Barbara H. Peterson on June 24th, 2013

The tables have turned. The shoe is on the other foot, and Monsanto has absolutely no problem painting itself as the victim and inventing a little conspiracy theory of its own by pointing the finger at some unknown perpetrator looking to discredit Monsanto. No facts, just theory, and a pretty lame one at that.

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Barbara H. Peterson on June 8th, 2013

Monsanto catches the dastardly Oregon GMO wheat saboteur! Graphic

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Barbara H. Peterson on June 5th, 2013

Did Monsanto really stop field testing GMO wheat like it says it did?

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Barbara H. Peterson on June 20th, 2012

Can one still believe Rothamsted’s GM wheat is a mere experiment with no commercial objectives in mind? Should taxpayer’s money be hijacked to support GM development for corporate agribusiness without regard for potential damage to health and environment?

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