Kids love stickers! Rather than giving out wordy information to middle and HS kids, we give our provocative sticker. Students flock around us…like birds at a food frenzy. Rand Corporation has issued a strategy to directly target the public schools’ adolescent population. The School Based Health Clinics approved by Congress and funded by vaccine manufacturers are being installed in schools around the nation. (VLA)

Contact the folks at Vaccine Liberation Army for your free roll of Vaccine Liberation stickers, and fight back against vaccination brainwashing in our schools. (Barb)

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4 Responses to “Free Vaccine Liberation Stickers – Fight back against vaccine indoctrination in schools!!”

  1. Savethechildren says:

    @EddieW, sadly our boys have been the first target. Boys are been attacked in many different ways: Autism affects more boys than girls, ADHD is more common in boys than girls, allergies, Aspergers, asthma, etc, etc, etc. Every time I turn around, I see another boy with some kind of problem. God help us! BTW, I have 3 boys!

  2. Avanti says:

    As we know many universities, researchers, many scientists, legislators, governors, TVs and Radio Stations, News, Magazines, etc. receive blackmoney (direct or indirect) or some of those “belong” to them; from Rockefellers, Rushchilds, and many others (Builderberg), where they’re disturbing ou moral, capacity…, discernment, law, constitution, soul, etc.
    Many things wrong spead all around us (little by little from many years — and now are “over flowing” its.
    We have to find solutions, e.g.: — listing songs on Overall Complaint to the guilt eye: Pink Floyd, Pep Shop Boys, U2, Jorney, R.E.M., Tears for Fears, Bon Jovi, and hundred others…
    Some solutions:
    — distribute cards with blogs/webs for good people. Show youtube videos;
    –call some polititions (that you know that they don’t know about it;
    –Say to the people that if they are giving support (direct or indirect to the Builderbergs — their families will suffer many bad consequences later…
    What’s the intention of Rockefeller found the Cancer Institute, with a expansion project?
    See the Dangers of molecular Nanotechnology.
    Cornelius Rhoads Rockefeller Researcher.
    ——Everithing is connected: including VACCINE!
    The Strategic moviments are: control of population’s life with a conclusion of the New Would Order.

  3. Latierra says:

    Hey, these would also be great to give out on October 31st, if you could get them in time! Or you could type up on a strip of paper and give out with candy, toothbrush, pencils. This info needs to get out. Thanks Barb.

  4. EddieW says:

    Now the big push os omn to give gardasil, which was given to girls for 1 type only cervicle cancer…and not the main type at that,Now Merec is pushing it to be MANDATORY for boys!! It killed over 13,000 girls, and destroyed the health of many more,I guess they think it’s time to start killing off some boys!! After all…they want the population down to 500 million!!