A little basic math


Unvaccinated considered diseased and forced to wear a mask.


Masked people segregated by physical distancing and access to services.

Equals: Holocaust revisited.

Barbara H. Peterson

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5 Responses to “Holocaust Revisited”

  1. May I recommend a science fiction novel from the 1970s its title is The Orchid Cage. I don’t remember the author but it was published by DAW books and distributed by Signet NAL New American Library. In it, humans are in their homes addicted to playing video games not going out even for a walk.

  2. Connie says:

    the ignorance is astounding…see video of a lady placing a kid’s face diaper over boiling water; after a minute or so, one clearly sees “something” swimming inside the diaper! SICK!!!!! ‘Course the diapers are a lead up to the brainwashed asking to be jabbed so they may once again secure pleasures, as traveling, attending sports events, theaters, etc. Selfishness and greed are dooming us!! Praise God, those of us having Jesus as Savior KNOW where we
    are going when God calls us home!!

  3. Patricia Tursi says:

    The Masked will undergo the same fate that Fouci, see his 2008 article about what killed the most people during the 1918 Spanish Flu, found it wasn’t flu which killed the most people, it was bronchial pneumonia. Physicians are warning about the spiking numbers of pneumonia victims….Mask Wearers no doubt.

  4. Brad says:

    segregation? we’re all, each one of us in the cross hairs now and by extension the entire human species. To be merged as a carbon based life form with silicon. Eventually in the simulated reality that is now being implemented there will be no need for the human side of evolution whatsoever and the carbon silicon entities can be turned off and all life simply simulated.