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4 Responses to “CARES Act Introduced One Year Before Pandemic Declared”

  1. Q is controlled opposition. This is not something that no one knew about in advance. They did not see into the future. They planned this future. And no, I do not believe that this organization wants to help anyone but the PTB institute full control. If you think that this “reset” as you call it is so cool that you can just sit back and watch while the “good guys” do the work, you are sadly mistaken and part of the problem.

  2. Vicki Luibrand says:

    Have you heard of the Yellow Cube? It is similar to Project Looking Glass. Both had the ability to see into the future. The latter couldn’t see beyond 2012. The Yellow Cube is still being used by the white hats in the military. Q has proven it exists by stating things they couldn’t have known in advance. This is more proof. They wanted to help people and they knew this was coming. The economy is going to be reset anyway. So cool!

  3. Rhonda Watts-Hettinger says:

    Is it possible to also have a printed version, instead of just a video? Much faster to read these instead of sit through a whole video… Thanks for considering…

  4. Patricia P Tursi says:

    This was great. Sent to folks & posted. Thanks so much. Don’t think it will last long, but they are now feeling confident.