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While I might assume a particular position on an issue, that position is subject to change when new or more relevant information becomes available. Remember the sorghum aluminum resistance patent that we thought was created by Monsanto to counter the effects of excess aluminum found in the soil after heavy chemtrailing? Well, it turns out that we were partially right. 

Here is where we went wrong:

The patent for aluminum resistance mentioned in What in the World are They Spraying? turns out to be owned by the USDA and Brazil’s agricultural department, not Monsanto directly (although a good case can be made for Monsanto actually owning the USDA, but that’s another story) and evidently, made for acidic soil and will not be effective in an alkaline soil caused by chemtrailing. Therefore, it appears that this particular patent most likely is targeted for Africa, which seems to be a major biotech interest.

Here is where we were right:

Monsanto DOES own patents that appear to mitigate the effects of geo-engineering, that can be applied to a whole host of fruits, trees, grains and veggies. A quick patent search brings up 3,981 hits for Monsanto and Stress Tolerance. Mendel Biotechnology is partners with Monsanto in several of these patents. This is taken from one of the joint patents:

The claimed invention, in the field of functional genomics and the characterization of plant genes for the improvement of plants, was made by or on behalf of Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. and Monsanto Corporation as a result of activities undertaken within the scope of a joint research agreement in effect on or before the date the claimed invention was made.

Here is a patent titled “Stress tolerant plants and methods thereof,” that is owned by Monsanto, and seems to address all forms of abiotic stress that weather manipulation and chemtrails can cause:


Described herein are inventions in the field of plant molecular biology and plant genetic engineering. In particular, DNA constructs encoding a polypeptide and transgenic plants containing the DNA constructs are provided. The transgenic plants are characterized by improved stress tolerance.


One of the goals of plant genetic engineering is to produce plants with agronomically, horticulturally or economically important characteristics or traits. Traits of particular interest include high yield, improved quality and yield stability. The yield from a plant is greatly influenced by external environmental factors including water availability and heat, of which tolerance of extremes is in turn influenced by internal developmental factors. Enhancement of plant yield may be achieved by genetically modifying the plant to be tolerant to yield losses due to stressful environmental conditions, such as heat and drought stress.

Seed and fruit production are both limited inherently due to abiotic stress. Soybean ( Glycine max ), for instance, is a crop species that suffers from loss of seed germination during storage and fails to germinate when soil temperatures are cool (Zhang et al., Plant Soil 188: (1997)). This is also true in corn and other plants of agronomic importance. Improvement of abiotic stress tolerance in plants would be an agronomic advantage to growers allowing enhanced growth and/or germination in cold, drought, flood, heat, UV stress, ozone increases, acid rain, pollution, salt stress, heavy metals, mineralized soils, and other abiotic stresses.

Here are the plants that this “invention” intends to cover:

The method of claim 7, wherein said crop plant is selected from the group consisting of corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, rice and rapeseed/canola.

Further on down, we find that a whole host of other plants are under the microscope and used for the process as well:

The transgenic plant is selected from the group consisting of: Acacia , alfalfa, aneth, apple, apricot, artichoke, arugula, asparagus, avocado, banana, barley, beans, beet, blackberry, blueberry, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, canola, cantaloupe, carrot, cassaya, cauliflower, celery, cherry, cilantro, citrus, clementines, coffee, corn, cotton, cucumber, Douglas fir, eggplant, endive, escarole, eucalyptus, fennel, figs, forest tree, gourd, grape, grapefruit, honey dew, jicama, kiwifruit, lettuce, leeks, lemon, lime, loblolly pine, mango, melon, millet, mushroom, nut, oat, okra, onion, orange, papaya, parsley, pea, peach, peanut, pear, pepper, persimmon, pine, pineapple, plantain, plum, pomegranate, poplar, potato, pumpkin, quince, radiata pine, radicchio, radish, raspberry, rice, rye, sorghum, southern pine, soybean, spinach, squash, strawberry, sugarbeet, sugarcane, sunflower, sweet potato, sweetgum, tangerine, tea, tobacco, tomato, turf, a vine, watermelon, wheat, yams, and zucchini.

This patent is infinitely more inclusive of conditions related to chemtrail activity than the singularly applied aluminum patent as it is a relatively all-inclusive “stress tolerance” patent for everything from cold to drought to heavy metals, to salty soil that involves everything from acacia to zucchini. Monsanto to the rescue, again. And we thought the only thing we had to worry about was sorghum and aluminum. Think again…

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22 Responses to “Monsanto Patents and Chemtrails”

  1. Joe Buck says:

    Diane, Sure if everyone did it, but you couldn’t get over 1% to do it. If people can’t even refuse to fly how will they ever decide to go to war with the government? But really if people just decided not to spend one dime on luxury stuff for a month. No bowling, dinner, movies or casinos and this would not affect you like if you didn’t go to work. But people won’t do anything. They will act like a mob, but you’re better off to just leave this country and 9/11 was warning enough.

