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Farm Wars

They call us technophobes and luddites, or whatever derogatory term used to describe those who don’t automatically go along with the ‘latest and greatest’ scientific invention. But is it really asking too much to question whether or not it is okay to unleash an invention on society without learning about the possible effects before doing so? Is merely questioning the safety of new technology before implementing it such a ludicrous proposal?

Are we so in love with what we can invent that we cannot even fathom that anyone should be allowed to posit an opposing opinion without provoking the wrath of the scientific community? If so, this is not truly science, but the ego-driven machinations of corporate-controlled narcissists masquerading as scientists. And woe to the world if we continue buying into their schemes.

We love the newest and most inventive toys. We like to play. We like to be ‘number one’ and proudly display our acquisitions. But just when does this tendency turn into a fatal attraction and end up costing us our very lives?

In the latest scheme to force new and dangerous technology down our throats, we find that Monsanto is now merging with Bayer. Another Solutia solution for Monsanto’s Glyphosate woes.

The German pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer says it will buy U.S. seed seller Monsanto for $66 billion in an all-cash deal that will create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and agricultural chemicals.

The takeover offer, which Monsanto has accepted, is $4 billion more than Bayer had initially offered and a 44 percent premium over Monsanto’s stock price on May 9, a day before negotiations began. Bayer says it will be taking on $57 billion in debt to finance the purchase, which is the largest-ever foreign acquisition by a German company. (NPR)

According to Anthony Samsel, Research Scientist:

This new BAYER deal maximizes the value of corporate assets. It ends an era for the company known as Monsanto and it forges a new beginning for the company’s current product development and ag systems including its desire to expand its global interests in ‘sustainable agriculture.’

Its not just about marketing seeds and chemicals, the company has been moving in other directions, but they also see the handwriting on the wall concerning their future liabilities from Glyphosate herbicide …..

Monsanto knows that I am right about their product (Roundup Glyphosate-based herbicide), that it is a synthetic amino acid which misincorporates into biology altering protein structure and function causing the demise of all life.

The corporate spin is that GMOs (genetically engineered organisms) sprayed with toxic chemicals are somehow ‘sustainable.’ Logic dictates that this method of agriculture can never be ‘sustainable,’ but that does not stop the wheels of the machine.

Bayer/Monsanto. Sustainable agriculture. No more thoughts about that pesky Glyphosate issue of causing all sorts of diseases and ushering us into the doctor’s office to take even more toxic substances to ‘cure’ us of something that they won’t even admit is wrong. Change the name and change public opinion. Marketing on a grand scale.

Yet, we want to believe the lie. It is much more comfortable than the truth that our food supply is being co-opted right before our eyes, along with any shred of common sense or decency, and we are being force-fed GMOs and toxic pesticides. And we appear to like it. All the way to the grave.

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6 Responses to “Our Fatal Attraction with Technology”

  1. Perhaps a takeover is already being done through chemicals and food. While we wait for an overt attack, the covert has been in play for many years. This is an attack on our lives by the NWO’s power-mongers who will stop at nothing to stand at the top of a rotting heap of corpses and plant the flag of “victory.” The good news is, evil will never prevail for long.

  2. James Stamulis says:

    This is approaching the point where they will control the worlds food supply and many of these uber rich eugenics freaks will use their technology to depopulate the world as they have been planning for many years. This must be stopped.

  3. Art Massucco says:

    As a research chemist for over 40 years, I can say with certainty that the most dangerous threat from advanced technology is weaponization. Every new technical development in any area of science and technology is fully evaluated for new weapons applications. Humans will always look for new methods to destroy potential enemies and competitors. This involves a type of advanced Darwinian evolution. But now, it has advanced to a level where it poses a threat to the entire human race and most likely cannot be controlled. A vast array of new nuclear, biological, cyber and chemical weapons are constantly being developed and will be used in the next major war most likely initiated by US foreign policy.j

  4. George H says:

    IG Farben was the giant German Chemical and Pharmaceutical conglomerate that was pivotal in aiding Hitler in his quest for world power, and Bayer was one of its eight tenacles. So with such a horrific pedigree as that, Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto, using the IG Farben modus operandi as its template, and a historically updated (Fourth Reichian) Will to Power, Bayer is just taking the next logical step in concentrating more and more power into fewer and fewer hands, with the same disastrous results, undoubtedly. Bayer’s reach is worldwide, and now with its crown jewel (Monsanto the evilest corporation in the world) newly acquired, it cannot but enlarge its footprint in the world, but I’m afraid that such a footprint will not be one that walks in balance with the earth, but will instead, be the fearsome footprint that comes from a STORMTROOPER’S JACK BOOT STOMPING ON THE NECK OF HUMANITY -FOREVER.

  5. Abe says:

    Another great article Barb. I thank God there are people like Anthony and Steph!!

    Wasn’t Bayer part of I.G. Farben?