GMO Contamination Dusty

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One Response to “Monsanto’s Modus Operandi – Farm Wars Graphic”

  1. common law private attorney general Chris says:

    DIE AH Ba’aL i cAH EL Deception; Claim the Victim of
    Felony Trespass is responsible for the Victim’s Damages by Gene invasion of Foreign demon man god’s G.M.O. infiltration and Contamination by G M O Blowing in Victims Private Property is a IN Sane as attempting to Claim The RA DIE a sHA AN Contamination Is Fault of jet Stream’s Depositing FUKO sHA I MA’s DIS-tructive W.M.D.s where IT falls; rather than where it Originated from is a LIE[ing] AH-Torney TRICK to give the Illusion of Blame; to The Victim of the perpetraitor Blame the VICTIM how stupid can LIE-ARcons be? If the FIX was NOT in the Kangaroo BAR Courts these frivolous dribbles would never be before the Court would
    Laugh their arses OFF? IN Sanity AB Ordo Chaos+ Lawless Law of Jun”G’EL? Pray for DEVINE intercesion