Yes, this is a jab and track system patented by the same people that promote Pfizer’s vaccine agenda. Got the jab? You are now a part of the Internet of Things, to be tracked, traced, and entered into the database. Here is the abstract:

Bill Gates’ wet dream on steroids. Humans are now “things.” See how easy it is to erase humanity? To extinguish any form of independence and free will? Either plug into the grid by taking the jab, or be ostracized and unable to be a part of “society.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, each of which includes built-in technology that allows it to transmit or receive information, sense something about the environment, or interact with its own components or with other objects.

If you cannot see this, then you are already part of the system.


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  1. Thanks Howard Vlieger, for this information!