  2. Dave Burgess says:

    They want you sick by 65 and buy their drugs and they want you dead at 85. If people quit eating processed foods and execised they would live to be 130, but they couldn’t sell you a bunch of drugs. If people lived that long don’t want to pay SS for 50 years. They will find a way to make you sick. If you eat your own food and you don’t drinkt heir water, then they have to get you with vaccines. Don’t let them do it. Ventilate them first. Doctors want your kid dumb and slow. No child moves ahead.

  3. Susan L. says:

    @Diane: I love how your mind works…your research skills put me to shame! Do you have trouble getting your friends and family to believe you? Though not nearly as well informed as you are, I do try to do my homework, but when I try to share (gently, minimally), I’m faced with blank stares.

    Great article, Barbara. Facts and truth (and corrections when indicated) are what we need, not hysteria; there’s plenty of THAT to go around without manufacturing it!

  4. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Barbara, on the subject of Monsanto … there is this from another post I did elsewhere today:

    Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested. The amount of glyphosate found in the urine was staggering, with each sample containing concentrations at 5 to 20 times the limit established for drinking water. This is just one more piece of evidence that herbicides are, at the very least, being sprayed out of control.

    Use google translate as there is no version published yet in English.

    GM Watch posted this:

  5. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    The city of Calgary discontinued fluoride on May 19, 2011 and removed the injectors the same week.

    Brita water filters do not remove fluoride for very long because fluoride pits the filter within a day or so … or even much in the way of chlorine … it does well on some heavy metals.

    What the Brita website actually says is: “Because Brita filters remove only small amounts of fluoride over the life of the filter, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the benefits of fluoride in your tap water.”

  6. roberto says:

    grazie per l’articolo,cerchiamo di fermare questi criminali!!

  7. Kalamata Doug says:

    Barbara, Very interesting article, I’ll be sharing it with several friends around the world with whom i’ve been discussing and exploring this topic.

  8. Kalamata Doug says:

    Hi Lawrence (santa) Oshanek. — Doug here, from you know where. Calgary city council voted to stop flouridating our water. I haven’t yet seen or heard whether they have actually stopped. I’ve been buying exclusively bottled spring water for eating and cooking for a couple years now waiting for the announcement. Can you tell me if the flouridation has actually been stopped in Calgary yet ? And another thought is whether clorination might have any extra effect on the effects of aluminum and/or flouride as well. Have you heard of any studies that include that aspect as well ?

  9. Diane says:

    On another note: I have always known that the “revolution” needs to be economic. People do not realize the spending power they have. For me the entire TSA issue would have been halted if people just refused to fly. It would have been over in a week. If people would agree to just not buy or even work for a small time period that would mean no payroll taxes would be paid, no usury payments would be made…economic sanctions by the people would literally halt this totalitarian regime that has slowly and insidiously taken control. The United States does it to other countries all the time….maybe it is time for the people of the US to do the same?

  10. Diane says:

    Thanks so much Barbara…very impressive! You have done your homework….I always go to the United States Patent Office….I went there to find out about HAARP (a weapon of mass destruction obviously if you read the patent.) Many people will make fun of the “conspiracy theories” but…the patents speak for themselves. I appreciate your efforts because I did not even think to look up Monsanto! I have gone into because I know that a purchase order is always required to purchase items. I did discover that the FDA had purchased thousands of bacteria in 2010 and 2011 that included salmonella, strep, ecoli, listeria and a many other bacteria/germs….I wondered first of all why the FDA needed these, second:why such large quantities of these deadly bacteria, third: where are they storing them, and fourth: what are they doing with them?
    I did copy and paste and keep this information and have tried to find it recently but could not. is also an interesting place to find some interesting information. Thanks again for going to the source to once again prove that if a person is interested in the truth it is out there!

  11. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Barbara …

    As an aside from GMOs and relevant to an article on fluoride, this brand new study concludes (on page 19 – right side):

    Our study demonstrates that vascular calcification and
    fluoride uptake are significantly correlated in the same
    arterial territory, although not necessarily overlapping in
    the same anatomic locations. An increased fluoride uptake
    in coronary arteries may be associated with an increased
    cardiovascular risk. Combined anatomic and metabolic
    imaging with sodium [18F]fluoride PET/CT offers a promising, noninvasive method to evaluate atherosclerosis.

