With NAIS, the trace back starts at birth but it stops at the packing plant door. It is at this point that contamination most often occurs, and the concern for consumer safety should be the top priority. Since NAIS does not address food safety at all, it does not benefit the consumer.

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The group statement centers on the pledge: “In light of our existing experience with genetic engineering, and recognising the global consumer rejection of genetically engineered wheat, we restate our definitive opposition to GE wheat and our commitment to stopping the commercialisation of GE traits in our wheat crops.”

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Barbara H. Peterson on April 13th, 2009

No added sugars: check. Fiber content: check. Organic: check. But when it comes to choosing products free of genetically modified (GM) materials, what many shoppers don’t know is that the USDA isn’t protecting consumers or organic farmers.

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