Grower that has Seed planted on it by a previous owner or possessor of the land; and to notify in writing purchasers or lessees of land owned by Grower that has Seed planted on it that the Monsanto Technology is subject to this Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement and they must have or obtain their own Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement.”



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25 Responses to “Welcome to Monsanto Zone…”

  1. Alfalfa is used for more than feeding animals:


    Latin Binomial: Medicago sativa
    Family: Leguminosae.
    Origin; Botanical
    Uses: nutritive, immune system supplement, appetite stimulant, tonic.
    Reported side effects: none, although seeds contain a slightly toxic amino acid L-canavanine.

    A natural cola, liquor, and maple flavoring agent for beverages and cordials. Alfalfa is widely cultivated for forage and is a commercial source of chlorophyll. No known toxicity.

    A plant of Europe and the Orient. The leaves are eaten by the Chinese as a vegetable.

    The sprouts are often eaten as a condiment or in place of lettuce. These are suppose to be highly nutiritious and high in vitamin C.

    Features: Alfalfa is native to Asia and did not reach North America until around 1850 or 1860. This deep-growing plant is seen from Maine to Virginia and westward to the Pacific coast in the United States. The Native Americans adapted alfalfa quickly for human use as well as for animals. In England and South Africa it is called buffalo herb.

    Uses: Alfalfa was discovered by the Arabs and is one of the first known herbs. They called it the Father of all Foods. It is only in recent years that we moderns are rediscovering its valuable nutritive properties, which include organic minerals of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, plus all the known vitamins, including vitamin K and the recently discovered vitamin B8 and vitamin P. It is helpful for every condition of the body, whether it be maintaining or regaining health, as the contents are balanced for complete absorption. It may be used by itself or blended with other herbal teas with or between meals.

  2. TF says:

    Vilsack along with Gov. Hickenlooper and others will be at UNC in Greeley, CO to push their propaganda on the AG Dept and Farmers who are ready to plant the GMO alfalfa and sugar beets without FDA’s permission. 10am to 3pm.
    I hope I can get there and shout out a few comments like, “you guys eat it for a year and come back if you’re still alive, label it up if it’s that great and maybe we’ll get on board”…NOT!
    One Rep called me back and asked why I was so concerned. He asked me if I ate alfalfa. I said, “no I don’t go out and eat alfalfa but maybe the cows that I eat do”. He got very quiet. I don’t eat much cow anymore but its my freedom of choice to know what I am eating!
    So I continue to pray that the arsonist comes back when crops are ready. He did a great job last year!

  3. Jerry Alexander says:

    Sorry! our elected Leaders are no more than a Middle Man/Woman.Like a Taxi Cab our leaders are paid to deliver the goods for a price.

  4. Jerry Alexander says:

    The most recent,actually current display of my charges,are at the hands of the Unions.Like the “Monsanto”Employees,the Unions workers are,obviously!concerned about themselves.
    The main difference is that the Unions are being persuaded by their leaders;that are making millions on the backs of their members…it`s a sad site to see the members doing as they have been tricked into doing for the benefit of their higher ups…just like America is being led to the slaughter house,once again!for the benefit of powers that be,aka our elected leaders;”elected” being the key word.

  5. Marko says:

    As a kid in the 60’s my parents would drive by the Monsanto plant in St. Louis to visit friends. I remember all the cars that drove by the plant going to work had no paint jobs left.
    Many people were sick in surrounding neighborhoods as well.
    They made Monsanto erect a large metal fence which within a
    short period of time had large holes eaten in it. This company is scum period. My family are farmers and have lived with Monsantos abuses for years. End this evil company for goood!!!

  6. amicus curiae says:

    ps lets use a non violent means, FEED the entire Mon dow and syn staff and scientists and their families who support them ALL GM food for 12 months.
    after they have ulcers asthmas skin rashes liver and bowel diseases and their wives abort repeatedly…maybe theyll get the idea why we dont want their muck! and why we dont intend to harm our animals with their feed!
    poetic Justice I call it.

  7. amicus curiae says:

    sad news?
    iunder consideration for licemnce is Aus right now..
    gm alfalfa beet corn soy etc etc.
    all the crap youv’e been fighting against, they are now trying to lob into our cpountry.
    the recent floods will have carried the GM Canola and Cottonseed to the states that have a Moratotium on GM grops too.

    the good news?
    Aus growers are getting a $50 a tonne BONUS for the NON GM Canola!
    However.. one of the states available for that bonus is Sth Aus…who just copped the victorian GMCanola influx via the Murray river floodwaters.Thus coming year may see their clean green NONGM stsutus Ruined.
    I have sent the Monbastards agreement from hell to a pile of Pollies..will they act on it?
    odds are, far too few even have a grasp of the importance of it.

  8. stienster says:

    Very encouraging comments here. EVERYONE here is AWARE! What a pleasure to not have found even ONE disinformation agent!

    Jerry Alexander>>I just want to tell you that MOST of the people working for Monsanto are brain-washed by disinformation. They believe the BS that GMO’s are necessary to ‘feed the world’. They believe the BS that GMO’s will provide all the necessary extra crops that they teach the sheeple aren’t available to feed the world’s population. Interesting to note how much food is burned, dumped, intentionally spoiled, WORLD-WIDE, for many decades. All at the hands of governments to 1) drive up prices and 2) perpetuate the notion that there isn’t enough food! There is a genocidal plan that’s been rolling along just fine, and GMO’s are a profitable part of that plan. All the governments of the world are led by money, and all the bankster families have been in control of all the money for centuries (the ‘royals’ of the world are included). They own and control all the mega-corporations, so it looks like it’s only about money. But that’s just their gravy. They’re plan is dumbing-down, sickening, weakening, and killing off 90% of humanity. And they make money doing it. This little breakdown is what was not mentioned in all the excellent posts above.

