GMO Hemp

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Let’s get this straight. There is cannabis, and there is CANNABIS. One has relatively no THC levels, and the other does. It’s like two dogs – one a Chihuahua, the other a Great Dane. Same species, different breeds. The one with higher levels of THC is normally referred to as marijuana. That is the one that gets you high if heated. The other one, without high THC levels, is hemp. Smoke a pound of it and you’ll only get a headache… maybe. Yet, these are both illegal according to the U.S. government. Why? That’s a very good question.

Federal Hypocrisy in Action

One of the arguments against cannabis legalization in the U.S. is that “getting high” via THC is evidently unacceptable. Go drink a fifth of whiskey or down some barbiturates courtesy of your local licensed Big Pharma drug pusher instead. But don’t do both together, or you might die. In fact, you could die from either one, but that’s evidently irrelevant, as long as it is approved by our corporate government. In other words, don’t use your own drugs, use ours. Yeah, that’s safer. Take for example, Intermezzo, just in case you have that occasional sleepless night.


“…the FDA is fully aware that the drugs it certifies as safe have been killing Americans at the rate of 100,000 per year.” (Jon Rappoport)

Here’s a novel idea – Before selling pain killers or sleeping pills, why not force Big Pharma to take the “high” out of them? Why not hold Big Pharma meds to the same standards? After all, that is the objectionable part to marijuana, isn’t it? Or so we’ve been told.

The only thing that anyone can complain about regarding the weed is that you are liable to get a little goofy if you take it. No side effects. None. Use enough and you go to sleep. Period. No depression, no vomiting or death by asphyxiation.

But that’s different, you say?


Well, what about the “gateway” theory that smoking marijuana will lead to stronger drugs?


The real gateway is the medicine cabinet in our own homes. Just count the prescriptions in there, then try and tell your child that drugs are bad. Yes, you can get high smoking marijuana, big deal. You can also get high doing any number of dangerous things, smoking marijuana NOT being one of them. Industrial hemp, however, will not get anyone high!

liarLies, Lies, and more Lies

Since the U.S. government does not differentiate between high THC content marijuana and its low content relation, industrial hemp, both are banned. Not because the government somehow missed the class on the difference between the two, that’s just plain silly.

So, why the ban?

It only makes sense if you understand that our government doesn’t care one lick about our health, or the health of the planet. The people in our government just want to keep their corporate donors flush in profits, power, and control. So, what to do? Simple. Conduct a war on the one plant that could quite possibly, if it was legal, put those donors out of business. At least for the time being…

So, here’s the spin – Have the government declare that cannabis, all cannabis, has no medicinal value and is illegal to grow, or even possess if it is the wrong breed. In fact, as recently as 2011, “the federal government ruled that it has no accepted medical use and should remain classified as a highly dangerous drug like heroin.

Really???? Well, that says it all, eh? But wait! There is a government study from 1999 that says just the opposite!

And here is a patent for medical marijuana assigned to the US government:

Another patent:

Hmmmm…  Methinks the lies are starting to unravel before our very eyes.


Well, make up my mind for me. Which is it? If the government’s own publications contradict themselves, how on earth can anyone condone the war on weed as anything other than a simple control issue? Yes, there are known health benefits, or no, there are none. If there are no health benefits, as declared by the DEA, then why do the government’s own studies say differently? And why does the Federal government actually dispense marijuana cigarettes to these people for health reasons?

We the people are being lied to. If anyone can grow the plant in their backyard, and get the desired medical results without going to Big Pharma for a dose of barbiturates, narcotics, and artificial genetically engineered pain killers, that is simply NOT in our corporate government’s partners’ best interests. Getting the picture?


GMO Cannabis

Let’s connect a few more dots, shall we? How about this little theory:

They want it illegal until it’s genetically engineered and patented, then cross contamination will do the rest. Just think canola and Percy Schmeiser… and Big Pharma, chemical company/seed manufacturer profits. Then think about how hardy and prolific this plant is.

