Barbara H. Peterson on November 19th, 2014

Sure, we trust you when you say that THIS latest and greatest, new and improved product, unlike the others, is perfectly safe. I’ll bet that’s what you say to all of your victims.

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Barbara H. Peterson on October 12th, 2013

Nick speaks at the March Against Monsanto in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Barbara H. Peterson on October 1st, 2013

The movement for a ban on GMOs is growing. Recently I came across a couple of things that have given me renewed hope that some of the people so adamant about labeling are beginning to see the light and making the shift towards endorsing a ban.

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Barbara H. Peterson on September 16th, 2013

New evidence from two Illinois farms shows that even integrated pest management strategies such as crop rotation are unable to stave off the spread of Bt pest resistance to genetically modified (GM) Bt corn.

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