Farm Wars

“What would motivate them and CDC and others, to lie to the American people about this being a vaccine because vaccines in the ordinary course of the use of that term invokes within the listener, a presumption of protection against infection and protection against transmission, neither of which have been established at all. Why would they use the term vaccine. And here’s where we have to depart from the facts. And we have to go into conjecture, because that’s the only thing we have available to us. As recently as 2018, Moderna was insisting that they were not making vaccinations. They were insisting that this is gene therapy technology and it was cutting edge and it was all this kind of nonsense. And suddenly, courtesy of sars-cov-2, it suddenly became a vaccine company. It wasn’t a vaccine company before, it’s not a vaccine company now, it’s a gene therapy technology company, with an unproven gene therapy. That’s what it is.”


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3 Responses to “COVID-19 Innoculation: Gene Therapy, NOT Vaccine”

  1. Paul Fassa says:

    Damn!! Lotsa of detail I had no knowledge of in the David Martin transcript – all from someone not directly involved with alternative medicine even.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well outlined, George!

  3. GEORGE H. says:

    MANDATORY VACCINATIONS ARE GREAT because they will create the historically unparalleled and absolutely incredible genetically modified (trans) humans, which is obviously a fantastic thing of course, because then the DGA (Digital Gulag Authority) will be able to issue you an internal passport that will permit you to take robo-cabs (for free) between your stack ‘em and pack ‘em high-rise living cubicle and your authorized work station, and additionally all other leisure travel can be easily facilitated, depending naturally enough, on your good SCS (Social Credit Score) and with the rollout of the 5G full spectrum dominance surveillance system, all travel will become much easier and much safer when you have successfully and easily uplinked your microchip implant to this wonderful new technological “safety” umbrella. So, let’s all get on board folks, and be grateful for this wonderful NWO that is just a simple little jab away. So, for an amazing new future just around the corner, thank you Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, WHO, CDC, but most of all THANK YOU BIG BROTHER!