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A farmer with land near us next to Silver Lake in southern Michigan (Branch County) dug a deep well two years ago about 600 feet from the lake shore. He did it in the dead of winter, going through snow and frozen ground after the summer crowd left for the season. When everyone returned in the spring, we and some of our neighbours found that our water pipes often sucked air. The farmer used immense irrigation systems the whole summer on his GM crops. Another GM farmer near a pond that our friend owns a few miles away in the same county also drilled a well to irrigate his fields and the pond went dry.

The first farmer started planting GM crops about 3 or 4 years ago. We knew he did it because he put out signs indicating that they were GM when he planted his corn that year. Then in the fall, when he began to harvest, he actually flew a skull-and-crossbones flag on his combine and harvester! My husband and I started coughing, and we coughed our way through his harvest, as we do every fall now, and getting worse every year.

The other thing that’s happened is that we have almost no birds here anymore. I have bird feeders out, for both songbirds and hummingbirds. For years I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of birds outside my window. But sadly, this year I never once had to replenish my bag of feed. The birds are gone. So are the butterflies. I saw zero butterflies this summer, and there were hardly any bees.

The bees used to battle the hummingbirds for food, but the two lonely hummingbirds that visited our feeder this year had very little competition from the handful of bees that came around. I used to enjoy flocks of hummingbirds, but this year my hummingbird feeder actually went sour before I had to change it. The wild deer are gone too. In other parts of our country, people are blaming the drought for low bird populations. But we’re sitting on a lake.

There’s plenty of water here. And there are no birds. Again, the only thing that’s changed is we’re surrounded by GM fields.

Cindy, Coldwater Michigan, USA

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18 Responses to “GM woes: no water, no birds, no butterflies, and we’re coughing at harvest time”

  1. Steve B. says:

    But Joan we have only tried to inform others, but there is no destruction going on. We haven’t started fighint back. We need to think what happened to the Eastern Europeans. Did anyone warn them what was to come? We know tens of millions were shot. Did people not pay attention? When the commies took Russia and then started filtering into Poland and Ukraine the people were paralyzed. Sometimes you have to do something even if it’s wrong. We need to do something here even if it’s wrong.

  2. Steve B. says:

    If tens of thousands know the government and the food companies are trying to kill millions of people in the USA and many countries have banned this stuff and we can’t even inform the sheeple of this, then maybe this gets rid of the sheeple, but that would be 90% of the population. I have emailed our congressmen and demanded an answers to this. I have emailed the FBI, because if this is what they are doing the FBI should be arresting these executives, but get no reply. but if I said there were some guys in a trailer drinking beer and they were talking smack about the government they would infiltrate and then if they found nothing they would just say they were planning to take over the government. They actually did this not long ago.
    When all this stuff goes down it will be swift and certain. Everyone knows what we should do, but all this stuff we are hearing they wonder is this really true.
    This is murder they are committing with this stuff. What would you do if somene said they were going to kill you? You would prepare for them and if they came to your house with a gun you would kill them.
    We should find out which companies sell non-gm food and get that list and stay away from the others. There has to be many small companies that don’t use gm foods. I tell people just grow your own garden and don’t eat anything processed and you don’t even have to pay attention to what they are doing to the food. This goes double for fast food or any restaurant, except there are many restaurants that grow their own food they serve and it’s time to patronize them.

  3. Barbara Talbert says:

    It is not only the corn and soy that is toxic but the pesticides are often pelleted with chitin (lobster and crab shells ground into a powder). This gets into the air in the form of a dust and is carried many miles. People who are allergic to seafood are breathing this into their lungs. (I personally believe it is responsible along with other factors for the rise in asthmatic people.) This and the pesticide itself and the GMO pollen are a lethal combination. Not only is it killing bees and birds and don’t forget the bats, but it is ruining the soil and water. The chitin factor is something you never hear anything about but it is a huge factor in a toxic mix.

