Barbara H. Peterson on May 24th, 2020

Del Bigtree Nails It!

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Barbara H. Peterson on May 19th, 2020

Rosemary Mason

Some people die from COVID-19. Obese people with diabetes and a metabolic syndrome are more susceptible. These are associated with consumption of food with pesticides residues. Pesticides are the elephant in the room. The UK media are being paid by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote vaccines and not to mention pesticides. The BMGF are funding the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industry. Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation have an agenda to control the world with a vaccine.

COVID-19 and the elephant in the room: Aseem Malhotra 16/04/20201

Obesity and chronic metabolic disease are killing COVID -19 patients: now is the time to eat real food, protect the NHS and save lives. 

Extracts: “Data from the first 2204 patients admitted to 286 NHS ICU’s with COVID- 19 reveal that 72.7% of them were overweight or obese. Several years ago, a senior advisor personally expressed major concern to me about then-Mayor Boris Johnson. “I’m worried about his health Aseem. He’s significantly overweight and doesn’t look well.” This is despite the fact that Boris would regularly cycle to his office at City Hall. There’s no such thing as being fat and fit.

We shouldn’t ignore the fact that 50-60% % of the 1.4 million NHS workforce are themselves overweight or obese too, not surprising when more than half of the British Diet is ultra-processed food and three-quarters of food purchased in hospitals is unhealthy. South Korea which has one of the lowest prevalence of obesity in the world could in part explain its low mortality rate form the virus. A recent commentary In Nature states that “patients with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome might have to up 10 times greater risk of death when they contract COVID-19” and has called for mandatory glucose and metabolic control of type 2 diabetes patients to improve outcomes

But more clinically important than BMI, tied to waist circumference is the prevalence of chronic metabolic disease which can affect many of “normal” weight. But why not also ask the public to “quit ultra-processed food”? Observational studies have revealed a clear link between the consumption of such foods with obesity, metabolic disease and cancer.” 

What does junk food have to do with COVID-19 deaths?

CDC cites high levels of obesity and diabetes in victims.2 Carey Gillam 28 April 2020

Extracts: A five-year-old Michigan girl died on April 19 after being diagnosed with COVID-19. A 50-year-old bus driver, also from Michigan, died on April 1 from complications of the virus. And a 95-year-old Kansas woman who lived in a retirement community died on March 27.

The CDC publicly claims that the novel coronavirus has killed more than 56,000 people living in the United States so far this year based on the new code directive, which states: “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

Though most of the more than 1 million known to be infected do not become seriously ill (many do not even show symptoms) those who are hardest hit often suffer frighteningly rapid declines. As scientists struggle to understand the overall magnitude of the virus and how to best address it, there are certain established truths that we can no longer afford to take for granted when it comes to protecting our health in the future.

One key truth: The quality of our food is essential to the quality of our health.

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Barbara H. Peterson on May 18th, 2020

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Barbara H. Peterson on May 18th, 2020

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