Barbara H. Peterson on February 4th, 2016


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Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

What if I told you that what Monsanto is selling is not what regulators approved as safe?

Research Scientist Anthony Samsel has discovered that the chronic long-term safety studies on Glyphosate that Monsanto submitted to regulators across the globe to show that the product is safe are for a different form of Glyphosate than is used in the products that the company sells.

A classic case of bait and switch.

In other words, the poison that you are spraying on your weeds and that is being dumped on the crops that are used to make the food we eat and that is being poured into the water that we drink is not the same product that the EPA gave its seal of approval to. There have been no chronic long-term safety studies on those containers full of Roundup being sold all across the world to an unsuspecting public who has been fed a lie instigated by Monsanto and propagated by our very own EPA. The studies used for EPA approval declaring that Roundup Glyphosate-based herbicides are safe are bogus. Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbara H. Peterson on February 3rd, 2016


Based on the FBI’s own preemptive efforts to manipulate public opinion under the guise of transparency, it is our position that if the FBI has nothing to hide and it wants to be fully transparent about what happened, it should immediately release the following:

• All applicable audio recordings and sound tracks, including an audio track of the event recorded on Shawna Cox’s phone, which has not been released.

• Full length, unedited video (by drones, body cameras, dash cameras, etc.)

• Complete, close-up images of LaVoy’s truck following the siege.

In the meantime, we will have no choice but to wait for the outcome of the independent investigation, and hope that nothing is done to tamper with the evidence.

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Barbara H. Peterson on February 3rd, 2016



Barbara H. Peterson on February 2nd, 2016

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(Graphic Source: The Resistance


Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars 

Recent events in Burns, Oregon have shed light on just who is “grabbing the land.” Government operatives in the midst of the Malheur Wilderness turmoil have planted a false narrative that the BLM is simply trying to protect public lands from ranchers such as the Hammonds, who are trying to grab it for themselves, and supposed “environmentalists” are stepping up to support this propaganda.


But to understand the real story behind who is actually doing the land grabs, let’s take a little ride on the wayback machine starting with this 2010 press release:

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