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23 Responses to “Submissions”

  1. The only thing I can say is that I had a severe skin problem that cleared up after I eliminated GMOs from my diet.

  2. Karen Braxton Moore says:

    I have been having this skin disease for a couple of years now and my doctor began treating me for MARSA then I had to have my gallbladder taken out and the hospital tested me for MARSA and it came back negative so how can I be sure that this is the same problem that you have. It stsrts out like acne then after a day or two it turns into sires. I have them on both of my legs, my butox, and my back. I have pictures of my breakout that I cansend to you. Is there some kind of test that I can do or have done for this to be sure of what this is? And is there a treatment for it?

  3. I have practiced allopathy for 30 years. During medical practice I have there has been tremendous rise in various metabolic diseases in India. So I am studying more and more on sustainable farming practices & naturopathy as a way to remain healthy.
    I have seen excellent results with use of mineralized alkaline water as problem reliever for many of my patients. I have seen excellent results in them. Incidence of hyperacidity, skin problems, diabetes, gout, fertility issues, cancer etc. are being seen very commonly & unfortunate part is that it has started affecting younger generation. In last week I read about the glyphosate & its rising use all over the world. Now I can connect the various problems into the common source issue which our medical fraternity is far away from. It is the lack of availability of various alkaline ions like calcium, magnesium, manganese, cobalt, iron and various other micro-nutrients. So today we human beings are being depleted of these important minerals at very rapid speed. This is invitation to all above said problem. It is sheer commonsense that a strong metal chelator like glyphosate must be there in everyone’s ecosystem. This is very serious issue to think over.
    I am practicing medical doctor & I have seen rising cases of above problems which nobody is tackling seriously. (Mo…to obviously is not going to do it.) In India most of the farmers are uneducated and people are also least aware of all these things. Doctors and hospitals are more than happy with there rising income. It is a big fight we should take to the people.

  4. John says:

    Here is a site where the musicians sing patriotic/anti-GMO songs- .

  5. Joan Russow says:

    GM Papaya from Hawaii is exported everywhere including here in Canada It should be banned and the government should institute a fair and just transition program for farmers and communities affected by the ban. If GM papayas are permitted to continue to grow eventually there will be genetic drift/contamination which will impact the whole Hawaiian Papaya industry.

  6. Debbie says:

    Please help get this information out to everyone….

    Thank you.

  7. Johnny Bernays says:
    Jim, This is , To me, Evident Proof that America is Fascist. Above a Petitioner is Arrested at the White House, petitioning against GMOs, below the Results of clicking on LINK to The Grocery Store Blacklist.

    I guess we HAVE NO RIGHTS, Slaves eat what the Master Allows.
    Not Found
    The requested URL /2013/04/12/the-grocery-store-blacklist-12-food-companies-to-avoid-and-95-sneaky-aliases/ was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.2.25 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.25 OpenSSL/1.0.0-fips DAV/2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at Port 80

  8. olde reb says:

    the comment posted January 2 has been expanded to FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER posted at .

    Would you be interested in a (lengthy) copy ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Local Style:

    Banning GMO’s

    “For the problem isn’t GMOs, but the system of law that enables corporations to impose GMOs upon our communities without our Consent. If we’re to stop GMOs, we need to change the system itself. ”

    The New Civil Rights Movement
    ARTICLE | JANUARY 24, 2013 – 1:00AM | BY KAI HUSCHKE
    As the fight over genetically modified canola and other GM crops escalates in the Willamette Valley, a group of farmers and neighbors in Benton County have spent the past year talking about how to stop GMOs.

    They’ve asked the question that people across the country ask when faced with corporate threats — such as GMOs, fracking or water privatization — how do we say no?

    Traditional environmental activism would have them writing letters to elected officials, submitting public comments on proposed GMO plans and testifying at hearings.

    This kind of activism is based on the assumption that we have the legal authority to decide what happens in our communities. And from this, that if we build enough support in opposition to unsustainable practices such as GMOs, then the folks who run things will take heed and respond.

    The problem is that this simply isn’t true.

    As folks in Benton County are finding out, this kind of activism won’t stop GMOs. And so they’re taking a different path, which is forcing them to dig deeper than they ever imagined into how and for whom our system of law works, placing them side-by-side with hundreds of other communities in what may become this country’s new civil rights movement.

    Bringing Down the Hammers

    Corporations have painstakingly constructed a system of law — through the use of public institutions including the courts, state legislatures, and Congress — to ensure we can’t stop threats such as GMOs, and chilling community efforts by punishing us when we step outside the box they’ve constructed for us.

