Barbara H. Peterson on August 14th, 2014

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Barbara H. Peterson on August 13th, 2014

broken-chain Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

We are creatures of habit. We get up at certain times, got to bed at certain times, eat certain foods, like certain things, and rarely think about the consequences of our actions. We rely on our past knowledge of what is good and healthy and nourishing to still be valid in today’s genetically engineered, pesticide soaked world.

But what if the things that we have grown up with and learned to trust have changed so dramatically that they are no longer good for us, but just appear to be?

What if the chains of habit that bind us to certain actions are merely illusion, designed to keep us coming back for more and more of the same stuff that is now killing us?

This is mass marketing, folks. And it is all around us.

The package says “natural” and “healthy” and we go for it. We bite. We take the bait like fish in a tank and end up floating belly up with no one to blame but ourselves.

That candy/power bar that you grabbed at the checkout stand is not what your great-grandma used to make. It is a concoction of toxic and addictive chemicals designed to keep you coming back for more with a pretty wrapper shouting “All Natural!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbara H. Peterson on August 4th, 2014

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

“It was a letter officials with the Cumberland County Library System were surprised to receive.

The system had spent some time working in partnership with the Cumberland County Commission for Women and getting information from the local Penn State Ag Extension office to create a pilot seed library at Mechanicsburg’s Joseph T. Simpson Public Library.

The effort was a new seed-gardening initiative that would allow for residents to “borrow” seeds and replace them with new ones harvested at the end of the season…

That was, until, the library system received a letter from the state Department of Agriculture telling them they were in violation of the Seed Act of 2004…

The department told the library it could not have the seed library unless its staff tested each seed packet for germination and other information. Darr said that was clearly not something staff could handle…

…commissioner Barbara Cross noted that such seed libraries on a large scale could very well pose a danger. “Agri-terrorism is a very, very real scenario,” she said. “Protecting and maintaining the food sources of America is an overwhelming challenge … so you’ve got agri-tourism on one side and agri-terrorism on the other.” 

…the department indicated… that it would continue to crack down on seed libraries that have established themselves in the state.” LINK

You might be an agri-terrorist if…

  • You attempt to start a seed library for members to borrow and replace seeds.
  • You don’t test each and every seed packet for germination and “other information” before sharing.
  • You actually tell the Department of Agriculture what you intend to do, go along with what they say, then expect a positive result.
  • You think that you have the right to share seeds with anyone you want without the Monsanto/Department of Agriculture seal of approval.

© 2014 Barbara H. Peterson


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Barbara H. Peterson on August 3rd, 2014

sneeze wheeze and freeze copyBarbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

And you thought that the government and its media prostitutes were just being protective when they started “warning” us about Ebola.

What’s the charge officer? Sneezing… Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbara H. Peterson on August 3rd, 2014

Seeds of Coercion copy

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

While we are all looking the other way at this pending disaster and that looming crisis, the march towards food domination by the U.S. biotech juggernaut is rolling along, right on course.

If you want to see the future, look right under your nose at the smallest of things – the seed. Control the seed and you control the source of life. Control the seed supply of another country and you control the source of life for that country. Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbara H. Peterson on July 30th, 2014

Economy5Julian Rose

Farm Wars

In 1381, at a time of great repression for the British agricultural work force, an extraordinary people’s revolutionary named Wat Tyler sprang to his feet and announced “England should be a nation of self governing communities” to which he added “No lord shall exercise lordship over the people, and, as we are oppressed by so vast a hoard of bishops and clerks, the property of the holy church should be taken and divided.”

His colleague, the priest John Ball, spoke out with equal fervour “The lords’ claims to be more lords than we are rests solely on their power to force us to labour that they may spend.”

A great surge of support for these proclamations swept through the farming communities of South East England, quickly spreading further North. The farmers took up arms – whatever appropriate implements they could find in the farmyard – and set out on their mission to free themselves from the wicked landlords and clerks, who between them were taxing the life out of the farming communities throughout the land, destroying the livelihoods of thousands of countryside families.

Many a pernicious bureaucrat was confronted by this motley army, with the brave farmer, Wat Tyler, proudly riding at its head – and many a selfish landlord was forced to concede his greedy rental regime and bow to the demands of the British peasants.

And yes, blood was shed in the struggle to gain respect for basic human rights.

A great quest for liberation, justice and equality blazed amongst the downtrodden land-workers and villagers of fourteenth century England during those famous months of The Peasant’s Revolt. Only an act of royal treachery finally stopped this revolution from fully undermining the corrupted power of the State and the intransigence of King Richard II.

Why do I tell this story?

Because more than six hundred years after this peasant uprising shook the nation, we have come full circle. Once again the call is going out for peoples and regions under the hand of oppressive, dictatorial regimes, to secede from the nation state and become ‘self governing communities’. Wat Tyler’s heroic stand echoes down the ages and nourishes the cause of non-compliance and community actions that stand up against the ever more insidious tentacles of centralised power. Read the rest of this entry »

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