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Farm Wars

Recently I had the opportunity to review a screener copy of the soon to be released film “WHY in the World Are They Spraying?.” In my opinion, this film is by far the most in-depth analysis of the chemtrail/geo-engineering issue that I have seen to date, clearly outlining the motives behind this insidious program of altering natural weather patterns, changing soil chemistry, and taking control of our food supply in the process.

“WHY in the World are They Spraying?” lifts the veil on a major geo-engineering agenda that is at the forefront of our fight for food sovereignty. There are people who are working full time at controlling the food and thereby, controlling the population while maximizing profit at the expense of those whom they profit from, and like a tick that sucks the blood from its host with no thought whatsoever of the host’s health or well being, these people put profit ahead of life. And it appears that they may be spraying our skies…

I can’t begin to tell you how geo-engineering can change the face of agriculture as we know it. Small farmers and homesteaders survive off of what they grow. Mega corporations do not. They survive off of a gullible public’s ability to not care what they put in their stomachs just as long as it tastes good. They subjugate, enslave, torture and kill both people and animals with their CAFOs, antibiotic overuse, genetically engineered crops and feed (GMOs), toxic pesticides, and backwards thinking that puts man and nature at odds with each other, both fighting for survival in a steep downward spiral that can only end in disaster. WHY???  Profit, power, control, you name the excuse, the profiteers have it. And they sound so logical and so convincing. That is, until you look around with eyes wide open and determine for yourself why everyone you know is sick and spending a fortune on medical bills. GMOs and toxic chemicals have a tendency to do that to a person.

What is the link between geo-engineering and Monsanto?

Take a look around your grocery store and realize that just about everything on the shelves contains something grown with Monsanto’s patented gene splicing techniques and proprietary toxic pesticide concoctions. Then try to understand the scope of this complete takeover of our food production system.

Control the weather and you control food production. Get enough key players in the government, control American policy, control the weather through your connections or obtain inside information about that control, buy up all the major seed suppliers, and then you are in a position to force feed GMOs to America and every other nation that does business with America, your partner in one of the greatest crimes in history – the stealth invasion of the planet with genes that mutate, invade, and conquer all surrounding life when left to propagate on their own. Sound like a scifi takeover? Well it is. And its name is Monsanto. Sure, there are other biotech companies on the gravy train, but Monsanto is clearly the frontrunner, with the most horses in the race and the most money on the table.

But our government is supposed to protect us! Just in case you haven’t heard, our government is a corporation, in league with other corporations. Look it up on Dunn and Bradstreet. And what is a corporation’s primary goal? To increase the bottom line – nothing more, nothing less. So, if a little geo-engineering will make a partner a bit of obscene profit at the expense of a few minions, man the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

Far out, and even outlandish you say? Watch “WHY in the World Are They Spraying?” and ask me that question again… I dare you.

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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41 Responses to “WHY in the World Are They Spraying? Lifts Veil on Geo-engineering”

  1. Jeff,

    I choose to not have a defeatist attitude, and to inform as many people as possible. I choose to go out on my feet, doing what is right with as many people as possible that understand this by my side.

  2. Jeff Fitzhugh says:

    nobody will touch this stuff. Only the dissidents and the right wingers. Those bastards think they can keep on polluting shit and poisoning us. The shame we know everything is a lie. We know what they are doing, but all we do is talk. We think if we inform millions more it will make a difference.

  3. simpleman says:

    `Thanks to everyone who is making this globalist agenda known.As the rich,get richer.And the poor get poorer.What in the whole world are we to do?Is true American honesty and hard work gone.We will be slaves to the New World Order.Are the rich going to be gods now.Please stop this madness.Eastern North Carolina has been sprayed heavy the last few days.Weird looking clouds.Clouds forming near ground and rising up.I never saw these types of clouds in the weather spotter classes I’ve taken.Lighting bolts that appear yellow and linger for a few seconds.How come the weather people. At least on my local channels dose not cover any of this.Even the Weather Channel is not telling the people,whats going on.So they are putting people in harms way.By not telling the whole story or truth.Weather manipulation is real.As is Solar Management.Boycott the Weather Channel.Make them tell the whole truth.And get some of the “reality” type shows replaced with real , truthful weather programs.Quit spraying our sovereign air space.Peace & love be with us all.

