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3 Responses to “Cancer Tests Rigged to Show Glyphosate Safety”

  1. Abe says:

    This is part of an email I sent Anthony about a week ago. I’ll bet the only difference he finds is canned doesn’t have preservatives.
    Last summer I had my latest dog Sara, A Springer Spaniel put down. She was going on 15 years, which I thought was good for today (back in the 80’s 10 was old, which is BS). The fact is she could of lasted another couple years even with her health issues. Her last run in with the cops cost me over $500.00. After my house payment I had less than $400.00 for bills and groceries, so it was more economic than anything. I feed her Iams Eukanuba Lamb and Rice. She had hearing issues, a couple tumors, but shaking all the time. This shakes had started about 3 year earlier. There were other things I can’t recall. My health was worse than the dogs, and the cops didn’t seem to give a dam if I keeled over from a heart attack running after a dog that wouldn’t come back to me. But the cops were keeping the neighborhood safe from my mean vicious dog. This is a pun. The fact is I’d be sitting in the kitchen and I’d hear a squeeky voice say, “Mommy, I want to pet Sara”.

    Believe it or not Glyphosate isn’t my first dance with Monsatan. I’m sure your familiar with Ethoxyquin, Back in 1990 I tried to get out of construction and sell pet and critter foods. Due to our location, we had a lot of professional dog people. A few of them were asking me about ethoxyquin looking for answers. Remembering the slow agonizing deaths of my dogs Shamrock, and Mopsy (Irish Setter, and Lhasa Apso) about 8 years earlier, I started looking for answers. I got the typical answers from the government, food manufactures that used it, and I don’t know from veterinarians. I talked to Dr. Robert Abady in NY about his studies. He thought Ethoxyquin was responsible for all the weird diseases that dogs were getting. I also talked to a salesman for National Brand dog food. Although they had a cheap grain based food, I seen they didn’t use Ethoxyquin, and asked why? He told me pet food was a sideline, and that the fur industry was there bread and butter. That Ethoxyquin effected the pelt quality, which was what I was finding among other things.
    Then I met a friends boy friend who just happened to graduate from the U of M Veterinary school. After a couple hour chat, the bulb that was already on just about blew from the power surge. He was telling me that they only spent a couple weeks on animal nutrition. and that it was done by Hill’s Science Diet. Hill’s use to be exclusively sold by vets. Hill’s also made a canned food called Prescription Diet. WHAT A SCAM!! They had to of known.Since people trust there vet, they buy the dry food from them. When there dog, cat, what ever got sick, usually about 5 years later, on to the Prescription Diet at 10 times the cost of dry. After 4 or 5 months, the animal recovers, and back to the dry they go! This chat was as enlightening for me, as it was for him. This made him rethink how he was going to set up his practice.

    I see the same pattern here, other than the fact that people seemed to care more about there pets back then, than there kids today. I worked at a pet store that sold dogs, and had dogs my whole life. So like Howard (Vlieger) says, I could see “The New Normal”.

  2. suss says:

    My dogs eye surgeon (entropian) tried to put my dog on hills pres. diet too billed me for a bag of it w/ out my knowlege, read the ingredients: soy soy and more soy and it is cooked in such a way as it is very toxic, sound familiar: black is white yada yada yada! needless to say i actually lied and told her yes he is eating only that because she tried to blame is eye issue on alergic reactions ha! I don’t bother trying to enlighten dr’s anymore they are so brainwashed not worth my time! Finally after 5 additional surgeries no success, moved went to a dr. where i am now and she fixed him in one attempt poor guy sorry he had to see a lame dr. who tried to blame him for here ineptitude!

  3. Abe says:

    I think these gals are at the top of the Bell Curve.

    Were in a catch 22 situation people. First we are PAYING for all these rigged studies. People Like Anthony, Stephanie, Nancy, Barb, and numerous others, are using there own time and money in most cases to do these test, and or, to get this information out. While at the same time putting a big red BULLS EYE on themselves. These people may get the use of labs at little or no cost, but analysis, subjects, seed, and such does take money. Most of you don’t have the time, but any amount of money would make you at least be dong something. Anyone that doesn’t know anyone that’s effected by this rigged corpoRATe science, lives under a rock! I for one know numerous people, (including myself) and several have died just from GMO’s.
    Please donate to good honest scientists like Anthony and his clique.

    Glyphosate GMO Laboratory Research

    2015 seems to me to be a banner year, as far as information about GMO’s and other life and financial threatening topics.

    Time to really turn up the heat!!!

    Gee I wonder where Anthony got the idea to check out pet foods?? LOL I’ll take a wild guess but I’;ll bet one of them will be Hill’s Prescription Diet.