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4 Responses to “Quit Panicking! See Through the Media-Induced Hysteria”

  1. It is a meme. The full title of the article that was cited is: Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted. Just exactly how does placing a graphic of “Covid-19” take away from the message?

  2. John Miesel says:

    The picture on this page and Dr. Fauci’s quote,( at least so it seems, does not appear in the link you cited. I agree with you that there is a bunch of Media hype and misinformation, but placing that “quote” under the Coravi-19 takes away from the message. Thanks for the work you do, it’s appreciated!

  3. It is the old divide and rule except these idiots don’t even know how to administrate and manage. They are and have always been thieving barbarians and overgrown children in soiled diapers.

  4. susan galliher says:

    I read this……what am I supposed to glean from this? What I did …… hegelian dialectic……. I’m trying to get a bead on if this will be mandatory for all? And how long this whole no economy will last…,,