  4. Bill Townsend says:

    THe ball is always in the hands IF we were to start executing the bastards responsible for this stuff. They have more to take their place. We can only just eat and survive because they pull all the strings. It’s always been that way and always will. They have all the money. They have millions of police and military. All we can do is be a mob and a mob is uselss. We never stopped the Vietnam War. All the protest got people arrested. Lone Wolves do things every now and then, but it’s useless. All we can do is educate the masses and what can they do?

  5. Tracy Stevens says:

    We all need to defend our lives and come together to somehow stop this nightmare.We are all consumers,thats where it may hurt their agenda.We need a strong leader and to move on this soon or God help us

  6. mgw says:

    I was wondering what is in contrails these days. Scopolamine?

    Speaking of pollutants & banking:
    Gotta love the goo. This piece comes recommended: Eating Vaccines including the new pig-deodorizer vaccine. Look again. Actually an anti-fertility vaccine (Chorionic Gonadotrophin often adsorbed to Diphtheria Toxin) disguised as pig deodorizer. An abortifacient in fact. There is a pony in here somewhere. Make it a pig.


    Who is defining pollution?

  7. Ernie,

    Bankers have stolen trillions, they are not in prison. Corporations can pollute the atmosphere under the guise of mitigating “global warming” and instead of going to prison, they are given awards. Monsanto pollutes the planet with unregulated genetically engineered toxins and pesticides, and they are making so much money that it is obscene and they are not in prison. Go figure.

  8. ernie says:

    Where’s the EPA? If you were to pollute the entire atmosphere you’d be in prison.

  9. Whether intentional or not, the result is the same. It is difficult at best to prove intent. However, if an act results in the harm of another because that person/corporation placed profits ahead of life, whether or not the intent was there to injure or not, the injury occurred and that person/corporation should be held responsible. Now the question is – does turning one’s back on potential hazards for the sake of profit clearly outline intent to do harm? IMO, YES!

  10. Scientist Francis says:

    This is the scientist in the original WITWATS and in this new film. We have definite data and observations that the military industrial complex (MIC) is doing geoengineering via “chemtrailing” and it is available at the website as the 3p summary “Geoengineering What We Know. However I don’t buy this conspiracy to kill a bunch of people etc. Yes, many innocent will die from crop degeneration and oil depletion, loss of food production and distribution, pollution from the MIC.

    However the main cause is simple stupidity in pusuit of profit, and the MIC. Stupidity and evil have the same results, so I think they are related, like terrorism of the masses as MIC privatizes the profits and socializes the costs onto the 99%.

    The MIC spends $5 billion a year to chemtrail. I’d remember that when you vote this fall. Don’t be sheeple. Get active.

  11. Bill Townsend says:

    I heard they have been spraying the chemtrails for 12 or 14 years, but I noticed in the movie Rocky when he was on this steps with his hands raised in the air there was chemtrails and the movie was made in 1975.
    Someone tell me I saw 9 space shuttle type crafts that were flying on the outskirts of a chemtrail. They flew back and forth I watched for over an hour. What was strange when one of them started spraying a small chemtrail that wasn’t enough to amount to anything and as soon as it went into the fog of large chemtrail it vanished. So who knows? I’ve noticed these crafts flying a few times. But this requires a lot of people knowing what they are doing.
    But I don’t buy the theory they doing it to keep the earth cooler.

  12. Lorenzo says:

    I miss the deep blue skys we once had, replaced by a constant haze, and peculiar looking clouds. The enjoyable walks I use to take in the parks are now bombarded with chem trails spewing toxins upon me. I’m a prisoner in my own house

  13. Richard W says:

    Have you considered the notion that the contents of the sprays include materials to reinforce the reflectivity of the ionisphere for the more accurate use of HAARP. Among the uses of that device include weather control & man made natural disasters, and mood control using various frequencies of EMF signals that are radiated with great accuracy. Among the direct effects of those EMF’s destroy the use of our Pineal Gland, our third eye, our spiritual gland, that turns on & lights up the parts of your brain that is normally dormant (part of that 90% )that allows, greater powers of imagination, creativity, astral traveling, deep mind over body meditation, telekinesis, spiritual awakening, right brain function & the highs of love.
    Therefore in combination of the junk media, junk food, junk pharma & junk GMO science legacy, are we one huge fall further into being controlled sick zombies here for total exploitation by the twisted reptilians in charge, Whats your thoughts on this?
    Also please note we have chemtrails almost nightly in greater Bangkok too. At dawn one morning last week the only clear day in weeks of monsoon grey was 3 long white lines all making a neat triangle overhead. within hours the sky was overcast again. Many more cases of Morgellons are appearing in the last few years, possibly effected by the birds (pigeons), animals, livestock & water supply, general dust environment and maybe insects too.
    A recent controversy in the local news that seems to have been forgotten about, was the NASA & Thai Govt deal to use the UTapao Airport near Pattaya for the regional weather control flight base & ground station. No doubt this is not the beginning of something, but a greater extension of what’s been going on since the Red PM sold out to the Neocon’s so he could get his sattelite up.
    Never a dull moment keeping abreast of all this.