The agenda of the government in its policies against Cannabis have always been to deprive the people access to the plant, while maintaining control over it for the governments own self-interest. This self-interest extends to a multitude of industries including the prison and military industry, the petroleum, timber, cotton, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the entirety of the banking and corporate establishment which has become empowered through disconnecting people from their one true source of independence and sustenance, the Earth. Cannabis prohibition has served to redirect human evolution from that of a decentralized agrarian lifestyle and natural economy, to a centralized petro-chemical military dictatorship controlled through the artificial economic will of private banks and other trans-national corporate interests.

The next stage in continuing this control, is in the regulation, licensing and taxation of Cannabis cultivation and use through the only practical means available to the corporate system, which is through genetic engineering and patenting of the Cannabis genome.



First you sequence, then you genetically engineer. The cannabis genome is being sequenced as I type. The genome consists of the entire set of chromosomes and inheritable traits of an organism. In the case of cannabis, this would include all strains, including those considered marijuana as well as industrial hemp.

And yes, GMO marijuana is already here. How it got onto the commercial underground market is anyone’s guess, but field trials by our corporate government and/or its subsidiaries come to mind, or maybe a backyard lab did the deed. And now, industrial hemp is targeted for genetic engineering.

One of the nation’s leading farming organizations passed a bizarre new policy statement in support of industrial hemp farming, but only if it is genetically modified (GMO) and retains cannabis prohibition with very heavy law enforcement.

So, GMO hemp OKAY. Natural hemp NOT okay.

Think this won’t happen? Just follow the money and make the connections:

George Soros, who is famous for being one of the most powerful and influential persons in world economics and whose speculations alone are said to have ‘broke the Bank of England‘, is one of the key directors for the organization that is leading the charge to regulate, control and tax Cannabis in California. All the while George Soros is one of the major shareholders in the world’s largest GM Seed bio-technology corporation known as Monsanto.

Think about the ramifications of this. Here are the uses of cannabis:


Now, imagine all that genetically engineered, patented, and owned by Monsanto et. al. Don’t think that is such a big deal? Just ask the farmers in India what happens when Monsanto’s GMO seeds are the only ones available.

The Bottom Line

We the people who raise animals know what is happening to our animals and our own bodies due to genetically engineered food from first-hand experience. No amount of bought and paid for quack science can tell us any different.  And look out when GMO hemp hits the ground running.  Talk about a good plant gone bad! A healthy, sustainable movement to revolutionize the system and change the way we fundamentally do things, co-opted by the very same death dealing machine that is killing the planet with toxins, poisons, and mutant DNA.

And the beat goes on. When will we learn that once the government digs its corporate claws into something, only devastation results?

And so, with the race on to legalize cannabis, the rush to genetically engineer it so that it can be tightly controlled by the biotech industry through proprietary sales and patent law is running neck and neck. When the GMO hemp pushers pull ahead, that is most likely when the Feds will legalize it.

Dumb for the environment, health, freedom… all the things we are supposed to cherish. Smart if you are in it for money, power, and control, and consider planetary genocide an acceptable risk. He who dies with the most toys wins, eh? Too bad we the people are smack dab in the path of that destructive ideology.

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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12 Responses to “Just Say No to GMO Hemp!”

  1. stupid will never change true…

    currently America has many more stupid idiot “Hypocrites” than individuals sharing truth in love…

    the dynamics of Change cannot be controlled by the children of the forked toungued one….

    and truth isn’t on holiday just because they print currency

    the ovens of Truth reduce lies to ashes….

  2. God is perfect, Man is not.
    Man made wiskey, God made pot.

    Neither Hemp nor Cannabis sativa/Cannabis indica are weeds, they are naturally growing, herbal plants that have been documented therapeutic use for 6,000 years and industrial use for more than 12,000 years.

    Hemp was so useful and important as a medicinal plant, and with numerous industrial uses, that the early American Colonists enacted a Virgina law in 1619 which required hemp production for all farmers. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers.

    How we’ve slipped from those earlier enlightened times when Hemp was the world’s leading crop, to the dismal state of falsehoods spread about this herbal plant today is a twisted, winding true tale of intrigue, lies and special interests which include William Randolph Hearst, Dupont Chemicals, Timber and petroleum interests.


    Considering the multiple beneficial uses, it’s easy to understand why Big Pharma, Big Ag, Petroleum, Timber & Chemical countries are not thrilled about the growing demand for legalization.

