This is from the Department of Justice official site, advocating pedophelia. No, not kidding.

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Monatsschrift fuer Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform Volume: 63 Issue: 2 Dated: (April 1980) Pages: 97-108


E Brongersma

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12 pages


A discussion of the nature of pedophilia and arguments against strict legal sanctions in pedophilia cases are presented in a paper for the 1977 Psychiatric Juridical Society meeting in Amsterdam.


A differentiation is made between adults who prefer sexual relationships with children under 16 years old from individuals who have engaged in relations with youths only because no other adults were available. The confusion of these different types of individuals is responsible for the negative image of the psychopathic child molester, even in scientific literature. Very little is actually known about causes or types of pedophilia, although the condition appears most frequently to involve the inclination of men for young boys 12 to 15 years old. Such friendships between older men and boys are viewed as a means of introducing youths to meaningful, emotionally and intellectually fulfilling relationships. From the author’s perspective, laws against such relationships are based on taboos which hinder positive development of human emotions. Surveys of students estimate the frequency of relationships between younger and older men or women at as high as 35 percent of the population. Survey respondents consider the friendships everyday events and seldom report negative aftereffects. A number of studies indicate that juveniles are more likely to be traumatically affected by reactions of police and parents than by the sexual contact itself. In fact, upon the recommendation of a number of social service organizations the number of prosecutions for pedophilia in Holland since 1967 has dropped considerably. The author points out that suppression of sexuality in juveniles is correlated to criminality and violence. It might therefore be possible to reduce violence through physical pleasure in a meaningful human context. Children should have the right to control their own sexual lives and follow their own natural sexual inclinations. Protective laws should only come into play when violence or abuse is used with children. A bibliography (of ca. 60 entries) is furnished.

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