  14. Italics Mine says:

    Nobody understands why this is happening, but there are plenty of theories -usually of a big-government killing us off. But maybe it’s something else entirely, such as a hex of some type to keep space aliens from attacking/invading/colonizing planet Earth. The fact that the chemicals they’re using to do this will kill off most life on planet Earth probably won’t weigh too heavy on their conscience because there’s a war to be won.

  15. Paul says:

    For any and all skeptics,,,,,7th grade science book published by Centre Pointe Learning,,,,Science 1 Essential Interactions,,,page 294 and 295 Solutions for Global Warming.You will love this in your face indoctrination for the youth.Very,very special.

  16. Bill Townsend says:

    IF this is true they are just creating these GMO seeds just to kill us and they have killed cows. If they are storing seeds so when they kill us they will have seeds. If they those idiots are intentionally destroying the ocean and I think we they will do is destroy the vegetation. Does anyone realize if the plants are destroyed there will be no oxygen. Without oxygen you are done in seconds.
    If this is true, then nothing we do from here out can be ridiculed. It’s time to party with these bastards. Destroying the ocean and rivers and making the animals and fish suffer. Creating the droughts to raise the price of crops and starve billions. Then someone says something about doing something to these people and people will say, oh don’t talk such foolishness. To suggest to harm people what is wrong with you?
    So I think first the price of crops is high and drains the pockets of the poor, then they create shortages of 75% and billions die. Then they spray chemtrails around the equator and destroy the vegetation and then when the Northern hemisphere is experiencing Winter there will not be enough oxygen. Could this be possible?

  17. Carol says:

    I was shopping at a grocery store in Houston. They were selling an emergency radio called Midland Radio which is also connected with NOAA. Anyway… the local weatherman or meterologist was there being filmed advertising this radio which only goes off if there is really bad weather near by (you program it with your county… so it only relays info for your county). I went home… got the DVD on “What in the World are they Spraying”… went back to the grocery store and gave it to the weatherman. Folks… it dawned on me… it’s our regular local TV weathermen who are respected scientist or meteorologist that our law makers will listen too… in making laws to STOP chemtrails. This meteorologist was very interested in watching it! He said he would watch it. So if you can just go to your local TV station… and just give the weatherman one of these DVDs… it might make a big difference. After all …. I would think… they would be the “Go to” guys… when learning about weather… and what is natural… and UN-NATURAL… that just may convince our law makers. It really isn’t that hard to just hand the DVD to your local weather man. If I can do it… ANYBODY can do it! I encourage each and every one of you out there… that happen to read my comment. 10 may read it… but don’t count on the other guys to hand this DVD to the local meteorologist. You be the one… the brave one…. that does it…. cause you know how most people are… LAZY… always thinking… oh well… I will let someone else do it. That will NEVER happen. You have to be the ‘ONE’!!! You can do it!!!! :) You know you can! Just order 1 copy… receive it in the mail… then go and give it to them. That’s it. Easy! 1-2-3! Just Do it!!! Education of Chemtrails… through Meteorologist…. to the people AND law makers… IS THE KEY!!!!! :) THEY ARE RESPECTED!!! THEY WILL BE LISTENED TO!!!

  18. arcadia11 says:

    every time you see chemtrails call your local reps and the white house. every single time. unless there is ‘feedback’ from the victims the next step will be implemented. let them know that you know. everything is a test. what will the people put up with?

    remember oscar grant. the ultimate test.