  3. Winston Ridge says:

    The 1960 World Book Encyclopedia had both entries, marijuana and cannabis. One told of a dangerous narcotic used by negroes and “wetback” mexicans. The other in 1/3 to 1/2 of all medicines (No medicinal value, huh?). It was good for cramps and upset stomach, but nothing was said about any intoxication. If, like masturbation, you can snap out of your high when needed, then it’s not intoxicating. If a pot smoker can pass any mind-body coordination testing that would fail a drunk, and it takes a machine to determine intoxification from a blood reference point developed by people who don’t use it and want to control it’s legalization status for the purpose of multiplying a $1 investment into $10,000. This calls for RICO enforcement against the Federal government. The constitution clearly calls out the citizens right to pursue happiness. That includes God’s cannabis and Lucifer’s alcohol, God’s coca leaves and Lucifer’s crack cocaine. I got no problem with requiring someone who desires drugs isolated, concentrated, crystalized, or powdered to see their doctor for a prescription. These addicts are more dangerous when desperate for drugs than while under their influence.

  4. jabez says:

    If THEY can reduce mankind to accidental apes, with a f^#@kin THEORY, and sprinkle a little “Reefer Madness” pixie dust on the apes, to steal our biodegradable fuel oil, creating the HERB WAR, Prison industry, Cancer Complex, and FORCE everyone to pollute the earth, with THEIR OIL, and give humanity/accidental apes the clean up BILL, THEY can do whatever THEY want to do.
    THEY OWN the military death machine, and the law enforcement CRIME syndicate, and outright POISON the apes for fun and PROFIT, UNTIL THEY open THEIR eyes in torment, in the heart of the earth, where the rich man is still longing for a drop of water on his tongue.

    As surely as “the very hairs of your head ARE ALL NUMBERED” as the DNA has proven the carpenter from Nazareth was/IS right, and “the visible is made from the invisible” as Isaiah said, you can bet that
    “the eternal Lake of Fire, created for the devil and 1/3rd of the ancient astronauts, IS REAL as well.

    “Men of this world, whose reward is in this life” who for ETERNITY will curse the fact that they ever met the egg.

    Christ IS as good as his word, and the only way of eteral Life.

    “Narrow is the path to eternal life, and few are they that find it.”

  5. Winston Ridge says:

    Never Trust GMO anything! Cannabis Sativa or “the Cane plant that Satisfies Human needs” was a gift from The Creator for us to base our life around. Over 50,000 uses! No other plant can match that utilization. It by far is the least environmentally destructive. Petroleum is far too toxic to use as a basis for a lifestyle. Like nuclear power, it is too pollutive for use by a civilization. This temporary political insanity will pass. Pot is the only drug on Schedule 1 that doesn’t list death as a consequence of overdose or use. It lists “fatigue” as a consequence. I can concur on that as I’ve seen more than a couple of beautiful days pass away while I slept too high on a couch. But I learned to control my smoking without any involvement of the law. And after a couple of close calls, I adjusted my driving to look twice or three times before pulling out into traffic. I’ve driven 40 years high whenever I desired without any accident. On pot, you can recover from a close call and think about what you did and how to avoid it. Most drunks don’t get that opportunity to correct a close call. They’re more likely to be in a serious mis-judgement such as ending up in a cornfield, vertically-parked up a pole guy wire, ripping a leg off a motorcyclist while passing, or killing one pedestrian while throwing the other aside with the snowplow then going to the closest bar for another drink – all happened locally.
    Another thing, it ain’t legal if I still have to pay over a $100 for an oz. It’s legal when I can buy a one lb coffee can’s worth packed fresh, uncrushed, and mountain-grown for $10. I’m tired of giving my money to a drug dealing government to export their evil.

  6. Avanti says:

    I do not accept it!
    Members of government speaking in slang word — and worst, Mexican slang!. Why they do not show to American citizens the real natural name of this plant: as cannabis or hemp?!
    And we have to ask to them: who and why “invented” this slag word for citizens?
    Do we need another law — to force them to speak to us with a correct word?

  7. paschn says:



    nah,…..we can fix this whole system simply by voting,…….right?

