The following are graphic designs submitted by some very talented people who have a passion for good, wholesome food, sans genetic engineering. If you have a graphic that you want to share in order to further the cause of a GM-Free world, let me know. The campaign is just beginning.



mjjustbanit copy

Freda Right to Live copy

Freda Right to Be copy

Edie No GMO

Just Ban It 2


A very special thanks to the following people for their support and contributions to the JUST BAN IT! campaign:

Anthony Freda

Edie Cunningham

Nick Brannigan

Randy Miller

Hated Hydra

Tammy Brooks

Essa Adams

Margie Miller

Cindy Samora

Jan White

Leslee Kuntzman

Dean Hanson

Jesse TheWellcure

Alan Ackerman

Natalie Cunha

Doc Grable

Richard McDermott

5 Responses to “JUST BAN IT”

  1. PaulTheBruce says:

    I agree….just say no to covid-19 scam. Its only made for tv…as seen on tv! THROW OUT your television in the trash!

  2. Good to hear from you, Alan. It’s been a while.

  3. Great stuff! I shall disseminate!

  4. Dave P says:

    The last cartoon is the best for me and says it all! GMOs produce deficient health in living beings and can’t be sustained! Time to dismount and go back to natural crops that are truly sustainable!