Barbara H. Peterson on October 5th, 2011

Familiar lies. We all live with them. These are the lies that we were brought up with. The ones that we rely on to be true in our corner of the universe. The ones that comfort us with their familiarity and social acceptance. That is, until that moment when we learn that just one of those “truths” was indeed, a lie.

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Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association annual meeting to launch Food Freedom Coalition.

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Barbara H. Peterson on September 2nd, 2010

We will be at the Nashville Farmers’ Market at 1:00 this Saturday afternoon, Sept. 4, protesting S510, and distributing flyers. We plan to do this two weekends in a row.

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Barbara H. Peterson on August 31st, 2010

Cops raid Rawsome Foods with guns drawn. The target? Raw milk.

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