Barbara H. Peterson on November 5th, 2011

Dave and Annie will be joined by Barb Peterson from to discuss how the global elite are poisoning our food and morphing human DNA. These allegations are quite unbelievable until the facts and the science are presented.

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Imagine, if you will, a world in which health sciences, disease control, cancer research, bio-weapons research, vaccine development, biotechnology, food and agriculture, national defense, and chemical companies all work together under the military.

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Barbara H. Peterson on May 11th, 2011

Michael Edward discussed the radioactive uranium now coming from the deep asphaltic oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and how it effects microorganisms. In addition, an exclusive audio interview with BP clean-up worker Paul Hebert, regarding his personal observations of the Gulf water boiling with microorganisms digesting the oil.

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In a paper published today in the journal Science, the J. Craig Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics Inc announced the laboratory creation of the world’s first self-reproducing organism whose entire genome was built from scratch by a machine.

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