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January 2, 2013

This article is an excerpt from The Health Conspiracy and How To End It that has been expanded upon.

Fluoride is a compound that is added to most drinking water in the United States and some other countries.  It can even be found in your food and other products such as toothpaste and dental floss.  Now, why is fluoride added to the water?  Let’s have a look at the alleged “logic” here with a pretend conversation:

Steve:  Why is fluoride added to the water?

Bob:  It’s supposed to fight cavities.

Steve:  Okay.  Whose cavities?

Bob:  The cavities of low income families.

Steve:  So, it’s put in the water?

Bob:  Right.

Steve:  But, isn’t most water used for showering, washing clothes, washing dishes and flushing toilets?

Bob:  Right.

Steve:  And, wouldn’t higher income families have healthier teeth, based on your logic, so they wouldn’t need fluoridated water?

Bob:  Right.

Steve:  So, why, exactly, is it in all of the water then?

Bob:  Because, it’s supposed to fight cavities.

Now, that conversation sounds like it could have been between Dorothy and Toto while following the yellow brick road.  But, that is actually the logic for fluoridating our water supply.  And, here’s another brain buster for you.  If it’s supposed to fight cavities, why do you swallow it?  Do you eat chap stick when your lips are chapped?  Do you chug a glass of sunscreen to prevent sunburn?  I don’t think so.  So, where’s the scientific evidence that ingesting fluoride fights cavities?  Maybe, Dorothy and Toto can ask the wicked witch of the west when they see her.

But, let’s play the man behind the curtain for a second, and agree that fluoride does fight cavities.  How much do we need?  What if a man, 30 years of age, drinks 70 ounces of tap water a day and a female child, 6 years of age, drinks 40 ounces of tap water?  What if it’s the opposite?  Who’s saying that the girl is drinking too much or the man isn’t drinking enough?  The fact is, fluoride is classified as a drug by the FDA and is probably the only non-over-the-counter drug in America not administered by a doctor with no dosage control.  Mass medication for everybody.  Or, at least those who are unaware.  Regardless whether it’s good or bad, why should anybody have the right to vote and tell his or her neighbors living in your town or city what they should have in their water?

What Is Fluoride and Where Does It Come From?

Fluoride can be found in its natural form in fresh and ocean water, but this is not what is added to drinking water.  The fluoride in our water is actually a by product of the phosphate mining industry.  Toxic fumes used to go into the atmosphere from refining phosphate into fertilizer.  Once it was recognized that this was bad for the environment, wet scrubbing systems were installed to keep the toxic fumes from going into the outside air.  The chemical residues inside the wet scrubbers, sodium silicofluoride and Hexafluorosilicic acid, had to be cleaned off and are considered hazardous waste, so it is illegal to just toss them out.  So, it’s added to the water supply instead.  Who are the geniuses that came up with that solution?

Just having a look at the label of sodium fluoride, it reads “Danger: Poison – Toxic By Ingestion”.  A company that distributes fluoride to towns and cities provides a little more information.  Health Hazards:  “Corrosive to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes through direct contact, inhalation or ingestion.”  “May cause severe irritation and burns, which may not be immediately apparent.”  “Potential Health Effects:  Ingestion Corrosive.  Harmful or fatal if swallowed.”  “May cause severe irritation and burns of the mouth, throat and digestive tract.”  “Signs and symptoms:  May lead to coma or death.”

Funny thing though, it didn’t list good for teeth.  Any questions?

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8 Responses to “The Non-Logic of Fluoridating Water”

  1. Billy says:

    How long does fluoride say in your system? Is there a fluoride cleanse out there??

