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13 Responses to “GMO Labeling: A Different Perspective – Graphic”


  2. Rich says:

    It’s called controlled opposition. Millions of signatures ,states voting, millions of dollars raised for labeling, it’s all a sham; like Enron these Corporations are fronts for the adgenda.

  3. wayne says:

    The very concept of forcing a manufacturer to label a G.M.O. product for public information is the EXACT equivalent of forcing lifeguards to post a sign as to which end of the pool is the non peeing end!
    Will the sign in any way help me avoid something or…. anything?

  4. Yup, sure did, Abe. No one in the lab really gives a rodent’s patoot about the experimental rats. Synbio is the next step in the transhumanist agenda.

  5. If there was labeling we can expect the same type of subterfuge as in the MSG issue. Take a look at the exceptions in the U.K. here: “Labelling is not required for additives, flavours und vitamins produced with the help of GM microorganisms.” You are talking honest labeling, Patrick, and this is nothing of the sort. Even with labeling, the push is on for approval to plant GMO crops in the U.K. Labeling is the LEAST we can do. Only a BAN will address the root of the issue.

  6. Wayne says:

    The so called G.M.O. labeling campaign has from it’s inception, been nothing more than a diversional tactic to entertain those opposed to being poisoned through intellectual reasoning.
    A non-smoking section in a public restaurant is a perfect example of labeling lunacy. On one side of the isle you may legally light up and exhale smoke up and out into the rooms air. On the other side of the isle you may supposedly contently sit protected from anyone blowing smoke in your face.
    Lesson being that if it fills the entire space it simply can’t be avoided by any buffer zone no matter how far.
    G.M.O.s simply are not nor cannot be contained to a specific area. Wind, birds, insects and greedy men don’t read the anti-spreading all over the planet rule book.
    Farmer Percy Schmeiser and the world learned the hard way there just is no such thing as containment.
    Mother nature simply doesn’t respect nor acknowledge land titles, fences, borders, or peoples rights to privacy.
    Stop the labeling lunacy mindset and get with the bigger picture here. When you have chemical companies trying to monopolize and own agriculture on this planet, a printed paper label is just outlandishly ridiculous. It’s like being on a roller coaster and seeing a sign saying “steep grade ahead” and then jumping off to avoid it. The train you are on is going all the way to the bottom, like it or not, label it or not!

  7. Alexander says:

    Kev C, can you please contact me

    Thank you

  8. The game has been strategized many layers deep. If there were to be labeling then supplements would have to disclose that substances like certain B-vitamins are grown by the ton in fermenter vats full of GMOs. If there was to be labeling then the patented strains of Bacillus thuringiensis that is sprayed ON organic crops as biopest control instead of being engineered INTO commercial crops is the same pig with different lipstick. If there was to be labeling then the Bacillus subtilis that is sprayed ON organic crops as biopest control would have to show its patent number because you don’t raise wild strains of bugs in industrial quantities without industrial control. If there was labeling then the attack on third world staple crops to create GMOs as well as edible vaccines in the form of bananas, or sweet potatoes or cassava would be revealed to show that there is not a single place on this planet to escape their biological weapons. If there was labeling then the desperation felt by those who finally saw the Checkmate would make them either give up, lay down and die; or turn, stand and fight. Even cornered rats do that.

  9. Abe says:

    I agree! Didn’t you do a story way back about OCA with this same senario? This is typical of the way our “Were here to keep you safe” BS our government would pull for sure!

    I was trying to find out more about that biosynthetics for a bit tonight. This biobricks kept coming up. Have you heard anything about this Barb? DuPont is a big sponsor. From that article the other day, it sounds as though 193? countries are onboard to regulate this technology. Sounds like they’ll be making totally whole new forms of life. Life thats never existed. Ever! This on top of that Bio-Simular, and Bio-Better drug companies, and the GMO garbage. I wonder if them rats (aka TPTB) are trying to engineer a total slave race, while at the same time exterminate us? Agenda 21 wants to eliminate 90% of us. I believe that the labelling is a distraction from this other crap. There’s a list a mile long of people that need to be bagged and shot!! They’ve already earned a oneway ticket to hell. I fear were spinning on the chrome of the drain right now!!

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  10. It’s as you have stated before, June, it is necessary to strike at the root, not the branches. Just look at Kev C in the UK. There is labeling there, yet he is faced with a wholesale takeover of agriculture by biotech with the planting of GMO crops. Yeah, okay, they can live with labeling just as long as they can continue with business as usual and plant the stuff until it takes over completely and we have no choice but to eat the garbage due to contamination.

  11. June Stoyer says:

    Excellent job, Barbara! The food industry has done a great job confusing the consumer. A ban really is what is needed. That is the only way we can have a chance.

  12. Kev C says:

    I agree with you entirely. Take away the cause and you take away the symptoms.
    The Pharmaceutical Corporations Mantra should say ‘There is no profit in a healthy nation!’ because they sure as hell don’t want you to be healthy. They work so hard to kill the alternative medicines and supplements and they also make it illegal to make any statement that suggests that say Vitamin C is good for colds and flu. That is not allowed but they can tell you they have a pill for every ill all day and night via the TV tube.
    As for GMOs well we in the UK are up against the wall with a bunch of bastards in power who are up the ass of the corporatocracy known as the US of A government. They are currently pushing for wholesale growing of GMO crops in the UK. This against 70+% of the population saying ‘NO!’. So where is the democracy in that?
    I really do hope we can stop this assault on our planet and on us but its going to come down to hitting them hard with real direct action and that will ultimately cost us dearly. Next step will be to remove all democratic freedoms from the people and make it a crime to demonstrate. Its as if the politicians are somehow our masters. They are not and never have or will be. They are merely public servants and its time they served!
    Keep fighting and never surrender. Doing nothing to stop them is not an option!