By Barbara H. Peterson

Feb. 13, 2011

Farm Wars

We the people are are a potential force to be reckoned with. That is, if we focus our energy in the right direction. The New World Order designers know this, and work diligently at keeping us scattered and dysfunctional. Multinational corporations and other organizations in collusion with Corp USA use subterfuge to fill our waking moments with media-inspired thoughts, dreams, and aspirations, designed to sell products, make as much money as possible, and lead us around in circles while we accomplish nothing more than keeping the so-called American Dream machine alive and kicking while our nation and very lives are being stolen from us one step at a time until we are left penniless, soulless, and without any real meaning to our lives.

We are used to being lied to by the mainstream media, government officials, and mega-corporations, but there are certain groups such as non-profit organizations that we just expect to be honest and forthright with us. Can it be dangerous to blindly trust a group that portends to be fighting a worthy cause without doing the research to determine if that group is trustworthy or not? YES!

So how do we determine if a group deserves our trust and support?


Follow the money.

Keep track of that organization’s finances, and ask for a full accounting if it is a 501(c)3. We have a right to know if an organization that we are helping to fund through donations accepts grants from Merck, Rockefeller, or Tides, to name a few. (Farm Wars)

Look at the track record.

Be aware of just what type of effect the action that the group is asking you to do, such as petition-signing, is having. Did that million-signature petition that you dutifully passed on to your email list really make a difference, or did it end up gathering dust such as happened with GMOs and the European Union (Raw Story)? Were you feeling all warm and fuzzy, thinking you made a difference while some egregious legislation passed anyway, and simply sat back and waited for the group sponsoring the petition to tell you that it succeeded? Just how many notices have you received saying that?

Maybe the deck is stacked and you just aren’t aware of it. 

The government has long argued that if the [GM] crops are determined to be safe, then prohibiting their cultivation or import just because consumers do not want them violates international trading rules… Introducing restrictions based on economic consequences of pollen drift or consumer preferences would be unscientific… (Farm Wars)

That quote from Vilsack, Monsanto’s USDA gatekeeper, pretty much says it all. Petition away, but consumer desires are not to get in the way of international trading rules when it comes to GMOs.

So, why do certain groups urge us to sign petitions that they must know will lead absolutely nowhere?

The Petitioning Scam

The petitioning scam is a very lucrative business. Just how does a petition scam work? First, gain the people’s trust by telling them the truth about some egregious legislation, or pesticide, or whatever issue there is a valid concern about. Then direct the energy of all those people who really want to make a difference to petition Congress, some bureaucrat, or even better, the manufacturer of the offending product or action, to ban the product or stop the action. This petition ultimately ends up on the desk of someone who dutifully throws it in the round file, never to be heard from again.

The results? People direct their energy to petitioning, and feel that they are really making a difference, then sit back and wait for the fruit of their efforts, which of course, will never bloom because of the futility of the action. That way the organization sponsoring the petition can garner public support by actually telling the truth about the situation, just as long as public energy is misdirected so that it has no real effect.

Keep up the front by declaring the fight to be ongoing, send out another petition, and the donations keep on rolling in. Meanwhile, nothing is really accomplished except for the fact that real opposition is effectively neutralized.



A ‘stop GMO alfalfa’ petitioning campaign directed us to petition the USDA to block planting of this mutation. We did. What happened? GMO alfalfa was completely deregulated, Vilsack basically said he could care less what consumers wanted, and pushed Monsanto’s agenda forward without so much as a speed bump getting in the way. Since the USDA is joined at the hip with Monsanto, any petitions go immediately into the trash, and nothing is accomplished except for the people who sat back, thinking they really did something for the cause…..NOT! All the while the “truth-telling” organization/s that started the petition-signing event collects donations from both the people it is neutralizing, and grants from foundations run by the likes of Rockefeller, Tides, and Merck.

And those GMOs just keep on a rollin’ right into our food supply, relatively unabated. The traitors get rich and famous, and the people supporting them get the shaft. Since the people, sometimes called “marks,” are now relying on a past action, they don’t think they need to do anything else, and have been effectively neutralized while financing their own delusion through donations. A complete subterfuge that is highly lucrative for those receiving the money and “morally” satisfying for those content to believe the lie, not so much for those individuals really wanting to make a difference.

