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Farm Wars

We are being systematically lied to. Yes, the world we live in is an illusion carefully crafted to insure that we the people do not see through the many layers of deceit that keep us mentally, physically and spiritually imprisoned. It is the worst form of slavery, designed to make us good little worker bees, never questioning our “freedom” and rabidly opposing those whom we are indoctrinated to oppose without question. Begin questioning your shackles, and you just might become an enemy of the state.

Below are quotes taken from Muammar al-Qaddafi’s “The Green Book.” Read it and understand that this is most likely the reason he was killed. His thoughts and ideas were repugnant to the current world view. When you are killed for your ideas, that my friends, is not Democracy. That is a Democratic Dictatorship.

A link to the entire book is included at the bottom of the page. Read it and weep.

Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with, for example, 51 per cent of the votes leads to a dictatorial governing body in the guise of a false democracy, since 49 per cent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of government they did not vote for, but which has been imposed upon them. Such is dictatorship. Besides, this political conflict may produce a governing body that represents only a minority. For when votes are distributed among several candidates, though one polls more than any other, the sum of the votes received by those who received fewer votes might well constitute an over whelming majority. However, the candidate with fewer votes wins and his success is regarded as legitimate and democratic! In actual fact, dictatorship is established under the cover of false democracy. This is the reality of the political systems prevailing in the world today. They are dictatorial systems and it is evident that they falsify genuine democracy…

The party system is an outright, unconvincing dictatorship, one which the world has not yet surpassed. It is, in fact, the dictatorship of the modern age…

In reality the true principle of democracy is based upon the notion that there can be no representation in lieu of the people…

…before the masses now is the struggle to eliminate all prevailing forms of dictatorial governments, be they parliament, sect, tribe, class, one-party system, two-party system or multi-party system, which falsely call themselves democracies…

Democracy is the supervision of the people by the people…

Although I do not agree with everything in this book, the author makes some very valid points, which, to any reasonable person, cannot be disputed.

Just in case the link provided for the book goes down, here is a direct download:

The Green Book

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4 Responses to “The Democratic Dictatorship”

  1. Sam Fox says:

    An addition to my comment that I forgot to post.

    Any look up the difference between a republic & a democracy? There is quite a difference…


  2. Sam Fox says:

    The USA is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, but we look more like a faux democracy that is becoming a dictatorship.

    I’d like to see all US political parties disbanded. Let candidates run as just candidates. Let them espouse their ideas & let the people decide.

    It’s worth a try. We could always go back to the corrupt mess we have today under the one party now in charge, the Big Government Party. This carrion fowl has to wings, the D wing & the R wing.

    Each uses the ‘beak’ I the ‘middle’ to devour our substance. Hence the approach to a 20 TRILLION $$ debt.

    God help us. I think He is the only one remaining that can…


  3. Visionaerie says:

    Khadafy wanted to create an African-wide dinar currency based on gold, so that would be in direct competition with the Euro and the US dollar. Thus he was violently deposed with the same inhuman method that was used on Chris Stevens. I especially remember that day because we were getting our driver’s licenses renewed when we heard the headline. Wesley Clark was tipped off that there was a seven-nation list to be “checked off” by Western powers and that is exactly what has been happening. And Khadafy alluded to a truth that the Founders knew — self-government is really the only government that works! Keep practicing love and discernment in 2016!!

  4. Abe says:

    Muammar didn’t have a central bank printing there money. It was debt free! Rothchilds didn’t like that.

    Muammar wouldn’t let Monsatan and there ilk in. Monsatan didn’t like that.

    Hitlery and our Prince of Peace used Libyan weapons for Isis (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) in Syria.

    Muammar also took the blame for Pan Am 103 to keep Libya from being blown to hell.

    Libya Gaddafi – The Truth you are not supposed to know

    Can anyone picture our “Nobel Peace Prize” winner cruising DC like this?? What we were “told”, and what was real were polar opposites! Most fighting was done by mercenaries paid for by the US and Israel!
    I’m not saying Gaddafi was a saint, but he wasn’t the evil the media and corrupt whore in DC are!
    We as a country have been dumbed down and neutered! If you don’t believe that, you’ve just proved my point.