    To maintain the box, corporations have devised four large hammers, which they use on us when we dare to say things like “we don’t want GMOs here” and seek to drive that idea into local law.

    The first hammer is called Dillon’s Rule, named for a railroad lawyer who wanted a legal doctrine that would put a halt to municipal “interference” with railroad expansion. Under Dillon’s Rule, communities can’t enact any laws unless our state legislatures say we can. Our municipalities are thus subordinated to the position of “children” to our state “parent,” only able to do what we are told. If we do otherwise, corporations clobber us with Dillon’s Rule, suing us for acting outside our authority.

    The second hammer involves our legislatures (and occasionally Congress), banning communities from adopting certain kinds of laws. At the behest of industry, our legislatures routinely draft laws that preempt communities from having decision-making authority over things like factory farming and fracking. Here in Oregon, Big Ag is seeking to have the Legislature pass a bill preempting communities from making any decisions about GMOs.

    When these first two hammers fail to sufficiently smash us, corporations have two more at their disposal. The first is “corporate personhood.” Beginning in the 1800s, by pressure from railroad and other corporations, federal judges began to recognize corporations as “persons” for purposes of constitutional rights. Today, corporations routinely wield these “rights” to override community lawmaking.

    The fourth hammer comes when corporations wield our own civil rights laws — written to protect freed slaves – against us. Under these laws, corporations demand monetary damages from communities that challenge their authority to engage in fracking or other harmful activities.

    Thus, if we seek to pass local laws to stop GMOs, we must dodge all four hammers to be deemed “legal”; yet affected corporations triumph even when only one hammer hits home.

    Running Around the Hamster Wheel

    The big environmental organizations have mostly decided to work within these limitations. In the case of GMOs, that has meant trying to do everything but ban them, since state and local bans of governmentally approved seeds and foods fall directly under all four hammers. Instead they’re try to get federal agencies to deny applications for new GMOs or better regulate GM crops, or push for labeling of GMOs in food.

    They have settled for “what can we get,” rather than asking, “what structural change do we need?” to guarantee that GMOs never see the light of day.

    Such a strategy gives away the store without a fight — creating the illusion that GM crops can be controlled, and that the growth of GM foodstuffs is inevitable.

    Reframing the “Fight” Against GMOs

    For the problem isn’t GMOs, but the system of law that enables corporations to impose GMOs upon our communities without our consent. If we’re to stop GMOs, we need to change the system itself.

    In short, while we need a sustainable food movement, we can’t have one until we launch a democracy movement.

    We’re not the first to strive for structural change. When the Abolitionists looked out at the constitutional landscape, slaves were invisible to the law — much in the way our communities are today.

    Recognizing that it was the system of law itself that was the problem — and not that they needed to just better regulate slavery — they pioneered a movement that forced the system to work for them. Thus, they defined existing laws — which refused to recognize slaves as “persons” — as unjust. And then they proceeded to break those laws, openly, frontally, and without apology.

    In so doing, they revealed how the system worked, in order to reach more and more people who would see that injustice and join their movement.

    The fight against GMOs must follow a similar path, transforming itself into a movement by revealing how the current system denies community authority to build sustainable farm and food systems.

    Community Civil Disobedience (Non-Compliance) in the Name of Sustainability

    In 2001, faced with an influx of factory farms and the state Legislature’s preemption of local lawmaking around farming, Wells Township, Penn., adopted a law banning agribusiness corporations from farming.

    This ban on “corporate farming,” borrowed from similar laws adopted in Midwestern states, reflected a new understanding by communities: The problem wasn’t odor or water quality, but rather the corporatization of agriculture. Communities redefined the problem from being about factory farming, to being about a system of law, which authorizes corporations to define what food production looks like.

    Wells was joined by other communities who passed laws which took on the key legal doctrines — those four hammers — which stand in the way of municipalities saying “no” to threats like factory farming and the ability to build environmental and economic sustainability.

    Over 140 communities in eight states have followed similar paths.

    This kind of organizing — seizing our municipal governments to commit acts of collective, non-violent, civil disobedience through local lawmaking — isn’t focused on the hope that the courts will rescue us by overturning 200 years of corporate “rights.” Instead, it is being pursued with the understanding that structural change will only occur when we refuse to comply with a system bent the other way.

    So, What Do We Do Tomorrow?

    Over the past year, folks in Benton County asked themselves that same question — given the state of farming and a system focused on delivering a toxic mix of corporate concentration and GMOs.

