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20 Responses to “Food MythBusters – Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?”

  1. Barbara Talbert says:

    Every family unit could feed themselves if they had a plot of earth for a garden. Every farmer not planting and getting paid for that needs to donate this land to people that live in apartments and homes where there is little land. Then everyone could grow, can or dry and preserve their own food. They could also have fresh organic food instead of polluted and GMO contaminated food. Why do our tax dollars go to farmers who promise not to grow on their land when that land could be locally used to feed pople?
    Every family unit could produce at least some of their own energy if they had solar panels on their roof and the government supported that instead of high cost energy solutions like coal or gas. But those solutions funnel wealth back to the people and no-one in government wants that.

  2. Barb says:


    We will still have starvation as long as the money system exists. It is set up that way. Did you know that half off the food grown is tossed in the trash or plowed under. Why if there is to much of something they it is not profitable. So they plow it back into the ground.

    Study the resource based economy data on this matter.

  3. Barb says:

    I disagree as we can’t no longer sustain those time of farms with the number of people on the planet wiping out the wildlife in the process of clearing more land for such farms.

    What is needed is what is talked about in the Venus Project and the resource based economy gang. Vertical farms with permaculture.

    You don’t need to apply any poisons as the farm in contained and you can control the growing season and temperature and grow year around. You can then let the land go back to nature or to local habitat kind of country living for people. Not farms.

    The cattle ranching of current and past times will end as well. No more abuse for farm animals for they can grow the meat inVitro. No they don’t to add crap to it for sure. They can also control the virulent pathogens that enter the farms these days so no need of many of the drugs they give farm animals now.

    You can Google Vertical farms and other styles of growing organic foods. We have to leave behind the past way of doing things. We don’t have to put poisons in the food in the process. That is done for profit. So then you remove the money system and grow a new social system in the process.

    Yes I am talking about an overhaul of this whole system. We have outgrown it and it is likely to collapse unless we do move to a more natural economy which I call the resource based economy.

    You can find the Zeitgeist two and three, movies on netflix. The first is not part of the movement but kind of kicked it off till if found the direction and data to go into which they have in a big way.

    The websites are here.



    We have to update and evolve or we will fail as a species. I don’t think there is a lot of time left.

    With the money system in place nothing will ever change till we change it. Look at history is what I say as my proof.

  4. Italics Mine says:

    In the 1958 book The Seasons of America Past, by Eric Sloane, he states on page 44:
    “Nowadays we often think we are being generous with our synthetic fertilizers, but nearly half of all farm work not long ago was the business of returning to the soil each year what had been taken from it the year before. “Manure,” says the Farmer’s Almanac of 1818, “manure is the thing. What: do you imagine you can eat your cake and have it, too? This cannot be. Therefore you must plaster your mowlands with manure.”” Sloane clarifies that “Manure has become a word strangely changed from its original use,” and describes it as more of what we know as a compost substance.

  5. jim says:

    The Ukraine was the bread basket of Europe before the Bolsheviks murdered them all and collectivized their farms under Communism. Guess what, the Communist US is doing the same thing, only without death camps. Food has lost most of its nutrition and flavor, meat is flavorless and full of toxins, GMOs are going to create super bugs and sterilize Humanity, etc… .

    Science has replaced Nature and Common Sense and Humanity will regret that deeply.

  6. georgia says:

    Very good job! Thank you!

  7. Jason_Wise says:

    We need more mom& pop farms or everyone to grow some food, not Industrial Farms. We would not have starvation worldwide if we did this. Money Junkies are trying to reduce individual growing for a profit. They are making food growing for them and not all. It’s just Evil what they are doing.

  8. Tanya D. says:

    All the western countries are going to do the same. This stuff of all these countries banning this GM food might occur in Latin countries, but Europe will eat this crap. One way or the other. They will have them cut down the percentage as long as only nomore than 25% is GM food they don’t have to label it. They can cut down a portion size. We know they should be growing hemp and they are meeting in Europe on how to cut down on mercury created from coal fired power plants.
    The solution is to grow hemp. It’s always been the solution. I would think some billionaire wouldn’t see the profit potential in growing and manufacuring hemp, but ones like Buffet and Gates are the insiders. You can grow a weed and solve many of your problems. They should use corn to make gasohol and this should at least be burned in the cities to lower the pollution.

    I think a lot of people wish they had control and could just simply let this stuff go and decide they are going to do what they want and they are not going to participate in the protests and be arrested and made to sit in a room shackled until they plead guilty and released after paying $200 fine.
    Russians are so messed up they want Communism back. These people don’t have a clue. It’s mostly the old ones.