  2. Avanti says:

    Most people that live on big cities don’t have ways to avoid ingest fluoride when he/she is outside, e.g. restaurant, those foods are made with tap or filtered water that don’t remove fluoride, except with a Reverse Osmosis system.
    Some times I take sandwich to eat, or wait until I decide to go home.
    Who took attention for yogi gurus that have complete fasting for more than a month, –and no drinking water. Because we have water on the air. I think is a good idea for us to try to exercise this way, before those Nazi-fascists privatize whole water…

  3. BlueyBlogger says:

    How dare the people of the world, who don’t wish to remain “dumbed-down”, complain about the Fluoride in water, how dare they.
    Drink your bloody water mate, and stay dumb with the rest of America.
    Believe me, America was pretty dumb before the fluoride got there.
    Just drink it Freddie, drink it, OK?
    How come Americans own more guns than the military, and they still take it up the rectum from their government….everyday?

  4. Abe says:

    Great article Barb. That’s the same arguement I gave my city council about the sunscreen in the water.
    If Hitler and Stalin used flouoride in the water at the concentration camps, and gulags, then that must make them quite the humanitarians.
    Fluoride was banned by the EPA as a rat poison, and is the main ingredient of Prozac. So the FDA must think the public is a bunch of rats!
    Speaking of rat poisons I wonder if Hillary is getting Warfarin, another rat poison.
    But hey it’s great for our teeth so says the tooth fairy! You do believe in fairies don’t you?

  5. In the UK, not all water companies (and therefore regions) are pushing fluoride. However,, despite previous EU rulings that compulsory medication is not legal, it still happens here.

    In the UK,, it’s impossible to find a dentist who doesn’t use fluoride one way or another. Yesterday, I had a filling (non-mercury, and therefore expensive) and although the dentist doesn’t agree with the arguments against the toxin, she at least was respectful of my position (which is why I changed from another practitioner in the same practice – who berated me no end).

    The new dentist did say something about fluoride helping reduce acid levels that are harmful to teeth: coming out with some hex a … something or other mumbo-jumbo. She was, however silent when I brought up the issue of having to go to Accident & Emergency at hospital if swallowing toothpaste.

  6. Andy says:

    I think one of the reasons, the control freaks are so determined to forcefully feed this ‘accumulative’ neurotoxin onto the populace, is to help to make it easier to “calcify the pineal gland” !
    The pineal gland is the 3rd eye. So literally, they are dumping down the populace.

    It’s not only about money, it is also about control!

    The elite/cabal are more interested in slave workers, who don’t ask questions, then those who are intelligent, who question everything and think for themselves!

  7. suss says:

    Ya its pretty lame to say the least- all the supposedly “smary educated” peeps out there- thinking this is just great too! The mass brainwashing of amerika! Pathetic and makes me want to vomit! I can’s stand those that think their intellect is supperior to those of us that are able to see this matrix of evil! They are the walking dead and we are not!!! Cheers may we have some victories in this war for peoples minds this new year!!!

  8. Mike T. says:

    Of coutrse we know fluoride has nothing to do with teeth. We know what they do it to make us sick. How many cases of bone caner lymphoma is caused by ingesting fluoride. I’m sure they know the answer. I’ve never consumed fluoride unless it was at the water fountain in school. I only drank from a well. I pity poor kids who have to breath in all the engine exhaust and drink all that water with chlorine and fluoride. No wonder they have asthma and the kids getting cancer is unreal.
    St. Jude’s cancer hospital in Memphis has 200 new cases every single day. Most of the probably direct result of ingesting all this stuff.
    Each parent if they discover their child is sick because they have been drinking this stuff and then they go to the doctor and they give them shots of ritalin and vaccines loaded with mercury and give them Autism. I guess each parent is going to have to decide what measures they want to take. I would pity the doctor if they injected my kid with that poison whether they knew it or not.
    In fact if your child goes to see some doctors if they show they are active the doctor will suggest giving them a shot of ritalin to calm them down. This is not only stupid, but dangerous getting the kids on some kind of drug. My wife who is dumb as a rock told him we’ll wait on that. I couldln’t believe usually she would have said sure whatever you say.
    So parents should be vigilante and they need to talk before they take the kids to the doctor, because I’m sure thousands of kids are injected with those toxins just because a parent wants to do anything the doctor says.