Due to a computer virus – System Check – I will be offline for the most part trying to repair my computer. This is a particularly nasty virus that takes out all anti-virus protection as well as malware and spyware protection. It also hides your files. Here is a bit about it:

System Check is a fake computer analysis and optimization program from the FakeHDD family of rogues. This rogue displays false alerts that are designed to make you think that your computer has hard disk problems that have lead to corrupt and missing data. It displays these alerts in order to scare you into purchasing the program so that you can fix these issues. In reality, though, there is nothing wrong with your hardware or data, so please ignore any error messages that this program displays. System Check is installed through hacked sites that exploit vulnerabilities in software that may be installed on your computer or through fake online scanner pages. Once installed, System Check will display false error messages and security warnings on the infected computer. These messages will state that there is something wrong with your computer’s hard drive and then suggests that you download and install a program that can fix the problem. When you click on of these alerts, System Check will automatically be started.




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6 Responses to “Announcement!”

  1. Yup, that’s what happened, dar. This thing sliced right through my anti-virus and malware programs like they did not exist, and even corrupted my “safe mode.” I am really interested in Linux, and will discuss this with my friend when he comes back.

  2. Got a new computer, White Hat. My friend is trying to save the info on my last one. Thanks!

  3. White Hat says:

    Don’t mess around format the drive and reinstall the operating system.

  4. five words says:

    @ Gloria “Just go to control panel and restore to a earlier date..works everytime :)” Everytime? Why? What you are doing is defined as insanity. I’ll bet you have Automatic updates turned on too. Most people will not spend five minutes reading a software manual and just as many still have only one user account on their PC, the administrator account, and they continue to be baffled as to why it is they are always having problems with their PCs. Could you imagine these same people living in a house with all the doors and windows open all the time. Each time they would return home they would wonder why another one of their personal possessions was missing, … duh!

    See: http://wp.me/pBebv-jj

    Happy Trails, . . .

  5. dar says:

    – control panel& system restore is disabled by the bad guys nowadays,
    as are other workarounds on windows that ms users try
    to regain the minimal control they think they have of their OS…

    – Ms Barbara, You might want to give a Linux distro a try

  6. Gloria says:

    Just go to control panel and restore to a earlier date..works everytime :)