Real People Power

Real Power of the People lies in our everyday choices, and how we influence others by the lives we live. That is real power. It is the ‘trickle up’ effect as applied to activism. Instead of working from the top down, begging for the execs at Corp USA to show mercy, you work from the bottom up, starting at the grassroots level to educate and effect change.

This a very personal experience involving every action of your day, every day, for the rest of your life. That is a personal commitment to ones’ self, which should NOT be delegated to snake oil salesmen promising the biggest bang for the least amount of effort. This is a lifetime, non-transferable commitment to question supposed “authority” of any kind, and take responsibility for your own actions, knowing that they make an impact, even if it is not apparent at the time.

It’s called honesty, strength of character, morality if you will. Call it whatever you want, but it’s the glue holding society together as a cohesive unit, and without it we simply fall apart and are left as buzzard pickings for the fat and wealthy who hide behind armed guards and mansions of gold, and who send snake oil salesmen out to distract us while they continue on their march towards a New World Order and total world domination through various programs intended to advance the agenda without regard for human casualties along the way.

The time to stop throwing our time and money away on useless endeavors designed to neutralize our effectiveness and start digging in for the long haul is now. Commitment to changing one’s lifestyle to advance the agenda of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness instead of corporate interests requires personal sacrifice. Make a list of companies that sell GMOs, if that is what you want to stop. Give it to your neighbors along with a list of non-GMO alternatives. Get people on the bandwagon of not purchasing GMO products. If you know a local farmer, tell him about the negative aspects of going the Monsanto GMO route. Rid your own house of GMOs.

Turn your life around and build it according to your personal vision, not the one Corp USA has planned for you. It starts with one decision, and one step. Do it now. Do not continually waste time on endeavors intended to keep us busy while Corp USA and its band of time thieves continues its march towards complete control of every aspect of our lives while forcing genetically modified abominations on the world in the name of international trade (spelled CODEX). Time is precious, and if wasted, can never be recovered.

While the tide of history may be turning from big government and statist empires to individual freedom through individual human action right before our eyes, this will be a long war.(Lew Rockwell)

© 2011 Barbara H. Peterson

UPDATE: Take a look at this link from the CFS. The petition is as vague as possible, not even saying exactly where it is going! Also, farmers that raise alfalfa, from whom dairies buy hay, have no obligation to even disclose if they are using RR Alfalfa seed!

Tell U.S. Dairies You Don’t Want GE Alfalfa” 

Nicole brought up the fact that Forage Genetics, the company that is partnered with Monsanto and the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation to produce these seeds, is a wholly owned subsidiary of LAND O’LAKES dairy co-op.

Gee, do you think this petition will do any good going there?


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4 Responses to “Directing Public Energy 101: The Petitioning Scam”

  1. cyn says:

    yup, start with where you are, live the life of a person who’s into organic living…. start with yourself… i think it was einstein that said, the best way to influence another is through example… if you are eating organic foods, then your family/relatives see that and see the effects it has in your life then they may go for organic living as well, and then maybe your neighbors will do the same and before you know it, the whole community/town/city is into it and if any big corp will try to inject GMO into your food, maybe your mayor/government official will be able to stop it because they themselves don’t want to poison their own children

  2. nedlud says:

    This is just a great, great, great and, entirely factual, piece.

    Business as usual, life as usual, within the global/corporate governance is just one scam after another after another. It is ALL LIES.

    And these lies are deadly to life.

    Great work, Barbara!

  3. Amen to that, sister!

    From petitioning, mano a mano, Congress critters to signing million-person memos to The Powers That Be, we waste our time and energy and compromise the well of concern for issues we carry daily.

    To fill the vacuum created by thinking we thus do “nothing” for our causes, we have to turn our attention to local initiatives that make the incrementally small differences that will exponentiate to large differences in time. Think the psychosocial equivalent of compound interest!

    GOD bless.

  4. CAJeffO says:

    I have placed a link about your great work on my blog. Here:

    THANK YOU for all that you do