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5 Responses to “Leon and Barb talk about GMOs, neurological disease and bees”

  1. Tee Burton says:

    Barb, can you put a “Pin” Pinterest button on your website. It would make it easier to get your site out there. T

  2. Tee Burton says:

    Hi Barb, Just finished listening to this radio interview. I have to tell you, I had to have my thyroid removed in 2008 because I had a HUGH growth on my thyroid. I justed to drink a soy latte daily prior to the surgery. What is sadder, is my grandson born in 2009 was diagnosed with Autism when he was two. I hate these corporate globalist, I hope people will wake up before it’s too late. Thank you for being such a honorable soldier in this battle.

  3. Abe says:

    Your not the only one asking that question Billy.

  4. Billy Massey says:

    Does anyone know how they will explain to their grandchildren why they didn’t do anything and just allowed them to do what they wanted? You going to be able to look at your child as they leave to go slave for the elite and then they won’t have anyway to stop it. So now what happened in Eastern Europe and Germany maybe are all lies? Maybe we have been lied to across the board. So just forget about what you are doing and just figure if we don’t do anything imagine what it will be like in 20 years? You better think how you would eel if your Grandparents laid this in your laP?