Barbara H. Peterson

Designer chaos. The world is in economic shambles, people are afraid to leave their homes, and in some cases being arrested and fined if they do. They are terrified to walk anywhere near another person, and for what? Because government-owned media trolls tell them all day long that they will most assuredly die or kill someone if they do.

And who benefits from this whole contrived scenario? Not you or me. Not your local businesses that are being destroyed. No. The ones who benefit are those who are so rich that squashing others to get what they want is merely par for the course. The psychopathic narcissists running the show and getting pleasure from our pain. Why? Because that is simply what they do. It is their nature.

This whole circus show is not about a virus. This is about total government control.

I was out and about delivering stuff to people in California who are on lockdown. In the neighborhood that I was assigned to, there was not one car moving down the streets. They were all parked. All the people were indoors with windows and doors shut. I left their items next to the front door or at the gate. It was creepy.

The radio announcer was pronouncing this dire warning: “Do not accidentally kill someone. Wear a mask.” I saw one person as I was en-route, who was in the middle of nowhere, with hay fields and cattle all around, on his four-wheeler, going out to the road to get his mail. He was wearing a mask. No one within at least a mile. Crazy.

This led me to think about the fact that when they broadcast something like that over the radio, are we being set up to be charged with manslaughter, attempted murder or even murder for not wearing one even if they are completely ineffective?  Think about it. James states exactly what I was thinking.

And then, I went to this little country store to get a few things and saw normalcy. It was tiny but full of people milling around and being normal. No masks, no gloves, no barriers, just normal.

And all healthy. All happy and laughing. No distancing. Normal. We laughed and gave our opinions about the insanity around us. It was a sea of hope in the midst of the surrounding craziness.

Yes, there are small pockets of sanity left in an otherwise crazy world. Be one of them.

©2020 Barbara H. Peterson

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3 Responses to “Designer Chaos”

  1. Welcome to the planet Zardoz where most of the humans who haven’t been starved to death or killed off in other ways. Will be reduced to beast of burden or food and playthings for our masters.

  2. Susan Galliher says:

    I shared this on facebook even though it will probably get blocked as fake news…….. I just can’t do nothing anymore…… this is it….. my line in the sand is present…… no I do not consent to this madness….

  3. Thank you, Barbara!