Barbara H. Peterson on October 4th, 2011

“The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE – why the government considers you no different than cattle in their own law.”

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Barbara H. Peterson on June 19th, 2011

The company that is killing people on an unprecedented scale due to falsified studies on Agent Orange HAS A MONOPOLY ON OUR FOOD SUPPLY. Do you still think our government is not engaged in population reduction warfare against its own citizens?

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Barbara H. Peterson on March 30th, 2011

Deborah of Environmental Voices will join us as we discuss Biopiracy and the chemical poisoning of our planet.

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Barbara H. Peterson on March 8th, 2010

In the movie, War of the Worlds, the invading aliens were ultimately defeated not by guns or bombs, but by the smallest of things. It was the bacteria that killed them. Will it be the same with us?

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