  9. peaceofmind500 says:

    I agree 100% We’re all guilty of complaining about the congress and not doing a thing about it. I am watching a group that is very involved with details, but very interesting in there analagies about government. They want to make a big move for 2016. I am almost convinced. Give it a look. people’s congress dot org We have to start somewhere and quit complaining.

  10. Abe says:

    That Farm Bill is why unreal food is so cheap as compared to Organic. The Organic farmers Opt Out!! There for they wont get anything when there crops go bad due to drought, to much rain, or bugs. We pay for crop failures for those that play the game by the governments rules (that are backed by Monsatan, DuPont, and the rest of them murdering crimmial corporations)!!
    So believe it or not were paying for all the GMO’s and chemicals in our food thanks to Congress! They should have all been flushed down the crapper last election. But as usual most vote either Dem. or Rep. supporting business as usual!
    We need a 3rd party that supports the will of the people instead of the will of the corporations!!

  11. Ghana Serapis says:

    As a sage of farming and from a lineage that dates back to bibilical times I can turn an average American master bedroom 16 x 25 along with it’s bathroom, into a functioning home and neighborhood produce and medicine garden. Quantifiable and repeatable production 365 days a year on over 100 edible vegetable and fruits. One entire home gutted and refurbished into an indoor farm could provide fruits and vegetables, fresh delivered, picked ripe and completely fortified with all of its natural vitamins and minerals, pesticide free, wax and dye free. Medical and food grade hemp to provide remedy to everything from mental fractures, cancer, poor diet, dermatological issues, menstral issues, labido issues, and much, much more. People are fed lies and poison because it keeps you small minded and unimaginative in desposing of our own community conundrums.

    65% working for a city, county, state or federal tax dollar leaving 35% to pay for it will not last. Don’t believe the lies. It can only work like that in a Utopia where evolved apes don’t have middle men between humanly sound ideas and production. Dispose of the money printing, banking and military ideology and then it’s just 100% working together. Those 3 industries contaminate the human and animal psyche, planet and space. On that one conclusion the faithful in a God and those faithfully disavowing a God should come to an agreement.

    Otherwise no matter what congregation you stand with, your insane and the problem; and never our solution. We will know we have arrived at our next step of evolution when every woman, child and man can safely traverse this planet with out being prey for another human.

  12. Aletho says:

    One factual problem to note, the known reserves of natural gas are more than adequate to support current levels of fertilizer production for many centuries. There is no fundamental reason for this particular resource to “become more costly.”

    Other than that, spot on.

  13. Betty says:

    Why, I want to know, do I have to read every label, shop for health food and spend more money on organics or “healthier” items because our useless government won’t help us. They should demand labeling of our food and let the corporations have to go thru the chore of trying to convince us that their GMO cereal is something I want to buy. How come you never hear this in the media? Maybe we should start picketing the media and their stations or websites until they get on OUR board and tell everyone and admit how WE really feel.

  14. Pierre says:

    Any capitalist countries are doing the same, shame on them!

  15. suss says:

    Of course not- w/ these talking points “feeding the world” you just need to flip it on its head “starving the world” is more accurate. They say black is white, war is peace, et al. Its their religion- occut. TPTB at the very top are implementing eugenics on the world and alot of us here know this. Its quite breath taking to witness however even knowing this. To hear the local polititians hem and haw about creating jobs etc. is a joke- record numbers of businesses small and large btw closing- comercial realistate siting empty- everywhere- the amount of money circulating in our local economy- small and getting smaller! I buy from local small farmers in the summer and winter where i can! And buy organics shipped in only! As the economy gets worse i will start growing my own food. I pray for our world every day also. Begging God to have mercy on us all.

  16. Italics Mine says:

    Those farms are just wasting land that could be better used to build airports, super hi-rises and shopping malls. Our country only has 450 million people. We’ve got to beat China and India. We’ve GOT to be number one!

  17. Barb says:


    He wants to feed the world for little to no cost as much as he can in this system.

    Watch the Video.

  18. Brad says:

    Govt works for ag industry. Oh they say they work to improve ag for the public, but they are there to improve ag industry , Monsanto, cargil, frito lay. Believe it.

  19. mothman777 says:

    Right on!

    Please read ‘Basalt And Other Rock Dusts, How To Totally Remineralize Your Soil’ at Mothman777’s Blog.

    There are several excellent organic farming methods that can produce very high yields of excellent quality mineral rich crops, especially when the soil is improved with basalt rock dust and other rock dusts, depending on the mineral requirements of the crop plants.

  20. Alan Donelson says:

    Excellent!! More of this, exposed to more of everyone, and we can interrrupt the trendline to food slavery. Well done, Ms. Lappé!