Join us Sunday evening at 8 CST on The Truth Squad Radio Show.

Date / Time: 11/21/2010

6:00 pm PST

8:00 pm CST

9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: (917) 388-4520


This week we will talk with Chemtrail Guy Michael Murphy!

This Sunday we will be talking with Michael about the journey he made while making the film “What in the World are they Spraying?” as well as the Coalition Against Geoengineering and a DVD program in which he will use all donated DVDs or monetary donations to purchase DVDs for the purpose of duplicating and handing out free copies of the movie.

“All geo-engineering programs must be stopped; not monitored; not limited; not put under UN control; but stopped – now!!!”

Is there news in your area no one is reporting? Want to be a guest?

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