    Understanding that without challenging the system of law itself they cannot stop GMOs, they drafted a “Food Bill of Rights” law that establishes a “right to sustainable food systems” for the community, and prohibits those activities — like the planting of GMOs — that would violate that right.

    The law takes aim at the existing system by re-defining corporate “rights,” invalidating preemptive state and federal actions, and elevating the right of the community to sustainability above competing rights claimed by agribusiness corporations.

    In many ways, the proposed Benton County law, as well as other laws that have been adopted across the country, dare corporations to reveal how the current system of law works.

    If they seek to overturn these local laws, corporations must bring down those four hammers of Dillon’s Rule, state and federal preemption, corporate personhood and other corporate “rights” — which they’ve constructed to ensure communities can’t interfere with the expansion of their authority and power. Exposing the hammers in plain sight means communities can see them for what they are — legal doctrines intended to subordinate our communities to a “corporate state.”

    These laws thus “reframe” the dispute — from being focused on the question of whether GMOs are harmful to being about the authority and “rights” of agribusiness corporations to override the authority and rights of communities to self-govern.

    This issue of “who decides” must build toward removing those corporate hammers at the state level, as is beginning in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Washington State. And then build toward federal constitutional change that elevates community self-governance above rights claimed on behalf of corporations and commerce.

    If we want to stop GMOs, we need to instigate a community revolt that produces a system where it actually matters what we want. This means we have to stop deluding ourselves that it’s enough to write letters and wave signs, and instead begin to drive structural change to liberate our communities from the corporate grasp.

  10. anonymous says:

    Trojan Horses and The State Right to Ban Gmo’s:

    Pass the Monsanto Protection Act and
then follow it with GMO ‘right to know labeling” legislation in the govt to appear as the ‘good guy’ when in the end result, it is still about control of the food supply. Don’t fall for it.
Keep in mind: the USDA Organic standard is already corrupted with a percentage of pesticides, herbicides and now, even GMO’s (!). The FDA routinely illegally seizes innocent raw milk farms and farmers and personal food gardens. 
The govt is not your friend. Take control of your fate, don’t let the government regulate. 

    There is an answer to this and that can be found in the State’s Rights To Ban GMO.

What you don’t hear is (due to the distraction campaigns of the ‘labeling movements’):

    Mendocino County,CA voters was the first county to approve the America’s first ban on the raising and keeping of genetically engineered crops or animals. (way back in 2004!)

San Juan, WA also successfully bans GMO’s out of their state:
Local voters in San Juan county voted yes for Initiative Measure 2012-4 by a wide margin in the November 6 election. This essentially puts a ban on genetically modified organisms in the county.
The declaration made on the Initiative Measure read as follows: “The people of San Juan County, desiring to protect our agricultural industry, our natural environment, the private property rights of our citizens, and the health, safety and welfare of our People, deem it advisable and appropriate to restrict the cultivation of genetically modified crops, livestock and other organisms in San Juan County.”
With 8,877 votes counted, “Yes” votes outnumbered “No” votes by 5,183 to 3,329, for Initiative Measure 2012-4.
GMO-ban supporter, Marta Nielsen of Orcas Island is an organic farmer who raises chickens. She announced, “I’m proud to live in a county that could see the immense benefit of passing this forward-thinking initiative.”
The GMO ban was proposed by organic farmers and other interested parties in the county. The ban makes it unlawful to propagate or grow plants or animals in San Juan County, Washington, that have been genetically modified. It further provides for penalties and the destruction of such organisms.
A recent opinion piece on GMO’s by Ken & Kathryn Akopiantz, primary sponsors of the initiative can be read here.
The video above features Ken Akopiantz, a farmer and owner of Horse Drawn Farm and the Seed Librarian of Lopez Community Land Trust. He speaks on the dangers of genetic engineering (GE) and genetically modified organism (GMO) and explains why it is important to support the Initiative Measure No. 2012-4 to ban raising GMOs in the San Juan county.


Mendocino County bans biotech crops!! (WAY BACK IN 2004!)

    Mendocino County votes to ban biotech crops

Wed, Mar. 03, 2004
UKIAH, Calif. AP) – Mendocino County voters approved the nation’s first ban
Tuesday on the raising and keeping of genetically engineered crops or
The move represented a big black eye for the biotechnology industry, which
spent more than $500,000 to defeat the measure in a county of 47,000
registered voters.
“They had the money, we had the people,” said Els Cooperrider, who led the
local ballot measure.
With 97 percent of precincts reporting, Measure H had support from 56
percent of voters in the area known for its wineries.
Opponents of the measure could not be immediately reached for comment. Their
campaign headquarters in Ukiah was vacant with a “for lease” sign on it.
Led by organic vintners and farmers, backers of the ban raised and spent
close to $100,000.
The ban will have little direct effect inside Mendocino County, since there
are no known genetically modified crops raised in the area.
But Mendocino County’s organic growers said they would use the law as a
marketing tool, especially in Europe, where opposition to genetically
engineered foods is fierce.
The victory is also expected to embolden similar movements in neighboring
Northern California counties as well as elsewhere in the county.