  4. LibertyTreeBud says:

    A long time ago the psychopaths that own all there is, decided that there was going to have to be a plan put into action that would weaken, sicken, cripple and kill most of the human resources over a specific time span that they decided. Since then all the world’s governments have participated in this plan. We will have to do the best we can and hope for the best. Every tragedy is a commodity and somebody will make money off of it. It will be the ultimate struggle to remain alive and not a robot of the NWO. One day everyone will understand this whether on their dying feet or in their deathbed. Poisoned with increasing radiation and absurd genetic experiments in our food; tainted water; polluted air. Hope that mankind will rid itself of the infection that has it’s grip on life, itself.

  5. deb liguori says:

    Well ok Prop 37 was defeated and many don’t care but I have to say I have seen an awakening in many people on the dangers of gmos and I have talked with many that are now going as organic as possible besides raising as much of their own food as they can. We have made a difference – now time and more of the same- raising awareness, will keep the momentum going. Don’t be negative-just keep doing the educating and boycott this stuff and in time we will prevail. Network with as many as you can and we will see a come around.

  6. Barbara Talbert says:

    Well, I feel sorry for mankind and even those who do not know what is going on. The damage for the growing of GMO corn and soy will be cumulative and cost many their lives. These are crimes against humanity. This is not about food but it is about control and creating an empire, a drug empire , a chemical empire, a food empire.

  7. Joe Bassett says:

    I just would like to know what people are going to do. I got a little trick nest Fall when that wind is blowing 20 mph the first of September. We are able to learn this stuff and spread the word through the Internet, but what if we didn’t learn this? What difference does it make anyway. Half the people could quit flying and cripple the airlines, but they don’t mind being groped. I quit flying in 2002 and quit watching tv 14 years ago.
    So many people are entertained by the tv and you can’t wake them up.
    I say help your family and friends and don’t waste time on others. I don’t eat any processed foods. It’s a shame, because you want to go to the local bar and eat something and drink a beer or go to the country store, but you don’t want to eat that junk even a couple times a week.

    Here’s what I do. I always have a dozen cans of sardines, jar of sunflower seeds or some home made beef jerky. This way you don’t have to stop to get something to eat. The time you save is yours. I mean who cares about stopping to some diner, because you’re going to spend $25 for two people, but you could open a few cans of sardines and some sunflower seeds and save $20.

    We can stop buying the processed foods and the government can do what they want, but the stores will close and the reestaurants will close. In fact many are closing now. People have to cut back. People have to get wood stoves. If you have a woods near you ask the person who owns if it you can cut a big tree and offer them forty or fifty for each big tree. They won’t turn down cash. If you grow your own garden and chickens and you use fire wood to heat. You can save $10,000 a year.

  8. CINDY says:

    IF your too lazy or don’t care about the DANGER’S OF GMO’S —

  9. Joe Bassett says:

    It’s a wonder those huge fields are being hit with lightning the Jewish kind.

  10. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Seems as Jesse Ventura’s “WATER WARS” episode where Nestles and Other purported American Companies are Pumping the former:
    “GREAT LAKES” Dry, to Ship Trillions of Gallons to China and Other Purposes may be having a Causal Effect of Sucking Air and The RE$OURCE$ Out Of America as Our Enemies are our alleged FRIENDS inside Corp U.S. offering UP America; at FIRE SALE Prices to beat the Deviced DESTRUCTION? Where do Our purported Elected RE-representatives STEAL the Authority to Plunder Our Continental Union states United? May the CREATION SAVE America Land of the UN-FREE?

  11. Wylie T says:

    OK, they are trying to make us sick with chemtrails. To think they are trying to block out the sun to cool the earth is absolute nonsense. These GM foods are clearly created to kill us. I saw a guy on tv who showed us we don’t need and pesticides and can remove anything with natural stuff and I bet you could do the same in the fields. You could spray the crops with hot peppers dust or some kind of herb.

    In the old days the farmers walked out and pulled the weeds. They could go back to that again and quit spraying all the roundup. In fact someone could easily hire a crew of people and a hundred thousand people could clear a lot of land.

