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Farm Wars

There has been a lot of speculation as to the validity of Donald Trump’s persona in the alternative media as the President that will save America from the globalists. But is this true? Or is he simply another pawn in the globalist game, and we are being manipulated once again to throw our support behind a minion of the elite? This question must be asked or we are going down the same old road, blinders on, cheering for the elected puppet.

Trump appointed Sonny Perdue to Ag Secretary, and he is going for his confirmation hearing today, March 23, 2017. This appears to be a major a win for Monsanto and the GMO factory since the Biotechnology Innovation Organization named him their Governor of the Year.

Sonny Perdue is the former Governor of Georgia. He supports factory farms, pesticides and genetically engineered crops. In 2009, he signed a bill into law that blocked local communities in Georgia from regulating factory farms to address animal cruelty, pollution or any other hazard. He took money from Monsanto and other pesticide companies for his gubernatorial campaigns. The Biotechnology Innovation Organization, a front group for the GMO industry, named Perdue their 2009 Governor of the Year.

I think that we have our work cut out for us as our new President is a biotech supporter:

When asked, “Do you support the use of biotechnology in food products and oppose efforts to require mandatory labeling for foods simply because they contain ingredients derived from biotechnology?” Donald Trump reportedly answered: “Yes.”

Now, a series of recent appointments to the Agricultural Advisory Committee is adding even more concern to possible pro-GMO leanings…

Notable appointments are:

Pat Roberts: The architect of the infamous, recently passed and democracy destroying DARK Act along with Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Charles Herbster: A Nebraska cattle-breeding company owner as well as the owner of another company that sells chemicals and fertilizers, Herbster is the pick of Trump to chair his Agricultural Advisory Committee. He’s a major funder and member of the Ag America steering committee, joining Monsanto and DuPont among others.

…Other notables on the list of more than 60 include Rodney Davis, Congressman from Illinois; who is also the House Agriculture committee and Subcommittee Chair of Bio Tech.

The list also includes representatives from huge soybean, egg and corn producers as well, most of which utilize GMOs regularly in the creation of their products.

Here is a link to the full list of Agricultural Advisor appointees.

Get ready, America, because “Making America Great Again” will most likely include continuing to flood it and the world with unregulated, unlabeled, untested genetically engineered food under the guise of “feeding the world” with biotechnology.

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4 Responses to “Pro-Biotech Governor of the Year as Trump Ag Secretary”

  1. susan says:

    We can all hope he stands by Russia long enough that their moratorium on gmo’s rubs off on him. Being a globalist doesn’t mean forgoing export trade. Does it?

  2. Brent Bielema says:

    I guess we should have listened to that visionary old Who song, “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” I thought Tom Vilsack was bad enough since he had also gotten high marks from the biotech industry when he was Iowa governor. We all need to stay activated and demand that incentives be introduced to grow a lot more healthy natural food, or else our health will continue to suffer from continuing to expose ourselves to these processed and toxic industrial products. Isn’t 100 years of this enough?

  3. George H. says:

    It appears that Trump is going to be a major disappointment, to many people, in many areas. If you lie down with the dogs, you’re probably going to get up with fleas, and if you pick and promote Monsanto functionaries, then you’re probably going to get pesticides and gmos, and the continued poisoning of our food supplies. The Deep State and the DARK Act go hand in hand. The CORRUPTORS AND POISONERS WIN and We the People (once again) lose. Buy local, buy organic, vote with your dollars. Because it looks like Trump is just another Dog and Pony show, momentarily promising, but ultimately, just a continuation of the same old same old. CLEAN SUITS AND DIRTY DEEDS – AND MONSATAN WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.

  4. amicus curiae says:

    hes giving me cognitive dissonance..the hope that he was smarter, enough to can the paris con over co2 was good
    and then he does something like this