  19. mgw says:

    Perhaps of interest:

    Live in Los Angeles & Live Online Globally!
    · 3 Days in Los Angeles at the Historic Ebell Theater
    · + Live Online Globally
    · Non –Profit Fundraiser
    · To Explore EVERY Arm of The Geo-Engineering / Chemtrails Agendas……

    WHY? – Premiering “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” – Michael Murphy’s follow-up documentary
    TREES – Featuring Allan Buckmann, the leader in research regarding the effect of Chemtrails on trees & plant life – and how to reverse it
    HAARP – Alfred Webre & Leuren Moret explore the unavoidable connection between Chemtails & “The HAARP Controlled Grid”
    GMO’s – Jeffrey M Smith, the author of “Seeds of Deception” and leader in the “GMO-free” movement will speak to the GMO’s connection to the spraying (Chemtrail’s heavy metal fall-out creates soil that can only support GMO crops and trees)
    TRANSHUMANISM – Sofia Smallstorm presents Part 2 of her widely acclaimed “Chemtrails to Pseudo Life” series, where she explores how Chemtrails are creating a synthetic world around us
    WEATHER – Scott Stevens, a former award winning meteorologist, steps outside the matrix and gives us a look at the cover-up taking place regarding Chemtrails within mainstream meteorology
    SCIENCE & PROOF – Clifford Carnicom, Dane Wigington, Francis Mangels, William Thomas, Deborah Whitman, Dr. Perlingieri and other scientists and researchers will show you the PROOF of active Geo-Engineering and what we can do to STOP IT!
    SPIRITUALITY – Laura Eisenhower, Mark Peebler and others will show you how we can free our minds from the tyranny!

  20. mixplix says:

    For personal entertainment I check on these chemtrails sites on occasion. Those aircraft are seven miles up and the temperature at that altitude is sixty degrees below zero so spraying is out of the question. Aircraft traveling North and South are at different altitudes or they would be running into one another, same goes for East and West. Contrails form when the vapor and turbulence are matched and form the ice crystals you see. Why is there snow on a mountain that’s a couple of miles high? Do you really think you’ll get an analysis from some dropped seven miles away and subject to winds and air currents? Believe what you want but think about it first.

  21. A monarch-monopolist crime syndicate has been at war with freedom and humanity for centuries. To continue their consolidation of power, they must LIE about everything….global warming, green energy, peak oil and our true history. Find out why in “Fractional Reserve Banking Begat Faux Reality”.

  22. Barbara Talbert says:

    What goes up must come down and unless they are idiots (and I think they are) they know this and do not care. They do not care if all these metals are being absorbed by plants and people. This is far more dangerous than acid rain that we used to be so worried about. But who is “they”? If we have enough people praying for clarity about the chemtrails we will begin to know. So pray for the transparency and revelation that we need to make the truth available to us and also for the knowledge and strength to be persistent in fighting against the “takeover” of our weather, food and water.

  23. Blow says:

    In China, Shenzhen (yes, China too for many years), there has been less chemtrial spraying, or put a better way, more clear days (although not many) over the last few weeks .. for some reason. But you have to remember the solar flaring and record heat, as well as the other weather modifications, perhaps using HAARP, as other factors, in this effort to harness ‘rain’ down on the sheeple. These are just my hypotheses and observations.

  24. Howard Harding says:

    If you knew what they were doing you would shoot the plane out of the sky. Just one more thing they are doing and they are not saying a word.

  25. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    The Novell Contents of Chemtrails, have at least: Two NEW additives, to the Metalifferous CockTails are: Tri Methyl Aluminum- nano particulates and nano micro fine Coal Black Dust. The T.M.A. has mutiple qualities as flashable Ignition enhacment and Geo /Human Sterilization, neuro toxicity, and musculo-skeltal breakdowns; The Intesified AB-Normal OUT of CONTROL clAIMed Fires throughOUT America and Beyond; may be precipitated or exacerbated through the T.M.A.’s applications even without W.P. [White Phospherous enhancers] and the Sterilizing effects on Lands HUmans and animals /insects consuming Run Off concentritions of Waterways and pond areas lAKES and deposits on PLANTS and atomizations of particles Can NOT be Good for the Planet or Species?
    MO Satan/ Mon Santo [anagram] stands to egregiously lucreous profit$ by selling: G.M.O. Corns and other ground steril variants able to grow on otherwise Barren Lands,[Just Like In the “Horn of Africa’ too?]The Un-or Intended Consequences on HUmans and Other species are YET TO BE DIS closed? [Per WERNER in CanaDA pronounced Verner!] The Coal Black Blocks Out the SUN and lowers Temperatures and Humidity?
    BUT? What sort of CONcocted allegedly: “MIS-Fortunate ACCIDENT” could occur should: SomeONE MIS-Label a CON-tainer of the Usual Special Secret Aerial Spray Sauce, with perhaps some CONvieniently MIS-Labled[ to Provide: the “AIR of Plausible Deniability” of coarse] for Unfortunate administration of say: Bacteriologic, Virulogic Hybridized or PsychoTropic COcktails of Demoniac Witches BREWS of NORMAL Appearing Aerial distibuted “ChemTRails / CONtrails [per the Lame Stream, Mis-SPIN-Formation’s usual 5:00 O’Clock Propaganda to Deceive, Media?]
    “Oh What a TERRIBLE Horrific Tragedy” It will be PORTRAYRD AS? OH But Lucky the D.H.H.S. has all those Plastic F.E.M.A. Coffins/ HUman Trash Bags, on Hand???
    OR MayBE the P.T.B. will just “SEND IN The DROANS” [in lieu of Clowns? Hate those Clowns though?] for Special vexatious political dissidents removal Ops? Or those DEEMED Politically IN-correct Free Speakers?

