Barbara H. Peterson on May 24th, 2023

Trump is a smart trickster. He gave money to Gates for the jabs, started the emergency lockdowns, and now he’s a hero? Uh huh. That’s the way he rolls. If you believe in him or the current pawn in charge, congratulations. You have entered the Brainwashed Zone. BHP

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Barbara H. Peterson on April 27th, 2022

FarmWars If you wanted to convince the people to willingly go along with your Globalist agenda, just how could you do it? Here’s one way: Place a blithering idiot in charge to polarize the people into hating him, then promote an obviously “wronged” “good” guy underdog to be the saviour of the country. The people […]

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Barbara H. Peterson on September 19th, 2021

Forbidden Knowledge Alexandra Bruce You know that squirmy cognitive dissonance you feel when Donald Trump extols rapturously about the vaccines and Operation Warp Speed? Well, Tyla and Douglas Gabriel at and Michael McKibben at Americans4Innovation are here to say that if Trump isn’t part of a counterintelligence operation to take down this apocalyptic scheme of the British Pilgrims Society, then […]


Barbara H. Peterson on June 16th, 2017

Barbara H. Peterson Farm Wars If there were any doubts about President Trump being in bed with the biotechnology industry spearheaded by Monsanto, those doubts can be firmly put to rest. The Trump administration will attack overseas regulations that restrict the export of GMO crops and other products resulting from American technological innovation, said U.S. Trade […]

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