Barbara H. Peterson on May 21st, 2023

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Farmwars Barbara H. Peterson On December 5,2021, I received the following from my employer, OCDC: Noted to Staff  December 5, 2021 1.     It is official!  The new Head Start Performance Standard addressing face coverings for staff and students and mandated vaccination has now been published in the Federal Register.  There are different implementation dates for these […]

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Barbara H. Peterson on September 11th, 2021

Farm Wars When I train a horse, I like to start with the newborn. I become part of the baby’s life and they look at me like a second Mom. I learn the Mom’s behavior towards the baby and imitate it. When they get older, the everyday training starts to include introducing habits that the […]

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Barbara H. Peterson on November 14th, 2020

COVID approved

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