  26. More info about the seedbank:

    About heirloom seeds from Seed Savers:

  27. Thanks for the clarification, Abe. The Svalbard seedbank is NOT full of GMOs. In fact, the opposite is true. It contains all of the heirloom, heritage, pure seeds. Does anyone actually think that the seed bank is for the people? This is storage for the people who know that GMOs kill, have instituted the slo-kill system and who want to reboot the planet with heirloom seeds after the destruction.

  28. Abe says:

    Like Lt. Col. Robert Bowman PhD said, “We now have a weaponized atmosphere”. Remember Hurricane Irene? It was heading for the Gulf but took a hard right @ Fla? Would of been good to of had it go over Texas during there wild fires. Check out this video by dutchsinse.

    I’ve been studying chemtrails for quite awhile now! Rain and drought are a weapon now (HAARP)! Plus the chems change the P.H. of the soil. This would create a need for seeds that can survive this! This is how Morgellons has been spread as well.
    This is an archive of hurricanes from the site Dutch used in the video.
    This is hurricane Alberto this year. Watch the chromisome looking things.
    To check the latest hurricanes, see where it’s 01L. For Ernesto change the 1 to 5 (E=5)

    Barb “Deep Freeze” is the seedbank in Svalbard.

  29. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Should some whom choose to to LooK into the Depths of the Question may venture to contemplate; the Dementia of Twisted minds of Deviant breeds of TranHUmanist Eugenecist TechnoCrazies whom seek to Elevate their Chances of Survivial to Eternity or specifically Limit the abilities of the EnLighteneds to Truth; to achieve ETERNAL Life in places other than GehennAH [the Boiling Pit of Flamming HUman Excremental Waste for Wasted souls of Un-repntent man and WOman?
    It seems plusible at least, that by purported man god’s alterring the GENETIC Perfection of the CREATOR; some would hallucinate: that they could TRICK the CREATOR into; NOT Accepting the Righteous Deceived Ones, in to HIS Fold? Perhaps DECEIVING Themselves that; Those with PURE UN-ALTERRED GENES will be more Desireable or perhaps Less Desirable, thereby obfuscating the Paths of Some and relegating some to the darkness of Eternal damnation? We Suggest the CREATOR is NOT so easily Fooled or TRICKED by schemes of SwitchCraft [Satan’s Witch craft?] even by MK-Ultra [ M= alleged Master Satan’s: KULT of RA?]

  30. Howard Harding says:

    What should be done to people who manipulate our weather and cause our grain prioes to go through the roof? Done to bankrupt us and to cause many more family farms to fold. What would the court system do to an individual who created some kind of machine and did this to our country? You would be charged with conspiracy and maybe treason.

  31. MHK says:

    Mrs Peterson,
    You do NOT know what the Big Deep Freeze could be ? tsk tsk

    I agree with You.
    Perhaps You should enlighten the “consumers” with more details…

    Good luck anyway…

  32. Jason says:

    What I have noticed is the Jet Stream has been north of America and has been stuck in Canada. This is what is causing the drought across America. Untill the jet stream drops back down to the states, the drought will continue. I have never seen the jet stream so far north for so long. Could this be weather control to drive up food prices and cause starvation across the world to fulfill a population control agenda? This seems to be the case since that is the Elitist 1%’s plans written in their own documentations over the years. Technology has cought up to their ideologies, so to fulfill the plan of depopulation of the planet by at least 80%. All I can say is Be Prepared, store at least a month worth of food and water just incase, for we do not know when this drought will end.