    Remember, Your state, city and county CAN ban gmo’s.
 Now may be that time to start.

  11. anonymous says:

    “GMO Labeling bills introduced to the House and Senate yesterday ”

    More regulation by the corrupted FDA and USDA – of which it’s “USDA Organic” standard has already been compromised. The USDA “Organic” already allows percentage of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and GMO’s to pass through.

    Monsanto heads are hired in the government. The FDA head is Michael Taylor who used to be one of the VP heads at Monsanto.

    The Monsanto Protection Act was passed by the government and signed by Fraudbama.
    Now, they want a former Monsanto head to regulate GMO’s “labeling”?

    Why would they care about GMO labeling all of a sudden?
    Trojan horse labeling and they are trying to control the
    source of the food chain.

    If citizens do not speak out and wake up, GMO’s will undeniably
    be allowed to run through the chain.

    At least 20 countries have woken up as Poland,Peru, Saudia Arabia, Thailand have BANNED genetically engineered and GMOs completely from the food chain.

    Counties like Mendino, Trinity, Humboldt in California have actually risen up for the total refusal/banning of GMOs and GE seeds and growing of plants and animals. Research Measure H.

    Speak out and support local initiatives banning GMOs.

    “Take control of your own fate, don’t let the govt regulate!”

  12. Christine Fitzpatrick says:

    I wanted to submit this article about Poison fish. I don’t see an email link to do so and will post it here in the hopes it will find its way to where it needs to be. This is from Dr. Mercola’s website:

  13. Lynde says:

    OMG – I have been researching to find the source of my constant hives and extreme itching. After months of experimentation, I have discovered my symptoms get much worse within 15 minutes of eating almost any processed foods. At first, I thought it was just gluten, then I realized that even non-gluten foods, were making me sick. It was frightening to experience this almost every time I eat. I thought that I could just avoid gluten; but I realize the problem is far worse than that. Reading your article and the posts today – I realize finally it is GMO-related.

  14. Cat says:

    I would like to debunk a comment on your website ( and another on (, both by the same author, “Irene.”

    Please see my article on The Essentialist: GMO Alfalfa in the Flathead? (, which is about the problem of GMO-alfalfa, but which also debunks the above mentioned comments by “irene” in the “Rumors” section of the article, copied here:


    Please note that there are rumors circulating about GMO alfalfa in Glacier Park and in the Flathead, concerning animal health, etc after exposure to these crops. I do not give credence to the “facts” in these rumors. Please do not spread these rumors until the TPN team gets to the bottom of this, and can report credible fact.

    Sampling of suspect plants that might have crossed with GMO alfalfa was done by Sheree T. of the Tipping Point Network (TPN) in 2012, including samples around and within Glacier Park and several locations in the Flathead valley. The samples were sent to a credible lab in Iowa (; the result of these tests indicate NO evidence of GMO-DNA in any of the samples. See Test Results: Alfalfa-related samples for GM DNA ( All samples were taken in and around Glacier Park, from Columbia Falls to Cutbank, and also several locations near Whitefish and Kalispell MT. See also Protocol for Sampling and Testing of suspect GMO vegetation (

    Many of the samples were taken in fields where the affected animals had grazed, so it is highly unlikely that GMO alfalfa is behind the health issues. It should be noted that pink clover (one of the plants that could cross with alfalfa and included in the sampling/testing) is toxic to livestock, even without GMO-DNA.

  15. Tami Canal says:

    Hi, I am currently organizing a nationwide rally against Monsanto and the systematic poisoning of our food supply. Please help spread the word or organize a rally in your area. I have set up a facebook page so we can coordinate and keep things organized. Thank you.

  16. Chris Colegrove says:

    Greetings,Hope you guys are ok with poetry.If not,please let me know.I thank you,

  17. Chris Colegrove says:

    Our Monsanto’s eating Vermont.With the jaws and teeth of lawyers and font.Our Monsanto’s eating vermont.To control our feed and seed they have a burning need.It’s written in their corporate creed.This truly is a dirty deed.They’ll blitz the media proper.With spending we can’t topper.To our rights they’ll take a chopper.If our votes don’t pull the stopper.Let’s vote on state and local rules.Special laws for special fools.Who would even try to patent us,if we don’t kick them off the bus.We must rout these wall st.traitors.So we can grow our favorite taters.To have and hold the things we need,we must defend our corporate creed.To grow and keep and trade our seed.Or tell me why then did our fathers bleed?

