GMO Fist

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2 Responses to “Hands off my genes!”

  1. Linda French says:

    What we have in this country is how the Communists were able to murder millions of our people and how they got us to kill millions of our people in Europe. They are nothing but criminals and all they can do is create wars to control us. Now we see they are poisoning our food. It’s all about control. They want you sick by 65 and they don’t want us to know what they know about what you should consume. They know this stuff is poison and the people should insist these people be prosecuted. But I have heard nothing of going after the people at Monsanto.

  2. Wally Taylor says:

    It’s like all we do is report the fact they are trying to make us sick. You have to assume we need to get rid of whatever type of government we have. I mean they are not protecting us and not doing what we want. How hard would it be to research this stuff. We know this GM food is poison and what does it to you, but there no way to convince congress. When your kids learn what you allowed to happen. They will never believe you just let them get away with this. But the ones who learn and just don’t eat the garbage won’t suffer the affects the ones who refuse to listen.