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The spirit of civil disobedience is being resurrected in the former land of apathy and acquiescence. People from every walk of life are saying “No” to their out of control federal government with increasing vehemence. But as you will see, it is not all a bed of roses. There is a price to pay for our new spirit of civil disobedience.

Ted Nugent Can Carry the Tune of Liberty

Legendary rocker Ted Nugent recently told the Associated Press that “The government is so out of control. It is so bloated and infested with fraud and deceit and corruption and abuse of power…   “The American government today will go down and the American people, it breaks my heart to say… will go down as the dumbest, most unappreciative society in the history of humankind.”  Nugent’s commentary is sad, but much more true than not. However, the worm is beginning to turn and even Nugent might be surprised at the rising tide of civil disobedience in the USA.

The Grand Canyon Shutdown

The Grand Canyon National Park has been closed for over a week now due to the government shutdown. Locals, whose livelihoods depend on the revenue generated from the National Park, have had enough and are speaking out through organized protest. READ MORE…

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2 Responses to “The Downside of America’s New Spirit of Civil Disobedience”

  1. Govt "shutdown"? So where did they get all that money for the Syrian "war"? Where are all the receipts? says:

    It’s only “disobedience” in a corrupted, patriachally abused system. But,
    fact, it is called standing up for your boundaries, saying NO MORE to abuse and moving beyond the apathy from the last year. That’s a good sign.

    Next, use natural born Intelligence to create a new way, new path,
    new road.

    If people haven’t waken up already or noticed,
    those parks, places and “programs” being shutdown are not from a “lack”
    of money or funds:

    The “govt” has ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, and even WITHOUT
    taxation, it has MORE THAN ENOUGH.

    It has TWICE the profits and “revenues” of the put away “special budget” funds
    WITHOUT ANY taxation.

    Research the CAFR and similar “special budget funds” – a “special budget funds” where the excessive money is stashed, while a pretend “budget” is theatrically ‘argued’ about.

    The budget vs. the CAFR (where all of the real money is stashed away).

    The u.s. govt stashes away all the money in the CAFR financial funds, yet show you the “budget”.

    The budget “crisis” is a facade. The “govt shutdown” is a sham and theatrics.

    “The “budget” is pure fantasy where someone took a guess at how much money would be needed for some particular purpose and consistently ‘guess’ too low, and they tell us, “We need more money.”

    They don’t need more money. They just purposely ‘guessed’ wrong.” – Intentionally.

    Hoarding and stealing?
    is this right, fair and just?

    (The CAFR and “special budget funds”
    A key to understanding how this is working locally, in your city and town ‘govt’
    comprehensive annual financial report)

    Why things need to change – there is NO shortage of “funds”.
    Just exploitation of Earth, resources, hardworking energy and labor
    of human beings.

  2. Adam Roberts says:

    What is not lost on me, Mrs Barbara, is what YOU do, and what you have been doing for quite some time now. A website like this one – that tells us the TRUTH about what is happening – is in itself a form of non-violent civil disobedience..