  12. Mike Holecheck says:

    When the government murdered those women and children in Waco there should have been a million citizens marching to Washington. They don’t try to hide anything. Many hundreds of people went to Waco, but couldn’t get within five miles of the place. Now they have had 15 years to get all the camps read and get all the technology perfected and now the militias are talking about fighting the government and are going to wait for the next attack and martial law to attack, but it will be too late.
    They have created hybrid seeds that grows 80% of the crops now. This means farmers can’t take the seeds like corn and soybeans and grow the next year’s crops. So they have to buy the seeds every year. This will mean they will pay a lot for seeds and it will mean they could nuke the seeds and and the farmers might grow 30% of their crop and billions would starve. If they did this in the Winter the people would have to head South to get food. Because many of you don’t realize the grocery store would be out of food in a couple days if the people we told there was no more food coming and you could imagine the lines stripping everything, but it would only last a couple weeks and they would need more food.
    A family of five will eat maybe 5,000 pounds of food counting liquids a year. Imagine it’s zero degrees outside and you got no food and you go to your neighbors and they run you off. If you’re hungry and they got food you will instantly resort back to the days of the neanderthal man, when you killed to eat. A dog is friendly to you because you feed him. But let there be no food around for about a week and try to eat a sandwich in front of that dog. He will take your arm off and people can become just as barbaric if they are hungry.

  13. Cathy says:

    Thanks for this article, great comments & the info. in them. We have the fight of our lives ahead of us. I don’t want my grandchildren or children to have nothing but Franken-foods to eat.

    Our government sold us out a long time ago-but since “Citizens United” it’s been much worse! Somehow we must stop this- I think it will take a global effort to do so- this is also a part of the Occupy Movement.

  14. Working on an article now, Lenny. Looking forward to receiving your paper on fluoridation.

  15. Alan says:

    If one steps back and evaluates the entire spectrum of the contamination of food and water, as it relates to maintaining life, you cannot avoid concluding that the entirety of the food/agri program has a lot to do with a ‘Population Reduction’ agenda. The final nail was demonstrated with several recent interviews:
    Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMOs, RoundUp and the Soil (in 2 Parts) – Part 1 – Part 2
    Former pig farmer from Iowa

    Wishing you all the best.

  16. Abe says:

    Good article!! Looks like Monsanto has been busy! There are a couple “veggies” (lol) that I’ve never even heard about. I also agree that Monsato owns USDA and the FDA. I stronly suspect that GM products are finding there way into the nations drug and vaccine supply! I wouldn’t doubt that there busy doing a GM poppy now!

  17. This is not surprising at all Barbara. Flouride is a byproduct of aluminum smelting because of flourine’s affinity for reducing aluminum. I wrote a paper on flouridation of water a while back, i’ll try to find a copy and get it to you.

    The chemistry of transition metal elements in ones and twos is quite different from the chemistry of bulk metals. The biochemistry of the field has not progressed much in the 25 years since i left – but the science technology has gotten infinitely better. Neither aluminum nor flourine are transition metals – so their biological behavior is not required for catalysis, nor beneficial.

  18. Lawrence,

    I was not aware of this! Did a quick search and found this corroborating article:

  19. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    There is another aspect of this you may want to be aware of … tying together chemtrails and fluoride uptake:

    Back in 1998 they knew that aluminum-induced neural degeneration in rats is greatly enhanced when the animals were fed low doses of fluoride. The presence of fluoride enhanced the bio-availability of aluminum (Al) causing more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The aluminum level in the brains of the fluoride-treated group was double that of the controls.

    Now how about that for a most startling conclusion.

  20. Seriously? After reading the whole article, the thing that most struck you was not the fact that Monsanto is creating frankenseeds for every plant in the book to mitigate the effects of geo-engineering, but the fact that I used the word “veggies?” And we wonder why we are in the state we are…

  21. Jaap says:

    Very interesting article, many thanks. But please…don’t say ‘veggies’ -makes you sound like we’re in kindergarten.

  22. mothman777 says:

    A fascinating and most revealing article. The use of rock dusts has shown to be highly beneficial in enabling plants to grow in conditions usually inhospitable to them.

    The use of rock dusts could entirely destroy the NWO excuse for the development of GM plants, though of course there will always be room for new varities produced by traditional cross-breeding of plants to produce more hardy and nutritious crops.

    ‘Basalt And Other Rock Dusts, How To Totally Remineralize Your Soil – with a refutation of the University of Glasgow 2009 PhD thesis on rockdust and composted materials – revised 19th January 2012’ on ‘Mothman777’s Blog’