You’ve got it, folks. American aliens are invading Mexico. Not with backpacks and children in tow, but on the winds of cross-pollination. If you don’t know what cross-pollination is, here is a definition: 

Cross Pollination – The fertilization of the ovary on one plant with pollen from another plant, producing a progeny with a new genetic makeup distinct from either parent.

And just how does this pollen get from one plant to the other? Insects, birds, and wind. Simple, and uncontrollable by the human hand. A GMO plant from one field has pollen. That pollen is picked up by a bee or the wind and carried to another field where it randomly pollinates an unprotected plant. Bingo! Cross-pollination. The offspring will never be the same. It will be some sort of GMO abomination called a transgenic plant. Bye bye organic fields, bye bye unique crops and centuries old seed varieties, hello Monsanto clones. 

And Mexico is concerned as well it should be, because the ever elusive answer to the question of  “just how does one go about cleaning up the mess?” is as Donovan sings, “ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind.” That’s right, folks. It cannot be cleaned up, just as the wind cannot be controlled. As long as GMO plants are allowed to run free and pollinate at will, no crop is safe. 

How about Terminator seed technology, you say? Terminator seeds are engineered to be sterile. Terminator seeds are what we hear about. What Monsanto doesn’t talk about is Traitor seed technology. You see, while we were all worried about seeds that would not bear fruit for the next year, Monsanto and company have been happily flooding the planet with Traitor seeds. These seeds will most definitely bear fruit. The problem with them is this – they contain a trigger mechanism genetically engineered to require the application of an outside force to trigger the gene trait. A two-part mix, if you will. The seed is genetically manipulated to produce a plant that requires the application of something external like Monsanto’s Round-up pesticide to trigger the growth mechanism of the plant. 

GENETIC MUTILATION: An especially disturbing feature of some of the new patents profiled in RAFI’s report is the deliberate disabling of natural plant functions that help to fight disease. Swiss biotech giant Novartis is most advanced in this aspect of Traitor technology. Novartis blandly refers to it as “inactivation of endogenous regulation” so that “genes which are natively regulated can be regulated exclusively by the application to the plant of a chemical regulator.”

Among the genes which Novartis can control in this manner are patented SAR (systemic acquired resistance) genes which are critical to plant’s ability to fight off infections from many viruses and bacteria. Thus, Novartis has patented techniques to create plants with natural healthy functions turned off. “The only way to turn them back on and fix these ‘damaged goods’ ” says RAFI’s Edward Hammond, “is, well, you guessed it, the application of a proprietary chemical.” 

Organic Consumers Association 1999

If enough chemicals are not applied, the genetically modified plants’ genes are not triggered and they do not grow well. You have to apply the appropriate chemicals to get them to grow. This is what I believe happened in India with the Bt Cotton, when the farmers committed suicide. They could not afford all of the chemicals. Coincidentally, the same company that manufactures the seeds manufactures the appropriate chemicals. This is even more insidious than the Terminator seed technology because it is being kept secret. Farmers think they are applying insecticides to get rid of pests, and they are really applying them to trigger the genetically modified gene trait so the plants will grow. No pesticides, no growth. 

So, if the Traitor seeds don’t get you, the Monsanto Gestapo will if they find out their abominations have infected your fields. Read the following article from New Scientist. It is short, but probably had to be to escape the ever-watchful eyes of the Monsanto Gestapo. After all, if Monsanto gets wind of this, the Mexican farmers are through. Monsanto will own their farms because their abominations are patented. 

‘Alien’ genes escape into wild corn  
New Scientist
February 21, 2009 


NOW it’s official: genes from genetically modified corn have escaped into wild varieties in rural Mexico. A new study resolves a long-running controversy over the spread of GM genes and suggests that detecting such escapes may be tougher than previously thought.


 Barbara H. Peterson

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