Barbara H. Peterson on May 27th, 2017

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

As we go through life popping anything into our mouths that looks good, then just take for granted that multiple trips to the doctor, illness and allergies rising to an astronomical level every day are simply normal, shouldn’t we be asking the most fundamental question of all?


The Undercurrent

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Barbara H. Peterson on May 14th, 2017

Azure Standard

Dear Azure Customers. We’ve some extremely urgent news to share with you. All of Azure Standard’s Organic wheat, field peas, barley, Einkorn, and beef is grown by Azure Farm on 2,000 acres of pristine, organically certified land in Sherman County, Oregon. The county is considering imposing draconian, highly toxic weed management laws and may force us to have our 2,000 acre organic farm sprayed with Roundup and other toxic herbicides. You read that right: we’d be forced to have our organic farm sprayed with Roundup, and we would then be forced to foot the bill! We’ve just over 1 week to get as much support as possible. Please review the video at or learn more at…/…/azure-farm-moro/ and then take action today. Thank you for your support!

An Organic Farm Under Threat from Azure Standard on Vimeo.

An Organic Farm Under Threat

Azure Farms is a working, Certified Organic farm located in Moro, Central Oregon, in Sherman County. It has been Certified Organic for about 18 years. The farm produces almost all the organic wheat, field peas, barley, Einkorn, and beef for Azure Standard.

Sherman County is changing the interpretation of its statutory code from controlling noxious weeds to eradicating noxious weeds. These weeds include Morning Glory, Canada Thistle, and Whitetop, all of which have been on the farm for many years, but that only toxic chemicals will eradicate.

Organic farming methods – at least as far as we know today – can only control noxious weeds—it is very difficult to eradicate them.

What’s Happening?

Sherman County may be issuing a Court Order on May 22, 2017, to quarantine Azure Farms and possibly to spray the whole farm with poisonous herbicides, contaminating them with Milestone, Escort and Roundup herbicides.

This will destroy all the efforts Azure Farms has made for years to produce the very cleanest and healthiest food humanly possible. About 2,000 organic acres would be impacted; that is about 2.8 times the size of the City of London, England, and 1.5 times the size of the city center of Philadelphia that could be sprayed with noxious, toxic, polluting herbicides.

The county would then put a lien on the farm to pay for the expense of the labor and chemicals used.

Take Action Now

If you are concerned about where your food comes from, enjoy Organic and non-GMO food grown in the United States, and support organic farmers, contact Sherman County Court before May 22, 2017 (and preferably before May 17 when the next court discussion will be held).

Contact info:

  1. Via email at or…
  2. Call Lauren at 541-565-3416.

Raise your voice and speak up for you and your families and communities.

This proposed action is completely unreasonable and would destroy an organic farm and pollute a massive area. If enough voices that benefit from organic produce speak up, the county will understand that there are people that care about their food NOT containing toxic chemicals. And if the supporters of healthy food can have a louder voice than the supporters of toxic chemicals, every politician will listen. PLEASE take action today and share this message. Overwhelm the Sherman County representatives with your voice.

Take Action Today


Email or call Sherman County via email at or call Lauren at 541-565-3416.


Thank you for all your support and well wishes so far.

Above all, please take action directly today. If you would like more information on this, feel free to add your name below and we will be in touch.

Thank you.


Nathan Stelzer
Azure Farm Manager

Barb’s Note:

Here is my letter to Sherman County:

It has come to my attention that Sherman County is considering forcing an organic farm to be sprayed with Roundup and other toxic herbicides to eradicate “noxious” weeds, and to force the farm to pay for it. This is against all organic standards and practices and will contaminate the organic food coming out of that farm. Those of us who are not able to tolerate these poisonous substances will suffer, as will those trying to eliminate them from their diets due to health reasons or even because they simply do not agree with the chemicals being added to our environment on a daily basis. Consider this:

“Three Washington counties – Yakima, Benton, and Franklin – experienced an unusually high number of birth defects at around the same time as Glyphosate was being used extensively for several years to eradicate noxious weeds on land and in the water. That birth defect is called anencephaly. Could there be a connection?

It appears that Yakima, Benton, and Franklin counties just happen to have three things in common – the Yakima River, a noxious weed eradication program using copious amounts of Glyphosate for years on both land and in the river, and an increase in anencephaly, which Glyphosate just happens to be suspected of causing.“

Should we add Sherman County to the list of those willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of the people living there in the name of “weed eradication?”

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Barbara H. Peterson on March 30th, 2017

Sculpture of Augustus (63BC-14AD), first Emperor of Rome and Grand-Nephew of Julius Ceasar. He defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra and gained control over the empire.

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

After reading the 2018 White House budget, I find that there are some key points in it that we should all be aware of:

Support for industry’s development of public lands; support for vaccine delivery for hundreds of millions of children; support for IRS enforcement; and elimination of a program that helps low income people get heating assistance.
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Barbara H. Peterson on March 23rd, 2017

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

There has been a lot of speculation as to the validity of Donald Trump’s persona in the alternative media as the President that will save America from the globalists. But is this true? Or is he simply another pawn in the globalist game, and we are being manipulated once again to throw our support behind a minion of the elite? This question must be asked or we are going down the same old road, blinders on, cheering for the elected puppet.

Trump appointed Sonny Perdue to Ag Secretary, and he is going for his confirmation hearing today, March 23, 2017. This appears to be a major a win for Monsanto and the GMO factory since the Biotechnology Innovation Organization named him their Governor of the Year. Read the rest of this entry »

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