Barbara H. Peterson on October 24th, 2009

Obama implements the next step in the vaccination eugenics program by declaring a national “swine flu” health emergency.

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This is only the beginning folks. As more and more sheeple line up for the H1N1 flu vaccine, more people will be getting sick.

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Barbara H. Peterson on October 15th, 2009

States are getting ready for the mandatory vaccination stage of the eugenics program, and Pennsylvania is right on schedule with Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the “Emergency Health Powers Act.”

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Barbara H. Peterson on October 14th, 2009

The H1N1 vaccination propaganda machine is going full-tilt, and the timetable for rapid population reduction is upon us. This is soooooo obvious, people! They are telling us what is going to happen before it happens, because they are going to cause it. They know people will drop dead after the shot, and are putting out the pre-op denial propaganda so that people will think, ‘hey, they warned us of this, and it is nothing to worry about.’

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