By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Are you tired of waiting for “Genetically Engineered” to be included on the list of ingredients in your food? I am, and this is what I am doing about it. It’s simple, really. No, I’m not doing anything special, just one thing… demanding non-GMO labels.

It is apparent that the biotech industry is hell-bent on taking over our food supply with genetically engineered organisms, and to label them would mean death to the industry because most people would not buy something contrived in a laboratory under questionable circumstances, slipped stealthily into the food supply via “substantial equivalence” and hidden from view by people with a history of supporting eugenics programs against useless eaters, if they knew about it. So, what to do?

Here is the plan: 

Start demanding that non-GMO products be labeled. If they are not, assume that they are GMO and avoid them. This includes any products offered by ANYONE. This is the pro-active approach of making a difference with your purchasing dollar. Face it. If we sit around waiting for anyone with a monetary interest in the deal to actually do something substantive, forget it. It is up to you and me. US. We have to start demanding accountability.

  1. Assume that if it is not labeled “non-GMO,” that it is GMO: Call the company and ask if the ingredients are GMO. If they say no, then request that they label it that way so that others won’t be confused. If they don’t know, assume the ingredients are GMO, and let the company representative know that you will not purchase their products. Tell your friends.
  2. E-mail and call the websites of known “natural” and/or “organic” food and food supplement sources and ask if the products that they are endorsing are GMO. If they don’t know, ask why. If they say the products are non-GMO, then request that they label them as such to avoid confusion. If they brush you off, then don’t do business with them, and tell your friends.
  3. Spread the wealth. Tell everyone you know about what you find out, and how you did it. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

The more dollars we can pull away from the biotech food industry, the better. The more people that start questioning companies regarding the GMO status of their products, the more this issue will be pushed to the forefront.

We want labeling, and if the biotech industry will not tell us where their GMOs are, then we need to pressure our food suppliers to tell us where they are not.

End the great GMO cover-up. Demand labeling NOW!

© 2011 Barbara H. Peterson

Thanks to Yolanda for bringing this topic up on FB!

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6 Responses to “End the Great GMO Cover-up: Demand Labeling NOW!”

  1. David Cameron says:

    I’m an organic shopper as much as possible.
    I do notice that my local grocers are making an effort to carry more and more organic foods with the USDA Organic label. Which is great.

    But many times, there’s no “organic offering” of the items I want, such as corn chips, beef bouillon, steak sauce, mayonnaise, etc., etc.

    And when there’s not, I go and find the store manager. and I specifically ask them to please start carrying the organic version of the item I want.
    And then…………. I tell them that because they are not carrying what I want, that I’m driving to Whole Foods to go and get it.
    And……… I mention that it would be great if I could spend my money at their store, instead of having to make the extra distance drive to Whole Foods.

    This is simple and easy “action at the local level”, letting the store managers personally know that they are loosing out on a portion of my business.

    And………..I remind them that I do not purchase products with GMO ingredients, period!

    And, unfortunately, many local grocery store managers have “never heard of GE foods”.
    That being the case, it’s up to “us” (you and me) to get them educated.

    I always “make nice”, and keep my conversations short and sweet.
    And……they always take time to listen.

    Get to work.
    And let you local grocers know what’s on your mind.
    They need to hear it, from more and more of us, on a routine basis.

  2. DougT says:

    I this was already tried with irradiated food. The big corporate food giants managed to stop the labeling of “non-irradiated” foodstuffs. Good luck though.

  3. Avanti says:

    Don’t forget what George Orwell, Author and Jornalist, said:
    “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable; and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
    Let’s go Thomas Jefferson:
    “When the people fear the government, there is Tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”
    — Herbert Spencer
    “The real king of animals is the man because his brutality exceeds completely.” — Leonardo da Vinci.

  4. Bet on it, Barbara. Most corn is GMO, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is extremely bad for you. Here are a couple of links:

    This one has a link to a list of foods containing HFCS:

    Here is an article from a doctor:

  5. Barbara Talbert says:

    Wonder if high fructose corn syrup is made from genetically engineered corn and fertilized with glyphosate? If it is then practically everything on supermarket shelves is bad for us.

  6. Zellie says:

    Great idea! Awesome! Can do this easily! Thank you!