  33. Sue says:

    Those responsible for the insidious practice of chemtrailing planet Earth are outright evil. They have declared war on all life on this planet and need to be dealt with appropriately. The despicable practice of spraying toxins in our atmosphere has got to stop immediately.

  34. Leo says:

    Hi,, I live in Ore. about 50 mi so. of portland the chem trails abruptly stopped about a month ago but started up again with a vengence today.
    did other parts od the country experience this situation ?
    thank you,, Leonard.

  35. Anthony B. says:

    Yes, this is as sinister as it could be, all we can do is stock pile the supplements, smuggle some true seed, no GMO poison stuff, raise our own food under large green houses, organize communities and hold our grounds.
    Depopulation is already in its full course and only prepared ones will survive (with some luck and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ).

  36. KMD says:

    It is not logical that any one country can pull something like this off. Who is ‘they’ that is spoken of so often. Our government? A foreign government? An alien intervention of some sort? This operation is world wide and requires the co-operation of all governments. These planes would be shot down in a minute if they flew over certain countries with out clearances and an escorts. I simply can’t imagine these ‘American’ planes being flown over China or Russia spraying unknown toxins into the air over their cities and farms. Yet every country is sprayed (even both polar regions) and all governments remain ominously silent. There is something far more sinister to this than geo-engineering, and every government on the face of this earth is involved.

  37. Linder,

    Your comment is just vague enough that it makes no sense. What deep freeze are you speaking of?

  38. Linder says:

    Sorry to disillusion you but ALL the seeds stored in the Big Deep freeze are GMO and guaranteed to make you sick should you plant, grow and harvest them. God help whoever actually has to eat that stuff if they are in need of “food” as it will make them very ill.

  39. Mike Holecheck says:

    These chemtrails are to manipulate the weather. If you have drought in one area there is no food produced. If you flood another area you destroy the food. We never had droughts and floods like this 40 years ago. I remember 40 years ago when it was hot you had a thunderstorm that afternoon. We have two mountain ranges and when the hot air rises you get rain on the leeward side.

  40. Doug Eberspacher says:

    It’s clear they are up to something. I mean they’ve collected all the seeds and stormed trillions of seeds on and island in the North Atlantic. It seems they are destroying the ocean with the gulf spill. I mean come on it took them almost three months to cap that thing. Now we got the Japanese nuke plant just dumping stuff in the ocean. They might just not care and their goal is to kill the plankton in the ocean. Then they spray chemtrails that kill the vegetation which means very little oxygen in the atmosphere. The elite will be in the mountain resorts. The next growing season the vegetation starts to produce leaves and the oceans start to recover and produce oxygen. Of course, it might be enough just to kill the leaves and all the grasses. Just think you notice all the leaves dying and all the grases dryng up and then you notice it’s hard to breath. This might be so much more sinister than you think. Now don’t print it, because we know that would not be kosher, but what should we do and what would you do to people who were planning to kill you inside of a year? You would say the heck with work I’m going to make them pay now. There is nothing you would not do. If you learned Monsanto executives were doing this very thing and you were fishing one day and two guys in a fishing boat said, they were executives at Monsanto. You could hear dueling banjos.

  41. Steve Barnett says:

    What happened was we started to learn too much. For the past 50 years they have gotten us to eat fast food and big gulps and we are in bad shape. Now they learned if you eat right and take supplements and exercise right you can live to be 200. So they will not allow us to learn this, because if we did how would social security work? They would have to have you work till 125. So they are going to kill 6 billion and they are going to do it with food. I haven’t heard why they are spraying.

    But let me tell you what I saw one day. It was in May and about 65 degrees and very little wind. I only noticed the chemtrails because I read about them on the Internet. I was looking at the chemtrails and I noticed about 9 white Shuttle looking aircrafts flying on the outskirts of the chemtrails. They were flying very slow back and forth for a long time. Then I noticed one of the aircrafts started spraying a small chemtrail that would have no affect, but it then just flew into the big chemtrail and vanished.

    This was more than just spraying chemtrails. This was observation or some kind of testing. I think these chemtrails might be spray to cover for aircraft flying and landing. They are up to something and we will not hang the politicians before the do a number on us. The thing is this is our country, but they aren’t telling us what they are doing. They are spraying shite on us, but telling us nothing.