  9. Jerry Alexander says:

    Doug Girard…what do you call and American that is willing to go to work for a company that is killing his/her own families,and their country?These people go to work for a paycheck,and nothing else? Who`s paycheck?…their own paycheck.
    What do they do with the money? They buy things for themselves.As long as they have the things they want they don`t really give a damn about anyone else….it`s all about themselves…Just Pay Me…I`ll do whatever you want even if it kills my son,or,daughter,or,mother,or,father,or,YOU!
    If these greedy people really cared about their country,or,family they could put an end to the killing in no time at all…do as the Dem`s in Indiana..don`t show up for work……down goes Monsanto,or,any other vile company that does not support America first.

  10. Morocco Mole says:

    Get rid of Monsanto, start cultivating edible weeds in place of contaminated GE garbage that Monsanto and other corporations are putting out. Find obscure crops that have not been turned into GE garbage and plant away.

  11. ANIMALAURA says:

    Monsanto now owns “BLACKWATER”…. that infamous “security” company of mercenaries noted for their foul deeds world-over. Wonder why Monsanto needs them?? It is all about control. That is why the federal government loves Monsanto. Control the food supply, and you will control the population.

  12. mary wannar says:

    Monsanto burn in hell you satanic morons.

  13. American Patriot says:

    Apparently it’s OK if Monsanto’s seeds cross pollinate with yours and contaminate them. But as I have been told you cannot use your own seed then without paying the big M a royalty.

  14. Eileen says:

    Violence only begets more violence. The only way to defeat Monsanto is to raise public awareness and stop buying their products. Host films at your public library like “Fresh” and “the World According to Monsanto” , post a non-GMO shopping list( available at )around your community. Support your local CSA.

  15. Ed Stratford says:

    You’re right Milan, many people don’t want to know, but some do. So
    we have to keep telling people to find the ones who are desperately
    trying to make sense of this madness so they can join us in saying no to it. I believe that is the way to protect our families, so I have been burning DVDs, printing information from wonderful sites like this one, and giving them to as many people as I can. We need to give people the opportunity to hear the truth instead of the mind numbing mass media dribble. If all of us who know do this, who knows, maybe we can set ourselves free?

  16. milan says:

    There was a time when i was panick driven to inform my fellow citizens but most didn’t want to know. They can’t be bothered with such infomation because knowing means acting and they don’t have the time. Now I just use my knowledge to keep my family safe and prepare for whatever is coming.

  17. Killuminati says:

    The Matrix is a system. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

  18. Shannon says:

    Why do they consider themselves GOD – it is time for Americans and Canadians to wake up – BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!! We need to circulate all information to friends – email lists, Facebook, twitter -EVERYONE – WE HAVE TO STAND TOGETHER TO GET THIS MONSTER IN CHECK.

  19. TF says:

    Well, I guess they ignored our calls to stop this madness. So now the few people in America must stand up and start burning these crops down. Maybe then they’ll listen to our screams.
    Vilsack is a terrorist!!

  20. Lynn D. says:

    If the light of truth (Jesus Christ) shown in the hearts of men, we would not have all of these evil and greedy corporations, bankers, etc. destroying the land and plundering our wealth. But the fact of the matter is (just as the Bible says)…men have chosen darkness rather than light (truth) because their deeds are evil (personal sins) and they don’t want to give them up in order to face the Truth. They’d rather allow their minds to be inundated with propaganda, half-truths, and disinformation from the controlled media and allow their morals and culture to continually be altered by Hollywood’s bimbo parade of musicians and actors (which is what they are employeed to do!!). Thus, darkness and wickedness prevails. That’s it in a nutshell from a spiritual standpoint.

  21. Monsanto is monsterous! It is spreading like a disease with the law assisting Monsanto’s diabolical plan to dominate agriculture at every level. Their unhealthy genetically engineered hybrids are cross-pollinating traditional crops that are afforded no legal or literal protection from the Monsanto signature products. Not only are the world’s crops being hybridized into sterility, farmers get no protection from natural cross-breeding
    but are sued into the dirt by Monsanto when their product DNA is confirmed by their intrusive investigators. Farmers are ruined, and soon Monsanto will control all crop seed sales.

  22. Doug Girard says:

    Actually Jerry, most Americans I meet are NOT greedy, just misinformed, ignorant, or very, very programmed. Many, if not most, of them seem to live in a fog of misinformation and some feeling of exceptionalism that is out of touch with the reality of the countries Imperialistic adventures around the world. They need a good shaking!

    Pierre, many of us do not wish to perpetrate violence of any sort. Even against an evil corporation such as Monsanto. The answers seem to be illusive, but the energy to combat evil must be accomplished with compassion and education, as there ARE NO VIOLENT SOLUTIONS! We do need a revolution though.

  23. Pierre says:

    Time is coming to blowup Monsanto Missouri factory ASAP!

  24. S.D. says:

    Is this legalized GENOCIDE???

  25. Jerry Alexander says:

    So what? Does anyone really think and American will do anything to stop it?Sense when does Monsanto have any power to make an American do anything?
    I don`t know how many employees Monsanto has but each and everyone of them is helping Kill America;all for a pay check.Even their own children….and Mother.
    Americans are very,very greedy people,and they don`t really give a damn about anyone but themselves…not even their own family.