  18. Victoria says:

    I’m not to smooth getting around the online thing. Not to sure I trust social media sites.

    To Barbara Peterson
    Need to add tp your sites
    Feb 19 2013 United States Supreme Court
    Vernon Hugh Bowman vs Monsantp
    Check it out and please add to your websites

  19. chris says:

    How about genetically engineered plants that attack Monsanto hybrids or just GMO plants that are more dominant than the Monsanto hybrids? Use their eco-terrorism strategy against them!

  20. JEFFARMOIRES says:

    GeoEngineering and BioEngineering : The Unmistakable Link – Carnicom Institute
    By carnicominstituteorg 171 views

    For BARBARA  Peterson of Farm Wars; 

    Buoy, enjoy.

    You inspire me.

    You GO, girl!

    Your work is meaningful, significant, brave and a catalyst. Does it get any better than that?

    Thank you, Barbara.

    I wish I could express with clarity what needs to be said.


  21. Art says:

    Barb — I saw this after you left the store today…

  22. olde reb says:

    Is the following writing of interest ??


    TRUTHOUT website documents the control Goldman Sachs has acquired over European nations by financial indebtedness using various scams that is resulting in imposed austerity—all to make certain the debts to bankers are paid. Welcome to the New World Order. Ref. .

    An extensive list of Goldman Sachs employees that have been employed by the U.S. government has also been documented. They include Barack Obama and they were his largest campaign contributor. BO was able to get elected without a birth certificate or challenge by either political party–and with judicial immunity. The BO record of constitutional trampling, of prolific spending, of claims of `executive immunity from accountability, is unprecedented. ; .
    Hank Paulson (ex CEO of GS) went to Congress and begged for $700 billion to save his $500 million in Goldman stock from bankruptcy. His (brief) appointment as Treasury secretary saved him $200 million in taxes.

    Numerous writings have identified the IMF and the World Bank (operatives of Wall Street) as the largest sources of world poverty. Ref. CONTROLLING THE GLOBAL ECONOMY; BILDERBERG, THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE by Andrew Gavin Marshall; GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER by Michel Chossudovsky.

    The IMF and World Bank rely upon the CIA to impose their exploitation upon indigenous citizens. Ref. KILLING HOPE by William Blum; CONFESSION OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins. The CIA uses the military as a cover and for some supplies.

    That the CIA is the operating arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) should be obvious. The government has no financial gain from the above mentioned exploitation. Numerous nefarious acts by the CIA including war-mongering and assassination squads not always in the best interests of the U.S. have been alleged. Ref. .

    President Obama’s, his mother’s, and his grandparents lengthy background with the CIA has copious documentation. Ref.

    The U.S. military is used to squelch any native’s resistance with a rallying cry at home of national defense and secrecy. War-mongering is a most profitable business for the CFR. Mass media control through the CFR assures the proper propaganda spin to justify expenditure increases.

    That the CFR is the social facade of businesses and organizations to multiply gains and eliminate competition is evident from their operation. That their organization is funded and controlled by Wall Street to promote a New World Order is unquestionable. TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Carroll Quigley.

    That interlocking directorships of major businesses as controlled by Wall Street and Rockefeller Trusts and Foundations has been known for decades. ROCKEFELLER FILE by Gary Allen.

    That every dollar of deficit spending ($4 billion EVERY DAY !!! ) is hidden profit for the Federal Reserve BOG (with unidentified ownership assumed but assured to include Goldman Sachs and Wall Street banks) through the FRBNY using the auction accounts of Treasury securities has been presented. The mathematical conclusion is inescapable. Ref. Federal Reserve Heist, ..

    The above funds that legally belong to the government have assuredly been the funds that helped promote and finance the above bankers’ cabal. Concealment of funds that belong to the government is a crime. Ref. RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE,

    Every action of the Federal Reserve for the past five years has been to protect Wall Street and international bankers.

    And Congress proposes a National Budget that gives the cabal more trillions of dollars via National Debt and has the audacity to claim fiscal responsibility? GET REAL !!!!!

    Deficit spending by the government is funding our own self destruction for the benefit of Wall Street.

    An audit of the Treasury auction accounts at the FRBNY must be demanded.

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