By Leigh Williams

The sheer size and scope of the deception, the con, the fraud, the criminality is truly breathtaking. Over the course of 100 years or more, many generations, they have spun their web of lies and subterfuge. As far as the masses of people are concerned they have well and truly boiled the frog by ever so slowly turning up the heat.

With the success of every lie and deception; of every hidden crime that has not seen the light of day, they have become more and more emboldened, turning up the stakes to embrace even treason, secure in the belief they can get away with it because they have got away with so much for so long. They have turned the world into a huge crime syndicate, a giant protection and extortion racket!!! Using democracy as a cloak of respectability they have cooked up their criminal schemes involving the most petty to the most heinous crimes.

The system is broken and must be replaced and the criminals must be held to account.

The deception extends across the whole world and all paths lead back through the Federal Reserve and the Banksters to, I suspect, something even more dark and sinister.

This video features a normal Aussie bloke who has made it his business to delve into this whole question addressing a group of concerned citizens in Perth. He traces a path of almost unbelievable illegal connivance and deception over decades to undermine our constitution and lawful government. It involves the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) out of the U.S., In fact, the whole rotten scheme is deeply enmeshed with the U.S. and only God knows who else. All I know is the people of both countries, and in fact, most of the world are in deep doo-doo at the mercy of these criminals. It is well and truly time for us, the people, to wake up.

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2 Responses to “Break the Chains of Slavery”

  1. E. Grogan says:

    Alan Donelson: I spent yrs researching Ann Von Ritz and finally found the truth recently. She is a fraud, a criminal and a hoaxer. Pretty much everything she says is a lie. This is why, when your read her articles, they never make any sense. She’s a liar, and NOT a good source of info. That is my opinion.

  2. A bit closer to home, one can also tap into the on-going, remarkable, heroic effort led by a grandmother in Alaska, who, along with volunteer colleagues, has ferrted out and brought to light the nefarious machinations that have led to the demise of US, Inc. Most importantly, they can gleaned from their research and laid out for those of us who would follow their lead, THE WAY OUT! I speak of Anna Von Retiz ( ), well worth the time to peruse and study.