Jon Rappoport

November 13, 2012

An email sent to one person from a significant member of the YES ON 37 campaign thinks I’m getting in the way:

“I find John’s [sic] article to be disrupting to the healing that has to take place.”

That’s the quote. Healing? You’re kidding, right? Whose healing? The staff of the YES ON 37 campaign? The people of California, who won’t be able to tell whether the food they’re eating is genetically modified? Does this healing involve whiskey, ice cream, yoga, campfires, moonshine, grief counselors, walks on the beach?

Much more importantly, this YES ON 37 leader writes:

“The reports of voter fraud are, to date, urban/internet legends created by folks who don’t understand the system.”

Really? What is the system?

To enlighten us, the author of this email offers a link to the California Secretary of State’s website, where we learn that vote counts always continue long after election night. Well, of course they do. I never disputed that. However, the Secretary of State’s general statement refers to “hundreds of thousands of votes” that, typically, have to be counted after election Tuesday.

The actual figure, for Prop 37, is 3.3 million uncounted votes.

That’s quite different.

And apparently, while votes are still being counted, the total of uncounted votes in CA doesn’t seem to be changing on the Secretary of State’s website. Odd. READ MORE…

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One Response to “Yes on 37 says Rappoport is “disrupting the healing””

  1. irene says:

    Ahhhhhhhh!,.. Of course there was gerrimandering of the california vote,,…AND & AND the national vote !! What the fuck !! even chickens and rats refuse GMO food !! Voters NOT? Grow a food forrest,