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6 Responses to “Graphics”

  1. wayne says:

    GM expert Jeffrey Smith has reported that glyphosate promotes the formation of certain types of fungi that are dangerous to people and contaminate food and animal feed. One such fungi, the Fusarium fungus, has been linked to plague epidemics, cancer, infertility and animal diseases. Residues of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide found in GM food and feed have also been linked to cell damage and death, even at very low levels. Researchers have also found it causes membrane and DNA damage, and inhibits cell respiration. And in one animal study, rats given 1,000 mg/kg of glyphosate resulted in a 50 percent mortality rate, and skeletal alterations were observed in over 57 percent of fetuses!
    It’s also possible that glyphosate is significantly altering the nutrient content of our food, through its chelating mechanism, leading to widespread mineral deficiencies in animals and humans. Smith writes: ”The same nutrients that glyphosate chelates and deprives plants are also vital for human and animal health. These include iron, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, boron, and others. Deficiencies of these elements in our diets, alone or in combination, are known to interfere with vital enzyme systems and cause a long list of disorders and diseases …
    Glyphosate-induced mineral deficiencies can easily go unidentified

  2. Abe says:

    Every once in a while when the trolls are messing with my email, or maybe it is legit, I like to check out a couple web sites and read or hear some of the old stuff. James Corbett is one, and yours my dear is the other. I love best is the comments section! Let me dig out a few words about them,, Astute, Well informed, Knowledgeable, Uncommon sense.

    It seems like I’m in the last bastion of the family farms. A 1/4 of the kids my kids went to school with were kids from a family farm.

    lots of people don’t really see the difference between factory or family farms. I’ll say the only thing they have in common, IT’S A BUSINESS! As far as the critters go, most of the kids and parents treat there live stock more like pets. Yes they all know they will end up in the food supply some where down the line. In my opinion good animal husbandry isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
    Ever have a half ton animal nudge your knee like a dog? “Give me some attention”!!

    I’ve known some factory farmers as well. If your sending a load of chickens to say Campbell’s, you have to have “X” amount of chickens to a crate. This they do no matter how many bones crunch.
    As a former 4-H instructor, what really pisses me off most is the way Monsatan and there ilk have Hi-Jacked 4-H!!
    Get’em while there young right?
    Sorry I’m on a rant.
    What I wanted to say was I love the graphics!! Especially Hugh Grant and the Bonobo Chimp! Priceless!! Thinking of putting that poster in my 9 x 4 picture window.
    The last couple years or so, the neighbor’s don’t think I’m as off as they did a while ago.

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  4. Texas Longhorn says:

    Go on the web, look for Dr. William Wong: search engine: Dr. William Wong – – – Three Legs of Tyranny

    A Physicians talking to Dr. William Wong said: “They want to make it so the only food in the USA that is available is the GMO’s, which is causing all kinds of diseases. He said the Morgellens disease is an actual disease; it is the first of many diseases that are showing up which is caused by the GMO’s.

    In this case he is talking about corn GMO’s . . . >> !!Especially Monsanto’s corn GMO’s!!<>> No matter what Monsanto may say, they are guilty of murder the blood of those who committed suicide
    is on Monsanto’s hands. The Worldwide realm of human government will not deal with the humans who
    have the mad scientists of the Hitler crowd mentality.

    But as this extremely wicked world system of thing is coming to its end, there is one that will deal
    with those who are ruining the Earth, for as it is written, he will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth!
    Revelation 11:17, 18.

    Happy Trails
    Texas Longhorn

  5. Otter Walks says:

    Greetings, I hope you would read “A Glimpse of Geo-Engineering Methodology” it is posted on Modern Survival Blog… ( ). If you like, while it is the condensed version I would send it to you. I like your efforts. Even if you only read it, that will be one more person.
    Thank you for your efforts. Sincerely, Otter Walks on Two Feet – 1st Nation Iroquois

  6. Vickie says:


    Over the past few decades, the rise of factory farming has institutionalized animal cruelty, caused massive environmental destruction and resource depletion, and posed a constant threat to human and animal health. While there are a wide range of reasons to speak out against this detrimental system, it is clear that many experts and movement leaders today share a common goal: To end factory farming.