    The government frowns at people trying to grow gardens and now we know why. They don’t want you taking vitamins. They want you to eat this poison corn and soybeans. Are we going to sit back and do nothing?

    They food companies used trans fat, MSG, and a whole slew of chemicals, aluminum, high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup. Does anyone know why they have both types of corn syrup in one product? Could it be they do that to give you a double dose?

    The food companies make this junk and you eat it and you don’t know what’s in it. Sixty million diabetics and half of them could contribute that to sodas. The government should ban sodas with more than two teaspoons of sugar per can.

    We could just not eat the junk and grow our own and let the fast food companies close and let the grocery stores close.

  12. kat says:

    Their most absurd argument was that their GMO Frankenstein food was to “feed the masses”. So lets do the math shall we? 1 GMO plant produces some inedible vegetable resembling food (notice the “not fit for human consumption” warning on the bags of “food”) but will never produce again. 1 of Gods plants produce wholesome vegetables that yield seed that will reproduce exponentially. So in a few growing seasons one plant will produce thousands of seeds.

    Wake up everyone (not you here obviously)! Stop believing everything they say and do your own bloody research! Stop being so lazy and read, Read, READ!!!!

  13. Joan M says:

    Yen Steve “this stuff is toxic”and yes ” premeditated murder” could fit these crimes of polluted air; poisonous food but. sadly no one is going to be held accountable for this or serve time in prison; look how prop37 in Calif went down?? God help the coming generation!! It’s the “culling” of the masses!! A wise saying “money talks and bull**** walks”! Fact is most of the “sheeple” don’t even know what’s going on!!!! Pretty sad!!!

  14. suss says:

    Yes i concur w/ all the above comments- the sheeple are just that, and when you try to wake them up they get angry really strange- the PTB (powers that be) know human nature and knew they could get away w/ this garbage- they are- so far anyhow- doesn’t stop me from trying to wake up the herd however I’ve been doing alot of detox protacols since I eat really clean its not my diet, but w/ the chemtrails you have to breath and it makes me very angry that they are poisoning us this way- chlorella, various herbal teas that purify the blood liver and kidneys, sauna. beyond that i don’t know what else there is to do short of wearing a respirator- wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  15. Peter O. says:

    Any insect that survives the Bt toxin in GM corn does so because of a strong and effective immune response which protects it.
    The cost of an immune response in any insect is cognitive impairment.
    Cognitive impairment means the bees can not navigate back to the beehive. They get lost, die and are carried away by ants. That’s why no dead bees are found in the beehives with colony collapse disorder.;Itemid=71

  16. Steve says:

    I live in Millbrook, Ontario, Canada about an hour’s drive north/east of Toronto. We are surrounded by farms growing corn and soybeans. Years ago at harvest time one always saw crows and other birds by the side of the road eating some spilled grain. Now, never. In the fields, Canada geese were always fattening themselves before flying south, now not a single one goes into the GMO fields of death, only stupid, ignorant humans who think the stuff is food. Also deer, once plentiful, now not a single one. You could say the farmers got their wish to keep pests from eating their crop, only now it is no longer a crop, only toxic junk that doesn’t even belong in a landfill. Just today Nov. 19th. 2012 as I drove home the sky was obscured by chemtrails. Most stupid, ignorant humans think the stuff is air good for breathing, never realizing or caring to realize that the aluminum chaff will give them Alzheimer’s disease before they have a chance to die. So realizing that much of the world prefers to stay ignorant and blissfully unaware, the few of us who are awake and aware must fend for our families and ourselves the best that we can, and take comfort in that there are others who also notice these diabolical developments.

  17. Steve B. says:

    This stuff is toxic and this means premeditated murder. It’s time to step up our tactics. Those fields you would think you would look out and see a horrendous organge blaze and a scorched field in the morning. I bet you all the farmers that grow that crap will become sick. They are trying to kill you with that toxic corn. It’s killing the birds and insects. You won’t know when you are eating it. If someone has an area they can grow a garden and they still go to the grocery store, then I don’t feel sorry for them.