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Kathleen Hallal, Moderator
Dr. Stephanie Seneff,  MIT Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Nancy Swanson, Retired United States Navy staff scientist, author
Dr. Anthony Samsel,  Retired Science Consultant
Dr. Don M. Huber,  Professor Emeritus, Purdue University
Jack Olmsted, Producer

A huge increase in the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases has been reported in the United States (US) over the last 20 years. Similar increases have been seen globally.

The herbicide glyphosate was introduced in 1974 and its use is accelerating with the advent of herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered (GE) crops. Evidence is mounting that glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals and glyphosate residues have been detected in both.

Glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria, it damages DNA and is a driver of mutations that lead to cancer. In the present study, US government databases were searched for GE crop data, glyphosate application data and disease epidemiological data.

The significance and strength of the correlations show that the effects of glyphosate and GE crops on human health should be further investigated.

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4 Responses to “Part 2 – Panel Discussion GMO Crops, Glyphosate and The Deterioration of Health in the USA”

  1. middleway says:

    In order to control the agenda, you must also control the opposition (‘controlled opposition’). It is pervasive throughout the world and takes full advantage of the natural trusting nature of humanity. The end result (objective) is the fragmentation and disillusion of our entire belief system, thereby preparing the ground for the propagation of an entirely new reality, ‘a new world order’.

  2. Valerie says:

    Exposed: The Judge in the Monsanto-Maui lawsuit is tainted

    By Jon Rappoport

    November 25, 2014

    In a previous article, I ran down Judge Barry Kurren’s wife’s connections to big biotech in Hawaii.

    Now I have more. Much more.

    Judge Kurren is overseeing the Monsanto/Dow lawsuit against Maui, where the people recently voted to halt Monsanto/Dow GMO research.

    Does the Judge have a conflict of interest?

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    Until at least the fall of 2011, Judge Kurren’s wife, Faye, was a trustee of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a 6-billion-dollar environmental group.

    TNC specializes in working with mega-corporations, who donate major money, in return for receiving TNC’s “good housekeeping seal of approval” as friends of the environment.

    It’s all very cozy.

    In 2011, TNC leveraged a blockbuster deal. Dow pledged a $10 million donation. In exchange, Dow could forthwith use the TNC logo on its site and all its products.

    That’s like painting a cobra’s hood with Mr. Rogers’ face.

    This would be the same Dow whose GMO/pesticide experiments on Maui the voters decided to stop.

    The voter stoppage provoked the lawsuit from Dow and Monsanto.

    Faye’s husband Barry is the Judge in the case.

    Faye was a trustee at TNC, who took $10 million from Dow.

    So…what are the chances Faye’s husband will step on Dow’s face in the lawsuit?

    Getting the picture?

    There’s more.

    TNC’s business council includes luminaries like Monsanto, Coca Cola, and of course, Dow.

    Among TNC’s corporate funders: again, Dow; Coke, DuPont, Pepsi.

    Could the ban-GMO movement ask for more vicious enemies?

    Search the extensive TNC website and try to find one negative mention of GMOs or toxic pesticides in their “championing of the environment.”

    And what about the boss at TNC?

    The CEO is Mark Tercek, former managing partner at what Matt Taibbi calls the “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”:

    Goldman Sachs.

    Tercek is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the vampire squid’s brother.

    Tercek writes: “We would also be smart to put more focus on making GMO technology available to lower-income farmers, given the potential benefits that climate-resilient GMO crops could bring to the developing world.”

    “Climate-resilient.” Sure. What’s wrong with those damn crops that keep demanding decent weather? Fix them with new genes from Dow. Can’t wait for food that doesn’t need water or topsoil.

    To repeat: Faye Kurren, Judge Kurren’s wife, was a TNC trustee.

    Case closed.

    Find a new Judge.

    This one’s tainted.

  3. wayne says:

    Middleway there is no wool over your eyes!
    Now just sell your thoughts to the rest of the herd, and get the SHEEPLE back in the right pasture, and away from the slaughterhouse.

    Well said, THANK-YOU

  4. middleway says:

    An overdue independent scientific revelation.
    How long will it take for people to realize that we are all subjects in a massive eugenics pogrom. This is not about corporate greed and irresponsibility; it is about a masterfully conceived plan with a well formulated objective.
    You may want to begin with this: