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We vote because we believe it will make a difference.  We vote because we have been carefully steered through fictional ideologies, presented to us as “us against them”, the right v left, Democrat v Republican, liberal v conservative.  It is all a ruse.  Not one of the people who wave the party flags, who promote the party platforms on either side of the fictional isle belong to anything other than the ruling party of the District of Criminals.  This one party system which has a death grip on the country isn’t about to let go; but I’m not voting for any of them.  I’ve decided that I will not vote for the candidate most likely to cause the least destruction just because he or she isn’t quite as corrupted as the pretended opposition.

We have choices between two things….rotten, and not so rotten at the moment.  If those are the only choices I have, I refuse to choose. I refuse to be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.  Evil is evil; changing the face of evil by rotating which faction is center stage, makes it no less malignant.  I will not be forced to vote for candidates I firmly believe are set against us.

We need the choice of voting “no confidence” on our ballots.  We need to be able to prevent anyone who cannot garner at least 50% of the vote, from taking an official office.  We need to end corrupt politicians sitting in office who got only 20 or 30% of the vote.  We need a means to convey our disgust at the lack of honesty, integrity and moral character that a vote of “no confidence” could provide.  And we need to prevent career politicians from nesting up in government on a minimal number of votes.

Regardless of which camp you like to think you are in, voting will simply deliver you more of the same no matter who wins.  Just as the Democrats picked up where the Republicans left off in 2008, the changing of the guard on congress will simply see a continuance of the agenda already in motion.  The Republicans will simply pick up where the Democrats left off.  But you are supposed to believe there is some great and vast difference between the right and left.  We’ll get rid of those nasty Democrats and put the Republicans back in there running things…..yeah….that’ll fix it.  Wait…Weren’t the Republicans the ones who set this mess up during Bush the Lessor’s tenure as Prez?  And, weren’t the Democrats going to ride in to save us from the nasty Republicans?

What changed?  Not a thing; and nothing will change after the November election regardless of who controls the House or Senate.  Just as the Democrats swore they would repeal the anti-American Patriot Acts, which helped them win in 2008, and who then went on to expand and extend the Acts,  Republicans are now promising to repeal Obamacare.  And, just as in 2008, this election, should it go to the Republicans, will see the implementation and expansion of Obamacare under their watch.  There is no intention to repeal or change anything.

While voting gives us a feeling of empowerment, and makes us feel like we actually have a voice in our own government, the truth is they don’t give a damn what we think, say or believe.  We are simply helping decide who will wield the club we will be beaten with this time around.  I have absolutely no faith in, no trust of, either Republicans or Democrats.

It almost looked like change

I actually had great hopes for the Tea Party movement in the beginning.  Even as the primaries have shown some really stunning upsets for the “Republican” faction, any hopes I had for what was an across the board grassroots movement that encompassed even former life-long Democrats such as myself, has been co-opted by the like of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  What could have been a day of reckoning for politics in the US was of course, reduced to a side show complete with clowns, buffoons, and bad actors.  With few exceptions, (and there are a few) those who won primary’s representing the Tea Party movement, have seen the best of their success.

Palin and Beck, in their own way, are symbolic of what is wrong with American’s and by extension, what is wrong with the political system.  When two rubes such as these two, can con the public into thinking and believing that anything they say is worth listening to, I believe it is indicative of lowered overall intelligence sprinkled with a healthy dose of  religious zealotry; the perfect combination for the audience of a snake oil salesmen.

While I agree that Palin is a very attractive woman, I also know she doesn’t have clue as to what the words she has been so carefully coached to say, mean.  It doesn’t matter; she laces all her speeches with references to God, prayer, the bible, and homespun earthiness sure to dupe even the most disinterested listener.  As for Beck,….I cannot get past the “Vick’s” thing.  I found him dishonest to begin with, even with all his “founding fathers”, the “commies v God” stuff; but the Vicks was just too much. What a dork.

On the left, they are unable to even get a road show going, although I do believe one more episode of the over-articulated and scary Nancy Pelosi, will probably give me regular nightmares. Her counter-part, Harry Reid is far too controlled, too calculating and deceptive.  These two are perfect examples of polar opposites; she too exaggerated especially when she’s conning us, and he, intentionally under-stated for the same reason.

While many like to chirp the worn out phrase about how “if you don’t vote…don’t complain” I have my own slogan;

“If you voted and don’t like the way things are turning out….you have only yourself to blame”.

(C) 2010, Marti Oakley

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6 Responses to “Vote all you want…the agenda doesn’t change”

  1. Tippy Canoe says:

    Oh, and I forgot this…

    “Your vote isn’t a bet on who’s going to win the election. It’s a statement of who you are.”
    – Karl Hess

  2. Tippy Canoe says:

    The Constitution Party? Ha! Read Larkin Rose on that:

    And remember, we don’t live in a ‘democracy’. We live in a republic where individual rights, not collective rights, are supposedly held in the highest esteem. Democracies are no more than mob rule, where 51% decide the fate of the other 49%.

    “If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.”
    ~John Stuart Mill

    “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”
    ~Daniel Webster

  3. Diane Eaton says:


    What is your opinion of the “Constitution Party”? In 2008 Charles Baldwin ran for president with that party. Recently he e-mailed that he was moving his entire extended family to Montana from Florida.

  4. STEVE BANYAI says:


  5. Sorry, would you edit this. i just realized there are alot of mispelled words.

  6. Marti,
    You are obsolutely currect but your ascertions are a bit suspect. Democracy can not work well. Thinking that we can perfect political determination by some mysterious system is what they try to get each new generation to believe so that they will waste a majority of their lives in that attempt. It is not human nature to place others or the majority in priorty to oneself. To beleive that the majority is more inportant than you the individual, is the basis for communism and has never worked and contrary to public opinion, I don’t want it to work. I want people to be forced to make determination based on their own needs and disires, but not politically where they can vote with others for privileges. On the contrary, when people enter into contracts to perform specific actions, all parties concerned benefit or they wouldn’t inter into the contract. If there is a scoundrel in the mix that is what justice is for. Political determination is a means in which various groups attempt to gain power through privelage and protection. Creating legislation to provide advantages, subsidies, grants, government contracts etc. etc. etc. Sadly the system promotes the unethical use of theft and coersion through various forms of taxation by those who gain the greatest power. They can literally sell off power, privaleage and potection for both campaign money and votes. This system can not work for the best interest of the majority. That is the basis of why our founding fathers beleived in limited government, limited taxation and individual rights and property. The money I earn is mine and I will utilized that money to promote the beliefs and benefits to mankind, that I favor and I will not vote for others to do it for me, because I’m no fool.