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Anxious as we are to hear some good news regarding donations to the Morgellon’s Research Group (MRG) from the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails (CBC) conference held at the Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles August 17-19, 2012, this is not the case. In fact, zero proceeds have gone to the MRG, and according to a response to my inquiry from the contact page on the MRG on August 29, 2012, none will be forthcoming.

Okay, so the conference was a bust. I can understand getting in over your head and going overboard on expenses or whatever. What I cannot understand is keeping the statement “All net proceeds will go to furthering the research into Morgellons” on your website long after the song has been sung, the dance has ended, the well is dry, and you’ve already informed the Morgellons guys that they’ve got nothing coming.

(click image to enlarge – NOTE: This page was removed shortly after this article was published on Sept. 14, 2012)

I don’t know about you, but it makes me downright grumpy when I find out that I’ve been misled. This reminds me of the old carnival shell game. Click – it’s for Morgellons research…. Click – it’s not…. Oh, sorry about that, you must have misunderstood….

DVDs are also being sold from the conference. Doesn’t that count as part of the proceeds? If not, then quit leading people to believe that proceeds are still going to the MRG when they ARE NOT! When I spend money for something, I expect it to go where I was told it would. If it doesn’t, shame on you.

These DVDs are of individual speaker presentations. It is interesting to note that there were YouTube uploads of some of these presentations that were taken down almost immediately after being put up, apparently due to a claim of copyright infringement.

Here are snapshots of the copyright info retrieved Sept. 3, 2012 and the latest changes from the CBC website retrieved Sept. 14, 2012:


 (click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

The information presented needs to get out, but apparently not without a price tag or you are in violation of such a draconian copyright clause on the site that it would make even the most ardent police state aficionado shed a tear of pride.


What about FAIR USE? What about the people’s need to know? If people upload information to YouTube to inform others, just how does that impact the bottom line? It seems to me that getting the word out would trump any stranglehold on information dissemination that any individual, however misguided, might want to exert. But wait, it does!

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

So, inquiring minds want to know:

Where is the money going from sales of the copyrighted presentations since it is NOT going towards Morgellons research as stated on the website?

When will the misleading reference to ‘All net proceeds will go to furthering the research into Morgellons’ be taken down from the site? NOTE: This page was removed shortly after this article was published on Sept. 14, 2012.

Do the presenters know their work is selling on the website and has been copyrighted by the site owner?

Why would someone who is supposedly devoted to waking people up want to restrict the flow of information so heavy handedly?

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8 Responses to “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – No Money for Morgellons Research Group!”

  1. Barbara Talbert says:

    Probably a participating Rock or Rap star would have made this conference a success. Sorry that the conference did not bring in enough money for the Morgellon’s Research Group. I give Roseanne Barr credit for speaking out on these issues. Jesse Ventura has been trying to be heard on these same issues but it seems too many people are not ready to receive the message yet. Sadly.

  2. Considering the damage, the harm, the death and the distortions to life that is being done to the planets life lines; that is being done to “all life” upon it, on and in the land, in the air, in the water and to our non physical energy connections by the worldwide chemtrail onslaught, now the greatest genocidal crime against humanity and nature.

    As if this were not bad enough, and mind boggling enough for people to become aware of, informed on, and formulate actions to fight against it, and to stop its relentless march to push us all over the cliff.

    We are now faced with the spectacle of defenders of the truth, self-charged with awaking people to all the above and more, putting on a conference to benefit Morgellon’s Research Group (MRG), only to discover it appears that is not what happened.

    Morgellons being a direct result of the above chem trail spraying of heavy metals and life changing synthetic biology and chemistry (GMO’s). That is FACT.

    Is it not bad enough that the purveyors of these crimes against us all, against the planet and all its life, are lying to the world a thousand ways from Sunday. And using all your institutions to spread their lies?

    Champions for the planet? Champions for the masses? Champions for the truth? Champions against the agendas behind all this? Whatever the truth about their spectacle it has made it clear to me, I want nothing to do with them. PERIOD!

    Spectacles such as this gives a bad name to those honestly fighting and struggling to end these crimes against humanity and nature, indeed, to end this the greatest lie and fraud upon the people of the world in human history. Those who profit off “imposed illness and misery”, as our “illness profit industry” does off each and every one of you every day, caused in large part from the foods you are eating; off of all those who are suffering from the Morgellons disease, more accurately called “Genetically Modified Organism Disease”, directly delivered and caused by the synthetic biology in the chem trail spraying going on over the heads and under the noses of the people of the world should be, at the very least, utterly ashamed.

  3. Soft Oracle says:

    Barbara, I am so sorry this has happened and people should not be blaming you! We all take risks when we open ourselves up to help others and share the truth. Don’t let this get you down and keep you from the work you are doing. People take advantage of the kindness of others everywhere and we are not exempt, I guess. So, we can all just move on to a more trustworthy group and say “lesson learned”. Keep up the good work!

  4. Olive says:

    It seems that John is now justifying himself, as if he wants to reimburse himself for a year of work… Does that add up to $20,000, or $40,000, or what…? Does anyone really think Clifford Carnicom expects to be reimbursed for his out-of-pocket expenses to get the truth out for the past decade-plus? The blind greed of people who should know better absolutely astounds me, and it is this which has damaged, if not destroyed, so many genuine movements, over and over again. Boo-hoo, I lost my life savings, says John. But what he doesn’t say is that he really expected to clear a bundle for himself, after all. The failure of this event might just be due to his own errors, inexperience, amateur management of the event, etc., plus some unrealistic expectations, and a risky plan to finance the whole thing himself as a lone wolf. Barbara and everyone else in the Morgellons fight deserve an apology from John, not more whining about his martyrdom. Hey, we’re sorry for you, ok?

  5. John says:

    Im sure it makes you proud, Barbara, that “Exposing the Truth” picked up your hit piece.

    Do you feel it is in integrity? Did you check with ANY of the speakers, to see if they knew about the DVDs being for sale? Did you ask the Morgellons Research groups if they had reviewed the financials?

    Disappointing would be a good word not just for this attack, but also you deciding to leave it up as something with merit and credit.

    I loss my savings AND get to defend my name now too. Thank you for that

  6. John,

    Please read the whole article. I contacted the MRG. Evidently, after this article went up, the page at http://www.consciousnessbeyond.....-research/ was removed. Since I check my links before posting, I know that the page was up before the article was posted. Thank you for removing it.

  7. frank lee says:

    the 2 ‘special guests’ should have tipped everyone off.

  8. John says:


    I organized and paid for the event. The intention was for net proceeds to go the Morgellons Research Groups.

    To clarify, net proceeds is different from proceeds. Net proceeds refers to after production expenses have been recouped.

    I paid for this entire event out of my pocket. I had no help, I had no sponsorship. I am an activist who gambled my LIFE SAVINGS on a event I thought was long overdue.

    I have a good relationship with both Morgellons groups (Morgellons Research Group + Carnicom Institute). They have gone through all of the financials with me – every dime has been reviewed.

    They are not just understanding but completely supportive – it was a loss – clear as day.

    Why shouldn’t I be allowed to recoup my expenses (not to mention the full year I spent single-handily planning this event). Should I be the sponsor for the movement? Should I take the loss? My savings were lost here, Barbara – no one else.

    I rolled the dice. I took the risk. It didn’t pan out financially, as we couldn’t get to even, but I have no regrets. Better to spend federal reserve notes on awareness rather material things.

    But these attacks are without merit, you dont know the details. You are speculating and didn’t even check with the Morgellons Groups first. You really should have before reporting something so slanderous.

    Regards – John W