  8. Adam Evenson says:

    The CIA is a virulent disease that has contaminated EVERYTHING. It being so big and having metastasized so throughly, the planet may be dead already with no hope of surviving until time can intervene and clean things up in a billion or so years, perhaps. Geological time rids the earth of everything eventually, even CIAborgs, the only things that remains are dirt, water and rocks. Thus, just sort of kick back and think how nice it will be when geological time gets finished with the CIA, the feds, banksters (same orgs.) and the whole lot. It really does diminish some of the brain pain of thinking about it.

  9. Tanya says:

    They were able to stop hemp from being grown becuase politicians make the decisions for millions of people. They did the same thing with corn many years ago. Two ears of corn from one seed. The corporations couldn’t allow the farmers to be able to grow corn that cheap. So they created hybrid corn many decades ago. Soybeans don’t produce as many seeds, but just the last 8 years they created hybrid soybean seeds.
    A bushel of soybeans used to cost about $7 and now they cost $60. That means it cost $63 more dollars to plant one acre. You can do the math someone with 10,000 acres of beans the increased costs that goes right into the pockets of the seed companies.
    Now they are doing it with everything. So everything will be hybrid and once these mix with all the heirloom plants nobody will ever be able to harvest seeds from the garden and of course the food that produces it’s own pesticides will slowly kill you. They always think of everything.
    The only reason they had prohibition was to stop alcohol from being the fuel of choice which would make a whole lot more sense being a renewable resource. Thinik of how much less the pollution would be in the cities. All this corn could be used to make alcohol to power our cars and think of all the barges that cause oil spills we wouldn’t have to deal with.
    This is only something politicians would allow the corporations to get away with. People will have to take the law into their own hands. Politicians have never gone against the corporations. Imagine a politician getting in the way of billions in profits. When all they would need to do is have him whacked. This is why we need to eliminate lawyers and the filthy rich from holding public office.

  10. paschn says:

    The only problem I can see with Hemp is that, because it’s a weed, the Monsantos, Dupponts,J.P. Morgans, Rockefellers can’t get a patent on it to control it’s use. If you let the reptilians isolate it by altering it’s genetics, you now have a “strain” they will have a patent on and you can bet your ass it will suddenly be legalized and marketed.
    Ford not only built an automobile from Hemp based resins, he produced a Hemp based fuel to run it.

    the “giants of Industry” who hold “title” to the AmeriKan government demonized Hemp for a few reasons, it was widely grown by a myriad of land owners and they couldn’t control it’s manufacture, distribution, price. So they pulled out their pocket politicians and had them make it illegal to force this country to base their energy needs on oil. Then, (as with plentiful diamonds), they made it appear as though it was a rare commodity which would give them power over how much they could get away with charging for it.

    When you allow everything to be politicized, you’re opening the door to it being corrupted by big business and their blow-flies in D.C.

  11. Kevin says:

    Well written article.
    Sadly though if a congressman way back in cotton picking days can get a law passed to outlaw hemp because he saw it as threat to his cotton empire then any amount of illegal law making can be done to make any protest illegal too. Actually they already do at now. Patriot act anyone? Or maybe FISA and indefinite detention is more like it? Ey have us sewn up pretty tight.
    It would be nice to see the back of Monsanto and all their corrupt supporters but I firmly believe that there are simply too few of us motivated enough to actually go up against them toe to toe.

    The only light in the dark is the fact that when things get really bad there is always something that comes along to spark a revolution. It may take a while but eventually it happens. And its our work ability. If we all downed tools and refused to work what could they do? Go bust? Or cave in? Personally I would want both. Then I’m not greedy but a totally destroyed enemy isn’t going to come sneaking back in to a position of power any time soon. Gives us chance to establish a healthy wordld.

  12. Mike T. says:

    Only when the government says and does something that the sheeple can see it is comical. The government doesn’t want the farmers to grow hemp, because it looks so much like marijuana. If they grew hemp all over the country the marijuana growers wouldn’t be able to produce anything, because the hemp would breed with the marijuana and render it useless. This I believe is why the government won’t allow hemp to be grown becuase they make so much money on marijuana themselves.
    Camada probably with all the sunlight probably growns more marijuana than the United States. But you seldom here oa a huge bust on a marijuana field there. The CIA probably sells most of it here and doesn’t want marijuana grown in the USA to compete with Canada.